Yukon Ranger night vision scope

This is the 5×42 Ranger, a digital night vision monocular from Yukon. Its powered in a number of ways, you can either use your car adaptor or mains by the power input port here or 6 AA batteries which are held just in the base. Now, this will operate between -20 and 30 degrees Celsius for use during the day as well as the night time. One thing to keep in mind though are the vents just here, and that keeps the infra-red illuminator nice and cool and working effectively. So to switch on, simply take off the lens caps and use the power button on top. When you do that, the short range infra-red light will start up automatically, so you’ve got something to work with. If you want the long range, far more powerful infra-red light, just click the button here. And you’ve got the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to increase its intensity. So that works quite nicely. You can increase the intensity if you’re looking far off, or decrease it if its close by, and then you save battery life as well. And there’s a focal ring on the lens, as well as one on the eye piece, to get that extra sharp image. Another nice feature is the wheel on the front, and that adjusts the intensity of the eye piece. Effectively altering the brightness, so you can get a much nicer image of what you’re trying to view If you’re after that steady shot, there’s a 1/4 inch tripod mount on the bottom. Or if you want to record your views, or simply put them onto a monitor, there’s a video output port as well. So there you go, that’s the Ranger 5×42. A very easy to use, digital night vision monocular from Yukon.


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