“You have a vision of your own ideal & you torment yourself when you aren’t matching it.”

You know when I told you that story about my nephew I believe right about him Running around as a knight and then going off to have a combat with the dwarves and the Dragons It’s like well, where did that come from? Well partly it came from his culture, right? Because if he was a knight and and so obviously that’s a cultural construct but the thing is is that his imagination is it’s this structure that’s looking for things to fill itself with just like your Predisposition to language. You have a predisposition to language. What is that? We don’t know. What does it do? It looks for things in the world to fill itself with Right, and if you’re if you first of all wouldn’t you start to learn how to speak you babble every phoneme? Did you know that there’s there’s lot there’s if I was learning to speak an Asian language, there would be phonemes I couldn’t pronounce and vice versa an infant all of them They babble all the phonemes and then as they start to learn the language They lose the ability to say a bunch of them and only retain the ones that are relevant to that language So a baby babbles all laying all possible languages, that’s a way of thinking about it and then loses the ability So that’s a man if that’s you can see there so you could say well You manifest the potential to be possessed by all the set of all possible archetypes it’s built into your biology and then as your Enculturated in your own culture the set of archetypes that manifest its manifest themselves in that Culture are the ones that you pull in for your own use. So my My nephew’s running around like a knight Well, you know if he would have been born in the middle of the Amazon He would be running around with a bow and you know a poisoned arrow and a bowl. It’s the same thing It’s the same idea. It’s just trapped out in different cultural dress and He his little imagination was trying to solve the problem. How do you deal with the unknown? Well, what’s the unknown? It’s these little devils that keep biting Jumping up on you and biting you and they come out without end. So just killing them It’s like cutting the head off the Hydra right? Seven more grow. Well, what the hell good, is it to solve one problem? When there’s just a bunch more problems that are come To come after you and that’s everyone’s question. That’s the ultimate question of nihilism, right? Why bother solving a problem if all that’s gonna happen is that twenty more problems are gonna come your way. Why not? Just give up and die. Well, right, it’s a good question. It’s that it’s a good question Right is this suffering so intense that the whole game should just be brought to an end? That’s another fundamental question of existence and people who’ve become truly malevolent Answer that question in the affirmative They say it’s too much. We should destroy it now I wouldn’t say they’re precisely doing it only for humanitarian reasons But you have to understand and appreciate the logic. It’s not irrational. That’s the other thing It’s not irrational to work for the destruction of being it’s not irrational In fact, it might be the most rational thing. You could come up with depends on your initial initial set of presuppositions So you down into the belly of the beast so to speak to to to to to see what lurks in the Imagination he sees the birthplace of archetypal ideas. Well, what are archetypal ideas there? There are patterns of it you could think about them as as Representations of patterns of adaptive behavior. And so then you might ask well, where did they come from? Well, that’s part of what I’ve been trying to to to teach you about They evolved as far as I can tell right they evolved collectively Is that our society and this is the dominance hierarchy idea doormen desire key set themselves up as a matter Of course, they’re the standard way that animals organize themselves in a territory Well, ok, human beings are watching those dominance hierarchies since we became self-aware of thinking what the hell are we up to? What the hell are we up to? What’s and and there’s a question that lurks in there. What? constitutes acceptable power what constitutes acceptable Sovereignty who should lead who should rule what should be at the top. Well, we talked about that the Mesopotamians figured that out Speech and vision, that’s Marduk speech vision and the willingness to confront the terrible unknown That’s what should rule. Well, what’s that an arbitrary idea or is that a great idea? How could it be any other way? well, that’s what human beings are like and I don’t think that you can read the Mesopotamians story and Understand the reference which isn’t an easy thing to do and fail to draw that conclusion Marduk has eyes all the way around his head. He speaks magic words. He goes off to fight time at the dragon of chaos Well, what’s that? That’s the reptilian predator that lurks in the unknown? Well, is any of that? is there anything about any of that that stands in opposition to what you would presume if you were just analyzing our situation from a purely biological perspective We’re prey animals were predators. We’d be threatened by reptiles forever why wouldn’t we use the predator that lurks in the dark forests or the water as a Representative of the unknown why wouldn’t we harness that circuitry? We already have it at hand and even more to the point. How could we do anything else? It’s it makes perfect sense Well, so then what you might say? Well, what would you want to be king? You could say king of the world or king of your own soul. What do you want to subordinate yourself to? How about your heroic willingness to encounter the unknown and articulate it and share that with people There’s no nobler vision than that, and I don’t see that. It’s merely arbitrary and So and it’s not merely arbitrary – because if you do that to the degree that you do that Assuming your society isn’t entirely corrupt. You will be successful It will actually aid you practically you’ll rise up above men. You’ll be selected by women You’ll be admirable you’ll be valued and and you know that because if you look at the people that you admire and value again, unless you’ve taken a detour into dark places and are are possessed with admiration for people who are working for malevolent purposes and for destruction You just have to watch the people that you admire and try to figure out what’s common across them and draw your own conclusions and you can ask yourself – When you’re torturing yourself with your conscience because you’re not doing what you should be and you know it What is it that you’re torturing yourself in relationship to? You have a vision of your own ideal and you torment yourself if you’re not matching it, what’s the ideal? Well, you don’t know right it’s it’s kind of incoherent and and poorly articulated But that doesn’t mean it isn’t trying to manifest itself and and make itself known to you It’s really the purpose of religious education is to make that ideal articulated Well, we’ve lost that It’s not a good thing You


  1. Everybody is quick to put down the person with incredible but hard to pull off ideas. Could it be an unconscious reflex of fear? Fear of facing the unknown.
    This mechanism probably keeps the vast majority of people in check. It makes sense too. The species cannot afford everyone taking risks.

    It's like if you'd send all your villages hunters swim with the gators to catch fish.

    But be wary of that social barrier. I remember so many times I had projects but people would look at me like I'm being way too weird and ambitious.
    The most polished parts of yourself will come from acting upon your ideas. Trusting your craziness. I'm sure many of you can relate.

    Once you go over that barrier and actually start trusting yourself…. and act upon your ideas and your projects… you start learning how to actually do stuff. It's almost metaphysical, in a sense you become like a carpenter of reality. But a carpenter isn't going to do his best work on the first piece. It will take sweat, bruises, skill and a lot of energy spent on visualizing.

  2. You are like a hundred books I have always wanted to find. I love your talks. You are a spiritual intellectual…much needed on this planet.

  3. Jordan is truely an unbelievable person, I admire him. His book should be the holy book of life for the following centuries.

  4. "its not irrational to work for the destruction of being." As an antinatalist (someone who is against giving birth due to not wanting to impose the suffering of life upon an innocent soul), i totally and completely agree.

  5. If everyone contributes at a concomitant rate, to the knowledge of the world – more will need to be remembered than asked (selah)

  6. OMG I want to be in his class and teach me everyday. If teachers in general adopting this teaching style, and it included more applicable life choices, students would be much more interested and motivated to learn!

  7. you forget your vision of your own ideals because of all the materials people use nowadays its like hypnotism its distracting in its own way and you just wake up one day thinking i forgot something…but it lingers in the back of your mind and you say i just need to find it and remember it….. but what do you expect your to busy living your materialistic life you forget what you are forgeting and it just goes by like your in an auto pilot mode in your real world and then one day you watch a video just like this then you remember……..material world or something else the unknown meaning be an explorer in short lazy vs not lazy ….. your decision

  8. Religion is the best ideal man has, and religion education is the best teaching. Christianity in the West and Buddhism in the East are among the best. It's a pity that young people, both East and West, have lost more and more, and I'm very happy that Professor Peterson is explaining it logically to young people.
    But the Christian ideology of the West has frankly committed many wrongs. I think the decoding is no less than the evils of communism and postmodernism. But I wonder why Professor Peterson is not talking about it.

  9. Does he know that hes essentially breaking down the general motif of pagan reconstructionist ideals? Hmm. Id really be curious to see JP talk with someone like Arith Harger, Varg Vikernes or even the golden one. He speaks so often from a Christian perspective, to an extent that ive actually come to respect elements of it. But I wonder if hes aware of the implications when in conjunction with history. I notice this a lot with Jung and Nietzsche as well. Theyre all implying the same basic route forward. A purist form of reconstructed paganism. Sans any dogmatic absurdity or absolute literalism. Imagine what these folks could have written about, if the work of say… jackson crawford was around in their time.

  10. He's right, my left was paralyzed, i was a Neuro patient who had brain tumor on the right side, and even i had PTSD! i even did 9 brain surgeries. I knew these facts. That guy is really cool.

  11. Study the nature and see for yourself. The Buddha as far as I can see was correct. People tend to try and digest the highest ideals of Buddhist thought without first understanding and living the simple parts. Do not for a second believe Buddhism is Nihilistic. What JP says about putting existence to an end being rational is correct. Why? Because all conditioned things are marked by impermanence, and thus clinging to and craving for anything or phenomena leads to stress/suffering because all states decay and therefore require work and effort to maintain and resist this built in entropy. The mind is a flux of a life continuum that goes from moment to moment in states shaped by previous actions and moments. It goes on and on. Buddhist call this great universe Samsara and that I'd what it is. It's all governed by cause and effect and ignorance to the nature binds one to continued birth and resulting death and decay. With knowledge gained through insight one organically becomes dispassioned and clinging/craving cease in gradual increments. Eventually there is no stress/suffering when one purifies their mind and gains such understanding. Those that just go with the flow are subject to the vagaries of existence. Examine each moment and reflect on the cause. Extract the beneficial and discard the non beneficial. In this way you build. But with knowledge of the Nature one naturally renounces. The world is full of good people who take the hero archetype. They do great good like JP. The heavens swell with such beings. But still, the super mundane vision of the nobles transcends this far greater. The nobles are the most compassionate but people focused on the world don't always see it this way…

  12. Thank you JP, I admire you. My life is better because of you, I am standing up straight w my shoulders back. I am moving forward with purpose once again; men and women let's share Jordan Peterson's message and example of a life worth living 🏌️

  13. what happens when the only reason you can't reach your own ideal self is because you have a small disability that wont let you reach it

  14. I love Jordan, but if I were in his class I wouldn't know what the heck to take notes on.

    "…Is this gonna be on the test?"

  15. Tiamat was the benevolent goddess of Wisdom of the culture that the Bablyonians overthrew. Many ideological / religious changes occur when a new group takes power to justify their rule and undermine old hierarchies. (Look at each new dynasty in China, Korea, India, Meso-America, look at the suppression of Druids by the Romans). Call the old gods/traditions "barbaric" "primitive" and "evil" and set them up in opposition to your own gods, even integrating them into myths ans stories that subvert the original "goodness" as "evil".

  16. It's not "the devil within" it's my own soul knowing that it's not (at the very least) a level 4 artist. Context for what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j38HRF17YMA

  17. Poor students were prepared with just a few pages of notebook paper left, and a worn out pen…… then Jordan comes on stage.

  18. Just thinking of the similarities between the process of "dying into your language" and stem cells. At first, we have the potential to speak all languages, we're all potential and then we specialize and permanently lose the ability to go back to that place of pure potential. It sounds very similar to stem cells in our body that are, at first, PURE POTENTIAL until they "die into their purpose" and become a nerve cell or white blood cell or any number of options. Once it does that, it forever loses its ability to go back to that place of potential. The cell, obviously not in any conscious sort of way, does indeed make a sacrifice. It sacrifices its potential, what it is, for what it could be, and that's something more concrete and impactful. I see that similarity and wonder if there's something worth exploring there.

  19. Facing the dragon in the world is like facing the reptilian brain in Wim Hof's method. Just sayin, like.
    Check it out. It's terrifyingly awesome for something that only takes a leap of faith and a few days to achieve

  20. haha the tardis and the Doctor in the end :)) he will be a great Doctor…not like the one we got now….

  21. JP rightly says "infants babble all the phonemes" [0:52], but we burble them differently, from birth, using the rhythm and cadence of our mother's tongue. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8346058.stm The 'music' we learn in the womb gives us our 'accent'; which we CAN shake, but getting through the burbling phase as an adult is embarrassing (unless you're in a church where the 'born again' are expected to 'speak in tongues').

  22. Can someone please elaborate when he says religious education helps to provide a clear vision of the ideal? (at the end)

  23. what do you want to subordinate yourself to? how about your heroic willingness to encounter the unknown and articulate it, and share that with people? there's no nobler vision than that.

  24. He should be giving lectures as such in any field of studies. I would have managed to handle my past years of life way better had I had someone explain me things so crystal clearly. Nonetheless, thank you very much mr P.

  25. "What is the good of solving one problem, when there are just a bunch of more problems that will come after?"
    What I learned from Peterson and others is that the more problems you solve the more interesting and sophisticated the new problems become.

  26. MY SIMPLIFIED EXPLANATION FOR THOSE WHO WANT IT (feel free to correct and add):

    So we're born with a lot of potential. As babies, we have the potential to manifest all possible archetypes. The archetypes that are available to us are often acquired from our culture.

    How does this process of acquiring archetypes happen?
    Well, when we're little, our imagination starts trying to solve the problems of existence, and it quickly learns that life is like a hydra. An endless stream of problems. One solution is to be a nihilist and conclude that Life is too much suffering. And to destroy your existence entirely, or be malevalent. JP says this solution is not irrational. But that another one evolved which is the one we use as we discourage this one.

    This other solution is archetypes. Jung investigated in the depths of the imagination and saw in its depths the birthplace of Archetypes.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>(Archetypes are the imagination's representations of patterns of adaptive behaviour. i.e. survival behaviour )

    Where did these archetypes come from?
    The building blocks of wisdom that informs archetypes are mostly biological, and they're here as a result of millions of years of watching ourselves trying to survive in the world and competing in its dominance heirarchies. So it was already there when the human brain became self aware, and it started asking, "what are we upto? What is an acceptable form of power? Who should rule?"

    The imagination used the existing primitive instinctive understandings of what helped us survive in millions of years past, and created intuitive, artistic, creative representations, illustrations, or in other words, archetypes of how we can manifest that wisdom in our world. These archetypes emerged in individual humans and were picked up by the surrounding society. Later on, they are found all over the culture as guides for future humans whose imaginations are struggling to solve the problem of Hydra-like existence, so that they don't have to choose Nihilism.

    The Ancient Mesopotamians, for example, created an archetype of Marduk, someone who says magic words, can see far, and fights dragons (All of Marduk is a artistic representation of how our ancient ancestors survived the unknown and its predators, fear of whom still lurks in the human Psyche). In other words, the culture created an archetype of a man that had foresight, had great ability to articulate problems into solutions and was brave enough to confront the fear of the unknown.

    JP says there's no nobler vision than heroically encountering the unknown and then articulating that vision with other people. And by accepting this archetype as a culture, they decided this sort of man was worthy of power, and honour and leadership.

    JP says in a healthy non-corrupt culture, if you manifested this archetype successfully, you would have all the success that that culture can offer you. i.e you'll be given status over men, women would choose you, you'd be admired and valued.

    Coming back to our own lives and our own culture, all of us have an ideal in our hearts that we've acquired from our own cultures. The archetypes are easily observable if we try to see whats common across the people and characters in our culture that WE admire. We have an ideal in our head and we torture ourselves when we don't live upto it. WELL, WHATS THE IDEAL?

    Well, we don't know usually. Its incoherent, and not entirely conscious. But its still trying to somehow to manifest itself and make itself known to you ALL THE TIME. This torture is that you have an ideal, that you deeply want to manifest into the world but that you don't know enough to do it.

    JP says that this is the purpose of religious education. To articulate for you the ideals that you've picked up and chosen.

    ADDENDUN(great comment by user HOTBALLZ):
    "When you follow it, you feel untouchable. That is heaven. When you veer off the path, you feel misery and pain. That is hell. You don’t die and go to either place, they are a state of being while alive that result from your decisions and behaviour. Make the right decisions, and do them. Whether religion is involved or not."

  27. 2:14 it's not irrational to want to slam the brakes on and bring the whole thing to a screeching halt. It's from that point where you make the conscious decision to use your God given pulse to either make it worse, or make it better, starting with yourself …this whole life is a test…every waking second…

  28. Thank you I had a vision based on archtypical paterns while meditating on lsd this really made alot of sense and helped alot

  29. go sit down old man , let people go through their lives on their own
    life's hard enough , people don't need all this thinking going on
    take a rest and you'll see , the world hasn't changed for shit , all that time you've been trying to change it , so what's the point
    just go sit down m8 , it's over
    people won't listen anyway , not even if you gave them a million dollars
    this is what happens , when there's SO much CRAP in your head , you have to decipher and go through the catalogue in your head , to then READ THE SCRIPT

    that's all this guy is doing , no REAL thoughts of his own

    i still don't get why everybody just hangs to his lips and doesn't do any research for themselfs , or even have a little think about what he just SPOUTED out

    he makes a few good point here and there , but for the MOST of his mouth vomit he is a complete babbling fool who doesn't even live in the same world as the rest of us

  30. Oo, ooo! I actually have a resolution for this! Not a solution unfortunately, but an option you can take if you find yourself at the pinnacle of your journey of self discovery and you still aren't enough to match your ideal. So long as your ideal is possible for a human being, lowering it would only hurt your soul so that's not an option. The option that may work for you though as it's currently working for me is sacrifice, and a very specific form of sacrifice. Instead of that next video game or that upgraded subscription that would cost more money, you first make sure your deficiency needs are met (and that includes emotional needs, if you need an extra 20$ a month for 2-3 buckets of ice cream go right ahead) but anything that's left over, you give to a person who's already doing a variation of what you'd be doing at your highest ideal. They then do it instead and it subsides the feeling somewhat. You can't save money this way but it's a price worth paying for mental peace when there are no options to ascend to any higher levels for yourself.
    Edit:I realize the first draft of this is unclear but I only just discovered this method works so to be precise, this advice is only for people who have been through their entire hero's journey and have failed, if you haven't been through every stage yet, this advice isn't for you and I urge you to keep going, victory may be just around the corner if you're fast enough to claim it when you spot it. Remember Jordan Peterson's snitch metaphor for how difficult to spot and hard to catch your strongest self is. Just be fast enough when it matters or you'll regret it. Anyway for those who weren't fast enough, keep reading on, I've found a resolution for the failed hero and that is to be an armistice and pillar for a person who already exists that represents your ideal most closely in terms of character, personal interest, pursuits and sexuality. Now, they don't have to all be the same, how could they? You're two different people. Bit if you've been through your entire hero's journey then you've met people on the way who reflect the ideal aspects of yourself in many ways, many times, look back, there's one person there, where if you invest in him/her instead of yourself you'll experience what I'm going to call the inner peace of the failed hero. Because anything you could do and would've done with what you had is now being done to a greater degree by another who actually can in part because of YOUR efforts. You're adding to the beauty of creation in your own indirect way, since if you're a failed hero you can't and can never do it yourself. To keep jealousy and envy at Bay remind yourself of this fact, you're doing this so that beauty can be furthered, it would be cool if it were you but in the end it doesn't matter who does it, just that it's done.

    I'm up You're up
    I'm alive pos more

  31. Dummies speak of others. The reasonably bright speak of things. The truly intelligent speak of concepts and ideas. What’s happening with the detractors is the reduction of this mans complexities. The nuances. The subtleties

  32. It's our time to step forward. It's one thing to watch JP, but it's another to enact what he is speaking into being. You know damn well what you need to do, stop scrubbing through YouTube in hopes to find the answer and get up and do what you know the answer is. Goodluck fine souls, on this narrowly taken journey,

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  34. Well NO, men haven't lost that. For some it's sports, others Hunting, fishing, video games. It's women's liberation that supports women's ideas and nowadays they have a voice.

  35. 2:19 – 2:26 the same reason you keep on fighting random battles in RPGs that endlessly crop up. Battling foes is fun.

  36. Does anyone know what the name of the lecture that this video clip is from? This guy always forgets to post a link back to where the source video is found.

  37. When your ideal turns on you and the star you were shooting for turns out to be a black hole


  38. My ideal self isn't manifesting despite my desire to bring it forward because it isn't clearly articulated enough to constitute a sufficiently vivid and motivating goal? So it is overpowered by less noble but more expedient and clearly imagined patterns of behaviour… Ok. That rings true.

  39. Love to be a fly on the wall to follow these students after they leave such a lecture that speaks to their very
    Inner cries of uncertainty. Do they shoot out of there energetically and with purpose or
    start checking their phones to see what.Kim Kardashian is up to!

  40. The people I admired admire were are 7nreachable in skill and cognitive abilities. And I tried and practiced. So I have to reduce expectations probably

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