Yasmin Bradfield, MD, UW Health Pediatric Ophthalmologist

>>One thing I think is real
important is for parents to know what all the treatment options are. Sometimes when they’re coming to me for
their initial visit, even though I think that their child eventually will
need surgery, they need the time to understand what the diagnosis is and
to process what the different options are. For some of our strabismus patients, we
can try patching, or we start with glasses for instance before we even offer surgery
and when they’re ready to have surgery, that’s the discussion time for me. I’ve been here for over 13 years. I have done over 1500 strabismus
surgeries and other types of surgeries, so when patients actually ask me how qualified
are you or what experience do you have, I’m very open in sharing that with them. I have a wonderful staff who have been with me
for over a decade, which includes orthoptists, who are vision and motility specialists who
really will start and do part of the eye exams on their child as well as a coordinator
that’s been with me for over 13 years. They have loved interacting with families, they
provide compassionate care along every step of the way of the exam, and they really
do enjoy seeing patients especially after they have a good visual
outcome or post-operative outcome. Often patients come to me
as adults and they wonder if they should’ve gotten
treatment a long time ago. They wonder if they’ve missed
the window for treatment. And fortunately, a lot of adult
strabismus is very treatable. And what I tell them is that they may
have waited a long time to get treatment but surgery for them is still an option. I have toddlers that I have
treated in my practice and performed pediatric cataract
surgery on or strabismus surgery on who are now teenagers driving
a car with good vision outcomes and good depth perception
after strabismus surgery. They’re able to function like any other
teenager with excellent vision, going to school, excelling at school, doing well
in their sports activities, and looking at future careers and college. That is very rewarding for me to have
that long relationship with them.

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