Wide Eyes – eye flashing, emotions, stress, camera anxiety and seduction

Don’t you know what you are doing? Eyes are the mirrors of the soul. You can laugh with your eyes, or cry. Eyes can be frightened, angry, sleepy, and much more. All the movings of the soul can be observed in the eyes. Sometimes people dilate their eyes in such a way that the white of their eyeballs surrounding the iris, is revealed. It is a fascinating phenomenon. During conversation, the widening of the eyes, or eye flashing, takes place in a split second. So watch carefully… There it is! In the replay we stop the movie at the critical moment. Wide eyes are not only seen in actors, and other performers, also in ordinary people,like teachers, professors, and mothers talking about their problematic children, and so on. Not everybody can do it voluntarily. Perhaps certain eyes are better suited than others… For a lot of animals There is no other option than wide eyes. But this very frightened baby monkey opens wide its eyes. The question is of course: What is it that causes a person to widen his eyes? Often it is the result of emotions like: surprise or anxiety. This TV host shows his interviewer how he reacts on great stress. “All like this.” “By the nerves, you mean.” “Then this goes up. The eyes become bigger.” Heavy heroin addiction can cause permanent dilated eyes, on and off stage. On stage the widening is done on purpose inevitably when singing a song about wide eyes. “Wide” “Eyed” “Girl” Not always it is the stress on stage that causes widened eyes, as this opera singer shows. The pressure of reaching a high note has no effect on the standing of her eyes. However, as soon as she expresses emotion in her singing, Then her eyes widen ostensively. Here you see one of the most expressive eyes in the whole world of pop music. And when you impersonate somebody with extra-terrestrial, or better: telekinetic power,
what else can you do than extremely widen your eyes? Further,
overacting soap-actors often use wide eyes. More interesting, perhaps, is the involuntary widening of the eyes. In front of the camera many inexperienced people get nervous. According to her wide eyes this is one of the first appearances of this reporter on TV. Also the wide eyes of this girl seem to give away her camera anxiety. Wide eyes may also reveal that the person tries to conceal his inner feelings. Here we see a TV celebrity, who is asked a question,
she does not want to answer. [slow motion] “I won’t tell that.” “No?” “No.” This psychotherapist tries to convince us that his wife learned him a lot. “You can describe something, but you cannot…” And this holocaust survivor finds it difficult to describe her life in a concentration camp. This guy, who we have seen before, admits that he comes from a roman-catholic family. “I grew up in a roman-catholic family.” “It was so perfect.” Indeed, this playmate is just married with a rock star. “I am so lucky to be a part of his world”. And finally, believe it or not, wide eyes can be seductive! “Anyway, she has probably the greatest pathetic look of any girl of our generation.” “How do you do it?” “Open your eyes wide, protrude your bottom lip, and you look straight into the men’s eyes, and say: ‘I hardly have any bose at all.'” “I hardly have any bose at all.” “Not bad.”


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