Why do your eyes twitch?

welcome to eye care in focus where we try
to make vision care and eye health more clear for you I’m Dr. Jordan Netzel and today we’re
talking about eye lid twitches So a lot of times patients will come in and tell me that
their eye lid is twitching or kind of quivering a little bit and they tell me it’s really
annoying and sometimes they are really concerned that there might be something horribly wrong
don’t worry it’s normal it’s not a big deal at all it happens all the time but that doesn’t
make it any less annoying so what causes it usually it happens in response to changes in sleep, caffeine,
and stress so how do I prevent my eye lid from starting to twitch it’s easy all you
have to do is lower your caffeine intake, get a lot more sleep, and eliminate all stress
from your life but good luck with that theoretically if it was really really bad you could get
like a botox injection to get it to go away but usually when I tell my patients that they
are like whoa whoa hold on it’s not that bad I think I’ll be alright so really what you
have to do is just wait it out it will go away on its own give it some time like the
essential oil no not Thyme time t-i-m-e if you have a question or a topic that you would
like us to cover leave a question on our Roberts-Philpott Eye Associates Facebook page or instagram
or comment below This has been eye care in focus i’m Dr. Jordan Netzel see you next time

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