What’s On YOUR Christmas Wishlist? (Vlogmas Day 1) | Rikki Poynter

Hello, and welcome back to the channel, and welcome to the first day of Vlogmas. It’s the month where we get a video up
every day in December until, I think, the 25th. And what better way to start out the month than with a Christmas wish list video. And this is very interesting to think about,
what I want for Christmas, because not that long ago,
I talked about how I have a real problem with shopping and keeping stuff, and my room is all over the place right now. And so I’m thinking about this sort of thing,
and I’m like, I don’t really need a whole lot,
but there are things that I need. So instead of taking this time
to be like, oh, I want this and that, like random things, I really sat down and thought about
what it is that I really, really needed. There is one fun thing but, OK. It’s Christmas. We can have a little fun, right? And before we get into the list,
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and it helps me out. And now, let’s get to the rest of the video. So to get the fun bit out of the way,
Build-A-Bear is coming out with a Pichu. I love Pichu. I have Pikachu, I have Eevee, Vulpix, I think those are the only
Pokemon Build-A-Bears that I have. And Pichu, I just… That’s the one fun thing that I’d really love. Alright, now to get serious,
I have been looking for a wallet. I don’t have an RFID wallet,
and I’ve been really wanting to get one for travel purposes. You know, these people have those
little scanner things everywhere. But when you’re out travelling,
there’s a much bigger risk. And so I’ve been trying to find one
that I really, really like, and I haven’t been able to find any
until I came across the Arden Cove one. It’s a slim wallet. It has RFID blocking. And it has a little chain and lock
so that if I were to carry it around, and somebody wanted to try to open it
or whatever without me looking, it’s going to be quite difficult to do that
because it can lock. And it’s really sleek and professional looking, so if I wanted to bring it on business
or bring it on a date night, I can do that. It’s really nice for every single occasion
that I can think of that I would actually do. So my carry-on is doing pretty alright still, but I feel like a lot of people have told me that the hard shell cases
are heavier than a soft case. And as someone who deals with
chronic pain a lot, and has or can have difficulty
trying to carry it up because I haven’t gone to the gym a whole lot
and worked on my strength, so that’s kind of half my own problem
and half, well, I’m disabled. But there’s this Matt and Nat one
that is a soft shell case. It’s like a leather case. It’s a vegan leather case,
because Matt and Nat is a vegan brand. And it just looks absolutely beautiful. And that entire bag is the look I want
for when I wanna, like, travel on business. It’s so nice. That would be me. My bags look absolutely professional,
sleek, da-da-da. I, however, will look like a mess,
because I’m in like a big T-shirt or sweater, and sweatpants. And my hair is in a bun. But you know what? It’s fine. (LAUGHS) But also I feel like that bag
has more space in it. I always feel like even with my current case,
there’s not a whole lot to put in, just because it’s, like,
split into two different sides. But maybe that might not help me too much because even if it’s just on one side…
I don’t know. But anyways, I love the look of it
and I think that’s on my list. Now I feel like this next item
gets a bad rep for some reason, but I want gift cards. I could really use gift cards,
so gift cards to Best Buy, because there’s equipment
that I’m trying to save for, a new camera, a new mic for the channel,
hard drives, and things like that. I could use Sephora gift cards
or Ulta gift cards because when I run out of foundation
and things like that, I can get a replacement for it. Now that I’m getting older
and really realising just how much stuff I have, when people give me things,
a lot of the time, as much as I’m very thankful for it,
I really don’t have any use for it. It’s not my style, things like that, so I just never use it. But I’m perfectly happy with gift cards. I don’t know why they get a bad rep now
but I love them. And then that way,
I can really get the stuff that I do need and that I will use. So things like Best Buy, Amazon,
Sephora, Ulta, Starbucks. Hey, even Whole Foods. I spend so much at Whole Foods because I get so excited
about the new products and I’m just like, oh my God. Adding on to the whole money thing, I think we all really would love
our bills to be paid, huh? I know I really want to get a cleaning going on
because it’s been a little while, over a year since I had my last cleaning done, because I don’t have
dental insurance anymore. I’m waiting for a paycheck to come in
so I can make that happen. But, you know, getting those bills paid,
the important things paid, yeah. And then, last but not least,
and this is the biggest expense, but can I see my boyfriend, please?
(LAUGHS) Long distance relationship problems, you’ve got to save up for that stuff because that stuff is not cheap. During the holidays I like to go up
and spend a little bit of extra time for Christmas and New Year’s,
so that’s definitely on my list. And it’s very likely to happen. I’m saving up for it, you know. So, that’ll be nice. I have no idea what we’ll be doing
for Christmas this year. I think I’ve been given a little bit of an idea
of what might happen if I’m able to go. I don’t want to spend Christmas alone. I want to spend it with the people I love. I think that’s everything that’s on my list. I think back to the things I wanted years ago
that were on my list, and they were actually pretty similar,
Sephora gift cards, especially. But I would just use that
to buy random new eyeshadow palettes and things like that,
that I really don’t feel like I would use. But things like foundation
and those are pricey and it would be nice to have that for like in a few months when I have to change colour
or when I run out, get a replacement. Definitely thinking about
the stuff that I need versus things that I just like randomly want. Again, the Pichu is more of a fun thing
but that’s one actual, like, definite, fun thing. Alright. That’s my list. Let me know what is on your list
down below in the comments. I really like seeing what people want. I think it’s fun. If you would like to help translate this video, I’ll have a link down below
in the description box. Always helps out. Give this video a thumbs up. Share it around with your friends. Thank you for taking the time
out of your day to watch this video and I will see you later. Bye. (ROCK MUSIC)


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  2. I agree with you on the gift cards and life funding. I don't want anything materialistically. I do hope to be able to see the Nutcracker ballet live someday for Christmas if I can find time and people to go with.

  3. I’m not happy with gift cards only because I forget I have them sometimes. If I had to have a gift, honestly I want to go to a concert. It’s not a wishlist thing but I love events, and going with people I enjoy spending time with. And for something other than an event I want a new water bottle, a new phone (expensive), new clothes (black gothic things obviously), and just to spend time with family. Anyway, merry vlogmas and I hope it goes well for you rikki

  4. uhm clothes gift cards, ikea gift cards and a package mailbox, just because my (grown up) kid kept asking me what i wanted for Christmas.

  5. I'm graduating, moving out, and moving from Australia to New Zealand next year. So my wishlist is pretty much entirely filled with suits, stuff for work and boring adult stuff…

  6. Seeing your boyfriend would be a great Christmas gift. Long distance is definitely tough so being able to spend time with someone you care about very much can be a brilliant present. 😊

    I'm not even sure what I want. I've learned a lot recently about being content with the things I have and making the most of it without spending frivolously; my wife has really helped rein me in on that. One fun thing I would love to have is a Switch Lite and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to play with friends.

  7. I've got mostly books on my list, as usual! Though I wouldn't mind the Isabelle figurine from Animal Crossing by Good Smile Company 🙂

  8. Mostly I'd just love to get some clay for Christmas! That's my main want – some little 57g blocks of Sculpey Premo clay in white, black, yellow, or translucent. (Also grey granite, 'cause I want to try making a cute little Aussie sandy-Snowman for Christmas!)

    Also on my want-list is red glitter Snoozies – another patient in hospital earlier this year had the gold ones and they were soooo cute and comfy 🙂 Oh, and a "Koffee" Pokémon mug would be nice too, hehe.

    As for what I need – mainly just money to pay off my trial CPAP machine that got broken on my last day in hospital, and to pay off my new CPAP machine 🙂

  9. Hmm I m looking into getting a new tablet. As my old one only has 16GB. And… Maybe a cool new camera lens. Other than that underwear would be great! 😆. A few calendars and comic books. Not much. I got everything I need.

  10. Glad you're doing this serie again this year !

    On my wishlist there is an academic book about the crusader states. Or an academic book about humour in chivalric romances. Or an academic book about long distance communication in the middle ages. Nerd gifts are best gifts <3
    (also a world fair for everyone but one can only hope)

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