What You Don’t Know About AMD Can Blind You

Hi, my name is Marlene, I was diagnosed with
macular degeneration more than 20 years ago. I realized something was not right with my
eyes. We had our bathroom retiled, and I said
to John, I am so glad we didn’t pay for this tile job yet. The gentleman, look what he did
to the seams they’re wavy. And John looked at me and said, Marlene, what
are you talking about, they’re straight. When I cooked, I couldn’t differentiate between
my finger and a carrot. I was at my daughter’s wedding and I couldn’t
distinguish anybody’s face. The only way I was able to tell who they were
by their voices. One of the worst parts
of this disease in the beginning, being that I didn’t have any treatment, was the fact
that I was going to be losing my independence. After realizing that my vision was getting
blurry, I was scared. And when I discussed it with my husband, he
said we better go to a few ophthalmologists and have it checked out. I keep going back to my doctor every month,
because I still want to be able to see my wonderful husband’s face, my three beautiful
daughters. 2 million people today are affected by macular
degeneration and by the year 2050 it’s going to more than double. For those over the age of 40 its important
to go and see an ophthalmologist, because they’re
the only ones that are trained to find out what your eye ailment is. There is no better time than the year 2020
to focus on your eye health and see an ophthalmologist.

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