What Was Revealed About Lisa Left Eye Lopes After Her Death

TLC is the one of the most successful girl
groups of all-time. During the ’90s, they were impossible to miss,
racking up number one hits, promoting safe relations, defining popular culture, and revolutionizing
the music industry. Sadly, in April of 2002, TLC lost Lisa ‘Left
Eye’ Lopes to a tragic car accident, and the band has never been the same. Here’s what we learned about Lopes after her
death. Lopes’ father Ronald Lopes, was a former Army staff sergeant and an extremely strict father
and husband. Lopes talked about it in The Last Days of
Left Eye, a documentary that she was making about her life at the time of her death. “When we lived with my dad he was a drill
sergeant for real.” This included handing out some steep punishments. She noted that if she did bad in school: “I got the heavy duty punishment! No TV, no front porch, no back porch, no boyfriends,
no nothing.” Despite his otherwise strict demeanor, Lopes
notes in the film that her father, himself a heavy drinker, encouraged her drinking at
a young age. “I would drink, and my father would say, ‘look
at her go, look at her go.'” Lopes was the subject of intense media scrutiny when she set fire to her then-boyfriend Andre
Rison’s home during a domestic dispute. In The Last Days of Left Eye, Lopes described
how she started the fire. “went under the cabinet grabbed my lighter
fluid, that I used to barbecue and barbecued me some tennis shoes.” But the fire spread quickly out of the tub
and consumed much of the house, which was not Lopes’ intention. “I didn’t realize what I was doing, I didn’t
mean for the house to burn down.” After being sentenced for the fire, Lopes intentionally cut herself, professing her
love for her boyfriend by cutting it into her arm with a razor. “I was serving time in the diversion center” He wasn’t really coming to visit like I would
have wanted him to” After she was released from the diversion
center, there was another fight with her boyfriend. “We had a barbecue, and he accused me and
his friend of flirtin’ and saying some really mean things”
Lopes’ frustration over the fight led her to cut again, overwriting her profession of
love. “Over top of the word love, I started writing
the word Hate. H-A-T-E.” Lopes’ reputation caused people to misjudge her, according to friends and family who knew
the real Lopes. Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas told Essence magazine:
“People didn’t understand how much of a heart she really had and how passionate and giving
she was. She might have come across as someone who
wanted to start trouble all the time, but that wasn’t it; she just had a lot to say.” Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins also shared that while
Lopes was most known for her bold, daring style and musical brilliance, she was also
creative in the way she cared for her friends. Watkins told Essence magazine about a gift
she received from Lopes while in the hospital. “She was very creative, too. I remember I was in the hospital for four
months and she sent me a clock that she made and the clock read: ‘Take all the time you
need.’ She really put thought into things.” Lopes was keenly aware that people had formed
negative opinions about her, too, which was part of the reason she was making The Last
Days of Left Eye. “Throughout my career, I’ve gone through several
things” “I pretty much just want to set the record
straight” Lopes was invested in her physical and spiritual health; she would frequently retreat to Honduras
to do cleanses, as she followed and endorsed a guru named Dr. Sebi who was based there. Additionally, Lopes mentored girl bands like
Egypt, who were with her during her final retreat in Honduras. While much of this was well known, what only
became public many years later, is that she had the members of Egypt cleansing and fasting
with her. They ate strict diets and drank herbal drinks,
and would often vomit because the tinctures tasted so foul. They eventually broke their diets, gleefully
stocking up on chips and other items at a local grocery store. In what can be read as an eerie foreshadowing of her own passing, Lopes was riding as a
passenger in her van when her personal assistant accidentally hit Bayron Isaul Fuentes Lopez,
a 10-year-old Honduran boy. According to the New York Post, the boy suddenly
stepped into traffic off of a median, and the car hit him, ending his life. In spite of not being at fault, Lopes paid
all of the medical and funeral expenses, and gave the family some additional funds. She was haunted by the experience, and it
affected her deeply and profoundly, particularly because she blamed a spirit for the accident
— the same spirit that she previously said was chasing her. “I don’t think I will ever get over it” Just weeks after the first car accident, a second accident took Lopes’ life. Her funeral drew thousands and it became clear
that Lopes was one of a kind. When asked if they would consider bringing
on someone else as a third member, Watkins and Thomas emphatically declined. “Never, I mean, honestly, never ever ever”
More than 15 years later, the duo have upheld this, refusing to add a permanent replacement. Still, TLC lives on. “She would want us to move on, she would say,
‘TLC is forever.'” Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  1. That she let her self in depression,and got obssess to her boyfriend,she was opressed by the promise of her boyfriend to marry her but not, and why did she choose herbal medicines is it safe for her . she should approach her depression with western medicines surely she will be save because of Psychological problems she has,what she really need that time is a real Psychiatrist and proper counselling,sometimes some people think is it accident.or suicide,when we watched her camera rolling, its just a observation thru her journey


  3. They were really practicing black magic in the jungle and invited a demon spirit in. Lisa was the only one it attached to and she knew and felt it. Once she opened up the box she was doomed. Maybe Lisa wanted to die? Maybe she just wanted to go that deep into the spirit world and try to tap into her third eye, but instead sealed her fate. What was she trying to avoid hitting when the vehicle went off the road? Was it a broke down car, a cow some one on a bike? Was it the spirit child she hit and killed? This would explain why she didnt leave the island, she wanted answers. She was very much aware then people around her new and i feel she had so much guilt for killing the child she felt like she didnt deserve to live. Some times it is better to leave shit unanswered stop looking so deep for why we are here and what is our purpose. Maybe none of this matters and the only thing we can do is be as caring and loving and giving as we can. We dont have much time in these bodies, you dont know when your going so live today like it is the only day you have to show how much you care and love the world. GOD BLESS ALL. We can only hope Lisa was given another chance some place else.

  4. Okay but don’t you guys think that it’s hecka weird that she was the ONLY ONE with her seatbelt one yet she’s the only one that left us like that’s suspicious so me and my older sis think it has to do something with Illuminati and the devil and his demons took her life because she may have got too close to something they didn’t want her to know we love you Lisa left eye lopes rip in heaven -Elizabeth and the world

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  6. Left Eye died exactly 8 months to the day after Aaliyah … I’ll never forget these 2 angels πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

    RIP AALIYAH.. 8-25-2001
    RIP LEFT EYE.. 4-25-2002

  7. Greetings. I just recently did a reading on her passing. If you are interested in viewing it, my channel is Amani’s Lightwork YouTube in the channeled news section playlist. Much Love.

  8. I know she had boyfriends. But she needed a husband, to help keep her grounded.

    Leave those weird mystical gurus alone.
    She should have gave Jesus a try.

  9. we need answers on why she died and why Nipsey also died trying to tell the world about Dr Sebi , Nipsey and Lisa were killed trying to tell the world about Dr Sebi , because Dr Sebi had the Medical Cures that we need , Natural Healing . Also Dr Sebi has killed because of his Great Natural Healing Medicine … we need to Wake Up …

  10. She continued her health journey!!! And was going to bring dr Sebi research on healing to the fore front but she Mysteriously die in a car accident in Honduras.

  11. they all sell there souls to the devil and they die ALL die young,,,,name one celebrity who die of old age. only suicide drugs ect

  12. I was crying so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I going to miss her r

  13. i feel like she messed around with things she ddnt understand (illuminati).. like that black stripe she would have under her left eye.. they say its to emphasize the fact tht ppl said she had beautiful eyes but it seems to me she joined the iluminati.. and sh was into cleanses mediums and spiritualism .. nowhere did i here she was a christian.. ppl.. once u join the illuminati.. they can sacrifice/ end u anytime they see fit


  15. In the physical world, evil spirits shouldn't have power over you, unless you feed them your reactions. Apparently, Left Eye had a history of being easily reactive. And that empowered the demons to play on her mind and the mind of others, and I think, this eventually caused her accident. Prior to her death, if she had given her heart and soul to Gd, did good deeds, surrender to Gd, she would have been in a good state. But if not, then I don't know what to tell you. I guess she serves as a lesson for us.

  16. I had the biggest crush on her when they were huge. I was mesmerized by her fleeting glimpses in VH1's music videos. This was before you could use the Internet to find out anything about anybody.

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