What do Daenerys’ Undying visions mean?

So something in the Game of Thrones books
that mostly don’t appear in the show are the many dreams and visions that characters
have. They have regular dreams and nightmares about
their hopes and fears and memories, but dreams can also be connected to magic and prophecy. Some Starks have wolf dreams, inside the minds
of direwolves, and Targaryens have dragon dreams, of fire and blood. Red priests see the future and the past in
their flames, Bran and Jojen have greendreams with magic trees, and Quaithe uses glass candles
to enter peoples’ dreams – point being, lots of characters in Game of Thrones have
weird visions, often connecting to the future, past, magic and prophecy, and this is especially
true of Daenerys Targaryen. She has dragon dreams, fever dreams, prophetic
dreams, glass candle dreams, she has a whole vision quest in the Dothraki Sea after eating
some funny berries – but some of the most important and interesting visions in the whole
series are the visions Dany has in the House of the Undying. In Book and Season 2, Daenerys comes to the
city of Qarth and meets a warlock called Pyat Pree. He invites her to the House of the Undying
, where he and his warlock buddies live, promising to give Dany great “truth and wisdom”
. In the show, Pyat Pree steals Dany’s dragons to force her to come, but in the books she
goes willingly. She comes the entrance and is offered a potion
called shade of the evening, which Pyat says will open her mind to the truths within . So
Dany takes the drugs offered by the strange man and enters the House. It’s a strange, magical place, full of passageways
arranged in impossible ways , and there are “endless” rooms where Dany begins to see
visions. The first vision is the weirdest – Dany
sees “a beautiful woman sprawled naked on the floor while four little men crawl” over
her, biting and fucking her body . This way this is usually interpreted, the woman represents
Westeros, and the four men represent the four kings who are ravaging the country with war. It’s kind of a gross metaphor, but it gets
the point across – war is terrible, and so, perhaps, are the men who wage it. The reason why there are four men here instead
of all five kings of the War of the Five Kings is probably that King Renly is dead at this
point in the story. Anyway, Dany’s second vision is of “a
feast of corpses”. She sees savagely slaughtered feasters strewn
across overturned furniture, and a dead man with the head of a wolf and an iron crown
. This is pretty clearly the Red Wedding. The dead man is Robb Stark, after the Freys
sew his direwolf’s head onto his corpse. Interestingly, this vision happens a whole
book before the Red Wedding does, so this is a great example of a vision that accurately
shows the future of the story before it happens. Dany’s next vision is of the past – she
sees inside “the house with the red door”, which was a “house in Braavos” where Daenerys
and Viserys lived for a while after they fled Westeros when Robert Baratheon took over. In Braavos, Dany and her brother were protected
by Ser Willem Darry, a knight who stayed loyal to the Targaryens until he died of some sickness
. The house with the red door is the closest place Dany has known to a home , and she dreams
of it often as a place of safety and comfort and a happy simple life. But the house with the red door is also the
subject of conspiracy theories – there’s this whole thing about how the house with
the red door had a lemon tree outside , when trees are very rare in Braavos – so some
people believe the house might actually have been in Dorne, as part of some Martell conspiracy,
though the evidence for this isn’t very convincing. Dany’s fourth vision is of her father, the
Mad King Aerys Targaryen, sitting the Iron Throne. Aerys says “Let him be the king of ashes”
, and what’s going on here is that, Aerys’ army, and son, have just been destroyed by
Robert Baratheon at the Battle of the Trident, so Aerys is giving the order to burn down
King’s Landing so that Robert can’t have it . He would have got away with it too if
it weren’t for – a young Jaime Lannister killing the king and saving the city. Dany’s fifth vision is of another dead Targaryen
– her brother Rhaegar, the eldest child of King Aerys. In the vision, Rhaegar’s with his wife,
Elia Martell, and their newborn son, who they name Aegon. Rhaegar says that this child Aegon “is the
prince that was promised” . The prince that was promised, or Azor Ahai, is a hero prophesied
to save “the world” . When he was young, Rhaegar believed that he was this hero, but
he later comes to believe it would be his son Aegon . Rhaegar also says “The dragon
has three heads” and “There must be one more”. So at this time, Rhaegar has two kids – a
young daughter, Rhaenys, and now the infant Aegon. Aegon is the name of Aegon the Conqueror,
the original Targaryen who took over Westeros three hundred years ago. This Aegon had two sister-wives – Rhaenys
and Visenya – so it looks like Rhaegar was naming his kids after these original three
Targaryens – he just needed a third child, Visenya, to complete set – so that seems
to be what he means when he says “There must be one more” . A problem, though, is
that Rhaegar’s wife Elia was “frail and sickly”, and after the birth of Aegon, the
maesters said she couldn’t have more kids . So Rhaegar had a problem – how was he
gonna have his third child, his third head of the dragon, if Elia couldn’t give birth? Maybe this is part of the reason why Rhaegar
ran off with Lyanna Stark. Of course, that led to Robert’s Rebellion,
and the death of Rhaegar, and the deaths of Elia and Rhaenys and Aegon – so, so much
for the prince that was promised and the three heads of the dragon, but with Lyanna, Rhaegar
did get to have his third child – Jon Snow. Dany keeps moving. She encounters strange phantoms that try to
lure her into the wrong room, but she gets through and arrives at the true chamber of
the Undying Ones themselves, a group of immortal warlocks who turn out to look like creepy
blue corpses, there’s a human heart floating above, it’s like some scene from The Binding
of Isaac . And the Undying whisper prophesies to Dany – they say “three fires must you
light … one for life and one for death and one to love”. “three mounts must you ride … one to bed
and one to dread and one to love”. And “three treasons will you know … once
for blood and once for gold and once for love”. There are lots of different ways to interpret
these lines, but here are some likely answers – the fire to light for life is probably
the fire Dany lights to hatch her dragons, to give life to them. The fire for death could be a bunch of things,
cause Dany often kills people with fire – but it’s probably the fire that Dany’s just
about to use to kill the Undying, to bring death to the deathless. The mount to bed is probably “the silver”
horse Dany rides to her first night with Drogo. The mount to dread is probably her dragon
Drogon – who causes such dread in Dany’s enemies. Some people interpret this mount thing differently,
arguing that the mounts aren’t literal animals that Dany rides, but they’re the men Dany’s
had sex with – so you could say Hizdahr, or even, potentially, Euron is a mount to
dread, maybe Drogo is the mount to love and Hizdahr is to bed, or something – there
are lots of different arrangements, but what seems to make the most sense is just the silver
and Drogon as Dany’s mounts so far. Now the treasons – the treason for blood,
according to Dany, is when Mirri Maz Duur kills Dany’s unborn child Rhaego to avenge
her people who were killed by the Dothraki . The treason for gold, Dany believes, is
when Jorah reports on her to Varys – but thing is, Jorah doesn’t betray her for gold,
he just wanted a pardon so that he could go home to Westeros . Dany later thinks this
treason is from Brown Ben Plumm, a sellsword captain who betrays her in the books , but
he doesn’t do it for gold either . So maybe the treason for gold is yet to come – maybe
from Daario , or Illyrio , or the Shavepate. Regardless, this leaves a fire to love, a
mount to love and a treason for love. A fire “to love” is interesting wording,
cause the other fires were “for life”, “for death”, this is to love. Does this mean Dany will love a fire? What could that mean? Well there’s a lot of speculation that Dany
and Jon Snow might fall in love. And Jon could represent fire in that he may
be Azor Ahai, who is said to wield a flaming sword , and represents light against darkness. The full wording here is that Dany must light
a fire to love. So maybe Dany will light the fire that makes
Jon Azor Ahai. This could connect to the story of Nissa Nissa
– apparently the original Azor Ahai created his burning sword Lightbringer by plunging
his sword into the body of his wife . If Jon Snow is Azor Ahai, maybe he’ll have to do
something similar with Daenerys, maybe this could be the treason “for love”. This is all very vague, but however you look
at it, love and fire and treason seem to be in Dany’s future, and Jon Snow could easily
be a big part of that. And there’s also a mount – so maybe Dany
could ride Ghost? The Undying say some more stuff – they call
Dany “child of storm” and “daughter of death”, which refers to Dany’s birth
– she was born during a storm, and her mother died giving birth to her. The Undying call her “bride of fire” – which
again could connect to Dany loving someone who symbolically is fire, and they call her
“slayer of lies”, which is an interesting one – we’ll get back to this. They call Dany “child of three” which
could just refer to the fact that she’s the youngest of three children, but it could
also connect to more general Targaryen number three shenanigans cause the Undying also say
“three heads has the dragon”. Then the Undying give Dany a bunch more visions
at high speed. She sees her brother Viserys killed with molten
gold by Drogo. She sees “A tall lord with copper skin and
silver-gold hair” standing “beneath the banner of a fiery stallion, a burning city
behind him”. This is a cool one – with the skin of a
Dothraki, and hair of a Targaryen, and a sigil with both a horse and fire, this guy must
be Rhaego, the son of Daenerys and Drogo who was never born cause he was killed in the
womb by the magic of Mirri Maz Duur. This vision is of what Dany’s son would
have become had he lived – because Rhaego was connected to a prophecy of his own – the
dosh khaleen tell Daenerys that her son would be the “the stallion who mounts the world”,
a great Dothraki warrior who’d unite the khalasars and take over the world . But Rhaego
died and the prophecy didn’t come true . Dany then sees “Rubies” flying “like
drops of blood from the chest of a dying prince”. He sinks “to his knees in the water and
with his last breath” murmurs “a woman’s name”. So this guy is Rhaegar Targaryen again, Dany’s
brother. Here he’s dying at the Battle of the Trident,
killed by Robert Baratheon during his Rebellion. The big question here is whose name does Rhaegar
murmur? Maybe he named his wife, Elia Martell. But maybe he named Lyanna Stark, the woman
he had just run off with and started this war over in the first place . We’re told
by some characters that Rhaegar abducted and raped Lyanna, but many readers suspect that
Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually in love . For now it’s a mystery, but Rhaegar saying Lyanna’s
name with his last breath would add something beautiful and tragic to this vision. Dany sees a “blue-eyed king” raise a “red
sword” that glows “like sunset”. This is probably the blue-eyed King Stannis
Baratheon raising his burning sword on the beach at Dragonstone, back when Melisandre
was trying to convince everyone that Stannis was Azor Ahai. The king in the vision casts “no shadow”,
which probably hints at the magic shadow creature with Stannis’ face that Melisandre conjures
to kill Renly. A second way to interpret this vision is that
it could be an image of the future, of the true Azor Ahai – like, maybe Jon Snow in
the books will be resurrected not as the same guy he was before like in the show, but as
something different. He could have the blue eyes of a wight, his
sword could burn, transformed as Lightbringer, and he could be a king as the King in the
North – so maybe he could fit this vision – it’s not super likely though. Dany sees “A cloth dragon” swaying “on
poles amidst a cheering crowd”, which Dany later says is called “a mummer’s dragon”. So remember Aegon, Rhaegar’s infant son
who died in Robert’s Rebellion? Well in the books, Varys and Illyrio claim
to have secretly saved Aegon and to’ve raised him to be a perfect king – there’s this
whole big conspiracy to put Aegon on the Iron Throne – but the thing is, the evidence
suggests that this Aegon Targaryen isn’t Aegon Targaryen at all – the kid’s a fake
– making him, symbolically, a mummer’s dragon – a fake Targaryen. So it’s very interesting that the Undying
call Dany “slayer of lies”. Maybe Dany will be the one to reveal Varys
and Illyrio’s deceptions. Check out the Varys video for more on this
conspiracy. Then Dany sees “a great stone beast” taking
wing “From a smoking tower” and “breathing shadow fire”. This one is tricky but it’s probably related
to Melisandre’s talk of waking a dragon from stone at the island of Dragonstone . Mel
wanted to sacrifice a young boy called Edric Storm, use his kingsblood to wake a stone
dragon , but Edric is saved by Davos and it doesn’t end up happening, so perhaps this
is another example of a prophecy averted. Dany sees “Her silver” “trotting through
the grass, to a darkling stream beneath a sea of stars”, which seems to be Dany on
her horse on her wedding night to Drogo. Dany sees “A corpse” standing “at the
prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly”. This could be a bunch of people. Theon Greyjoy comes to mind – standing on
a ship, looking like a corpse after his torture by Ramsay, which was much worse in the books. It could also be book character Victarion,
a corpse in the sense that he’s probably doomed to die in Slaver’s Bay. Or it could be Jon Connington, looking dead
and grey because of the greyscale taking over his body. It’s hard to be sure with this vision. Dany sees “A blue flower” growing “from
a chink in a wall of ice”, filling “the air with sweetness”. The “wall of ice” has gotta be the Wall,
right? As for the flower, blue “winter roses”
are often associated with Lyanna Stark . What’s at the Wall that’s connected to Lyanna? Lyanna’s son, Jon Snow. The imagery of Jon filling the air with sweetness
in Dany’s vision might again support the idea of a romance between the two. Dany sees “Shadows” whirling and dancing
“inside a tent, boneless and terrible”, and this is the tent where Mirri Maz Duur
performs the magic that kills the unborn Rhaego and leaves Drogo living but mindless
Dany sees “A little girl” running “barefoot toward a big house with a red door” , so
this is that house in Braavos again. Dany sees “Mirri Maz Duur” shrieking in
flames, “a dragon bursting from her brow”. So this is the fire where Dany hatches her
dragons – leaving Mirri to burn inside the pyre. Dany sees “the bloody corpse of a naked
man” bouncing and dragging “Behind a silver horse”. The corpse is the wineseller who tries to
poison Dany under the orders of Varys in Book and Season 1. When he’s caught, as punishment, he’s
dragged behind Dany’s horse until he dies .
Dany sees “A white lion” running “through grass taller than a man”. This one’s kinda obscure. In Book 1, Khal Drogo hunts for a hrakkar,
a “great white lion” that lives in the Dothraki Sea . Drogo succeeds, brings back
a dead lion , and makes a big cloak out of it for Dany to wear. The cloak makes Dany feel closer to Drogo
after his death . So this lion running in the vision is presumably that same lion. There is a different interpretation, though
– some people argue that Jaime is a Lannister lion and he wears the white cloak of a Kingsguard,
so maybe he also symbolically fits with this vision. “Beneath the Mother of Mountains, a line
of naked crones” creep “from a great lake and” kneel “shivering before [Daenerys],
their grey heads bowed”. These crones are the dosh khaleen of Vaes
Dothrak, the Dothraki city. In the show, Dany has already visited here
twice, but in the books she hasn’t made her second visit yet. There’ll surely be differences between the
show and book versions, but this vision sounds pretty similar to the show, with the Dothraki
kneeling before Daenerys. In her final vision, Dany sees “Ten thousand
slaves lift[ing] bloodstained hands as she race[s] by on her silver, riding like the
wind”, with the slaves crying “Mother!”. This is the scene from Book and Season 3 where
Dany is crowded by the freed slaves of Yunkai. In the vision they reach for her, touch her,
tug at her cloak, the hem of her skirt, wanting her fire her life and then Dany snaps out
of it and sees all the corpsy gross Undying warlocks swarming her , grabbing her, apparently
trying to kill her to take her power and her dragons , so Dany’s dragon Drogon kills
them all and burns down the House of the Undying – which may be the fire for death. But yeah those are the visions in the books,
but let’s also have a look at the visions in the show. In the show, Dany has three quick visions
in the House of the Undying – first, Dany sees the throne room in King’s Landing,
which appears to have been burned. The roof’s gone, and snow is falling onto
the Iron Throne. In the books, it may be Cersei’s wildfire
explosion that burns the Red Keep, though in the show the wildfire only burns the Sept
so, at least in the show, we might have a second burning, caused, perhaps, by Dany’s
dragons. Also we have this moment of Dany reaching
out to touch the Throne, but then leaving just before she grabs it – maybe hinting
that Dany might never quite take the Throne. Dany then sees the Wall, and it does seem
likely that Dany will go there some time – cause someone needs to destroy the white walkers’
army of the dead, and Dany’s dragons do seem the perfect weapon. Finally, Dany enters a tent, and sees her
love Drogo, and the son they never had, Rhaego. It’s a touching moment where Dany pauses
to reconnect with her past, but she soon moves on and faces the future. Her visions end, and she kills Pyat Pree with
fire, much like the books. So. What have we learned from all this? We’ve seen that visions and dreams in Thrones
can accurately predict the future – like this vision of the Red Wedding, and this one
of the slaves of Yunkai. But we’ve also seen that visions and prophecies
can be wrong – the prophecy of the stallion who mounts the world failed, and Rhaegar was
wrong about the prince that was promised, and this thing with the stone dragon seems
not to have happened. Even when they are true, visions and prophecies
can be so vague, and interpreted in so many ways, that they’re usually not helpful for
the characters of the story, in fact they can be harmful – would Mirri have killed
Rhaego if it weren’t for the prophecy of the stallion that mounts the world? Would Rhaegar have run off with Lyanna if
it weren’t for the prince that was promised? . Chasing after prophecies has caused all
sorts of madness and death – as one character puts it, “Prophecy will bite your prick
off every time”. But, “Still…”, there are some tantalising
hints here. It looks like love and fire and treason are
in Dany’s future, which could very well connect to Azor Ahai, maybe Jon Snow. As a slayer of lies, Dany may be an enemy
of Varys and his supposed Aegon Targaryen. And it seems likely that she’ll go to the
Wall to fight against the white walkers. And, if nothing else, it’s pretty cool to
get these glimpses of the past with Rhaegar and Elia and Aerys. So thanks for watching! This video topic was chosen by Patrons on
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