What are the symptoms of covid-19 or coronavirus?


  1. Hey can you please tell me body pain includes?
    I'm very tensed…. I have headache and body pain …. around my thighs and arms

  2. Scary part is that we don’t know if we have it or not. Idk if I have allergies or if I do have coronavirus. I’m paranoid about many things, but this virus right here is scaring me. Praying that no-one that reads this comment has to experience this virus.

  3. No insurance go to hospital if you can’t breathe. They will work something out. Sign up for free insurance through your state.

  4. I have found an incredibly simple treatment for the Coved-19 virus.  Use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine and dilute the distilled water with an anti-viral chemical.  This would create a direct delivery system to the lungs where the coronavirus enters the body and bloodstream. It's amazing that nothing has been posted online regarding this procedure.

  5. Huh, I'm 2 weeks sick with cold symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, mild coughing, mild headaches, above average body temperatures) and only today started feeling some pain in my upper chest and obviously I immediately though of this so now I have shortness of breath too… Though I really hope that's just the stress… Though I'm only 16 so statistically I should be fine…. probably…

  6. I have a tickle in my throat and my stomach is making noises. I hope I'm ok. I was out shopping yesterday at Walmart and Home Depot and didn't where a mask or wear any gloves. Now I'm worried since they said everyone is going to get it eventually…


    [ Initially like cold / flue. Shortly developed fever 98.5+, body aches, chills.]

    [ Then period of less than a day after feeling good, within 20 to 24 hours: fevers,
    severe fatigue, worsening cough and shortness of breath]

    1. Fever: Above 99.5 degree (low-grade fever, that gradually worsen)

    2. Headache: Direct to Forehead (not migrant)

    3. Cough: Dry Cough – Frequency (approximately) 20 minutes)

    4. Sneeze: Frequency (approximately) less than 10 minutes

    5. Trouble breathing: Shortness of breath

    6. Persistent pain: Chest Pain (pressure in the chest)

    7. Fatigue / Dizziness: New confusion or inability to arouse

    8. Bluish lips or face: (cyanosis equivalent)

  8. I believe some people actually caught Covid-19 from the testing sites. If you can breathe properly but still think you have it, just rest, drink lemon/turmeric/honey tea, and/or green tea, green smoothies w/blueberries spinach, blackberries and strawberries. Avoid soda… it weakens your immune system for a few hours. Lots of rest and proper nutrition builds it up!! Exercise to help keep your lungs strong(cardio). You can go for a bike ride, a job or run or run in place at home… jumping-jacks etc. Wear your mask when you leave your home. Wear gloves too. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face. When you go back home. Take off all your clothes and shower. Even wash your hair. I work in Newark and New York so I will be taking more days off this week. The numbers are high in those areas.

  9. Mom: just a cough
    Dad: just a cough
    School nurse: just a cough
    Google: GoodBye mY fRiEnd you have: cancer, heart disease, and pulmonary fibrosis.

  10. This virus is getting worse, the us government agency are working so hard to make sure everyone is safe ,for more update on how to cure the CORONA VIRUS, contact the federal government agency that you need to be check and treated Asap -(510) 335-3793

  11. After watching this I'm worrying that most people will not fully realise they're positive until it's 'too late' cause most of the early symptoms described here may be dismissed as just normal runny nose or headache (I thought originally it was sore throat and trouble breathing only) by average people who don't wish to waste the Hospital's time and resource

  12. First and most important symptom is that your butt is itching to get out for… whatever "highly important", like toilet paper. If you take care of this first symptom and you stay in the house, the other symptoms will rarely occur.

  13. In Seattle where the virus has been for 2 months…still waiting for the “surge” in deaths. Honestly I believe this is all a crazy hyped overreaction. We are destroying our world over this. More people will be hurt by the reaction than the virus. Look at the fine print, over 95% of those tested in Seattle are negative. Over 80% of the population will have mild symptoms. Highest at risk is elderly over 70 and medically fragile. That percentage isn’t worth this level of damage

  14. Last night I started hallucinating I could not move I couldn't breathe and I was freezing I'm scared because now I cant stop sneezing should I go to the hospital.

  15. I've had a lack of smell and taste for the past week, usually with a cold it resolves itself within a couple days for me.

  16. I didn't get exposed but after a few days, I suddenly got fever and sore throat, no runny nose. Then on a short period of time, my Fever was gone but now I'm coughing severely. I don't have headaches or any of the examples above but I'm coughing and my belly muscles are so hurt due to the constrictions

  17. I have a mild case. Fever never above 99. Barely any cough. One day of real noticeable symptoms slight fatigue and slight body aches was all.

  18. I am feeling like someone is sitting on my chest, not too heavy but i still i can feel it,,, my breathing is fine though , even i can hold a deep breath for 20 seconds.
    No fever no runny nose no headache

  19. I’ve had a severely runny nose for at least 3 weeks and it’s getting worse. I ruin at least 3 paper towels blowing it like 40 times a day- trying to ration them. Other than that and like a stress headache today I feel fine but honestly it’s getting worse. Strange times we live in

  20. Oil of oregano is amazing. It's a natural antibiotic and it also helps with allergies. I take it as prevention with vitamin C.

  21. I had to stop by the store yesterday with mask 😷 yesterday, also today to post office with social distance. I swear I had a very mild headache all day.hate this

  22. im having diarrhea and a little headache idk if i should contact the health center because i dont wanna make it a big deal but on the other hand i live with my mom who has graves disease and i dont want her to catch the virus im in a really bad position!!

  23. So where are the sick people? Why don't they show you pictures of all the dead? They sell the narrative but they never show you the carnage. Bullshit

  24. I had a fever and cough 3 days ago. now the fever has disappeared but dry cough is still present. Am I infected?

  25. I jusy have runny nose and a mild sore throat on my left side…I do believe that is not COVID_19…I am waiting for some time maybe..But I dont go outside since the schools are closed like from 13 March

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  27. I don't know if I have it. Everything has been very mild. Monday had a sore throat. Next day it was gone. Then had back soreness. Next day it was gone. Then had small mild pains near my heart area. That went away then had small warm chest sensation. That went away. Then had a dry throat. That went away. Now it's mild diarrhea. I can eat foods and keep it down. No fever no cough. I don't know if it's all in my head or what.

  28. This whole thing has me beyond paranoid. Plus, my wife has cancer. I just don't want to get it then potentially spread it to her. I already have a slightly sore throat and faint muscle aches. I can't tell if that is a side effect of taking echinacea and zinc so much these past few days or what but it is definitely freaking me out.

  29. i've had a mild fever and a cough for like a week, i got back from vacation in orlando two days after the donald declared a national emergency. i wonder if i have it.

  30. I was having a slight headache and my fever was going up while getting some chills in the meantime. I personally think 🤔 that am having a mild signs of COVID-19? Experts and blunt smokers what u think?

  31. Okay just because some people have the symptoms doesn’t mean they have it there’s other virus and the weather changes

  32. Hey guyss i got this itchy throat but i feel 200% normal i don't cough no fever feel normal like usual u guys think i have the covid plss answerr

  33. I would like to add subtitles in non English language to reach huge number of people using that language. Can you share permission for the same

  34. Umm I don’t know if I have it because my nose is really runny either allergies or Covid 19 because I’m allergic to dust mites

  35. Please tell if i had am corona virus
    My symptoms are :
    ° Flu
    °Cough that cause pain in Chest
    °And it been 1 week i had these symptoms
    Hoping a reply from you

  36. What if you start bleeding from the mouth? Is that something that could happen if you get the virus? Asking for a friend.

  37. Do you always get a fever with the cough, I have a cough and heavy chest for almost a week now, my doctor keeps telling me I have asthma but the asthma meds aren’t working they’re actually making me feel worse. I don’t have a fever.

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