Well-known eye-care practice moves to Fredericksburg

On this week’s edition we’re gonna
welcome a longtime local optometrist to the city of Fredericksburg, So we here
today with Dr. Angela Tsai-Robson at 2101 Carla D Silver Parkway which is the home
of Premier Eyecare which is a new optometrists location, new to the city of
Fredericksburg. And Angela’s the optometrist here and the owner of the
eye care. So I’m just tell us about your new facility here in Celebrate Virginia. So we
just moved in and opened officially on December 26. So we closed down our
location that was at 230 Butler Road and just moved over here. We left the old
location because we literally out through the space so we had about 3500
usable square feet. And now we are just shy 8,000 square feet. So we needed more parking spaces we needed more just exam lanes and everything so
moved over here built everything from ground up from the utilities parking
structure you know. So it’s a more modern facility also so we have a lot of new
equipment new technology that’s here. We have some of the most unique technology
that you can find naturally probably in Virginia as well. So we’re a full complete
eye practice. So we do all glasses, all contacts. We do specialty contact
lenses. We do a lot of ocular disease. So we also do early macular degeneration
testing, new early glaucoma testing. We can test actually for night vision. All
these people that have the post surgical cases they’re really hard to fit for
contact lenses we do that. And then we’ll specialize some visual therapy as well.
So any child that has any learning related visual issues, concussion issues,
traumatic brain injuries. We actually have a facility that actually works. I heard you give a little shout-out to
Chris Dario and Dario Construction that helps you build this beautiful
facility. So all right so now we’re here with Chris Dario who’s the president of
Dario Construction which was the general contractor that built this beautiful building.
So Chris just talk a little bit about what went into the construction of this
business. Well first of all this I’d like to say that the city of Fredericksburg
was a pleasure to work with on this project. We had a couple obstacles
on the front end and they were easy to work with we got those resolved and were
able to push forward. The building was a concept that came to Angela and Patrick
from their many years of experience in their in their industry and came to us
and we decided to allow the design to to sort of fit their function. It’s not
your typical layout for a doctor’s office. It fits their needs. It’s a
simple steel frame structure with an ethos exterior. They did use a lot of
high-end finishes on the retail side and implemented a lot of green initiative
items as far as flooring, rooftop solar panel systems that are in here. Car
charging stations that this facility will have. Doing their duty to try to go
green as much as possible. Well Chris you did a great job with it it’s great
to see the activity out here at Celebrate Virginia.
Well done and we look forward to seeing you the next project. So it looks great
we’re delighted that you’re in the city of Fredericksburg. So welcome to the city.
I’m just for some context it’s like right next to the sheets at Carl D
Silver and Fall Hill Avenue. So come check it out.
Premiere Eyecare, 2101 Carl D. Silver Parkway. So Angela, congratulations, thank you for
joining us. Thank You So that’ll do it for this week’s edition.
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