VLOG – I Got Strabismus / Lazy Eye Surgery! 7 Day Vlog

hello guys so as you guys can see by the
title of this video I decided to get my lazy eye surgery it’s actually called
store business surgery I don’t get it offended when people say lazy eye
because I use the word anyways I did a video talking about my lazy eye I’m
pretty open about it now and it’s just so freeing to be very open about it and
ever since that video I got a lot of people messaging me asking me if I ended
up going through the surgery right now I’m actually doing a technique to be
honest so that it’s not as noticeable and you kind of just learn those things
it’s kind of like someone that you know was born with something and they have to
figure out a way around it after a lot of thinking I did go to that second
doctor I was gonna go to in Toronto he was really good
completely different appointment you guys then what I experienced the first
time because it was like I can fix something but like you might not like it
and I’m just like my god was like instantly I know tomorrow morning I go
to get this thing done I’m very nervous it’s very hard for me not to get
emotional it gets me emotional because everyone
has something that they go through you know and other people might not know
that they go through a lot of people don’t even know that I have this until I
spoke about it some people recognized that I might have something I called it
an imperfection because of course it’s not like my right eye right some people
say it’s not a flaw it’s just something you were born with than it is it’s
something that I was born with it’s what makes me Stephanie Macedo it’s a part of
me it’s not a permanent fix it’s a lazy eye so what happens is it kind of has a
mind of its own and it will do what it wants to eventually but I’ve gotten it
twice when I was a baby and there’s just such a stigma around people that have
lazy eyes and it’s just so disgusting like what people like say about them and
I’m just like guys I’m the person just like everybody else
reason why I decided to fix it was mainly because of my job and what I do
you know there’s times were you know I do wish that they were both straight
when I’m taking you know a selfie that’s when it’s hardest or when I’m focusing
on the lens of the camera I’ve learned certain techniques and the
doctor was actually like that’s so crazy that you’ve that you’ve done these
techniques I’ve never heard anybody say that we all developed these things
because we have to get used to it so when I’m mainly focusing on the lens
I’ll actually show you guys right now cuz I don’t really care so you guys
couldn’t see right now I’m looking at the lens with my right eye straight and
my left eye is probably drifting and I can see right now most likely it’s going
inward so that’s what it does maybe was much much worse and the surgeries have
improved it so that’s the thing even with this being done it’s not a 100%
guarantee and I’m okay with that I’ve accepted that just made me feel really
confident about his plan and the way he was talking to me about it was very
calmly super confident and it just makes you feel secure about that decision if
you guys have you know a lazy eye your situations not gonna be the same as mine
and he’s not gonna do the same thing I have to be a super super early I have to
be there for 6:30 in Toronto so Amy’s gonna drive me there
yeah so I’m not gonna lie I’m a little bit nervous you guys I don’t know if you
guys ever watched that movie but like oh my god I’m just nervous that they like
the anaesthetic is not gonna work or something like I’m super nervous he’s
like you don’t sound like you’re excited I’m like I’m not and he’s like you
should be excited I’m like no cuz right now I’m in worry mode and when I’m in
worry mode I shut down like I left there fiddling like okay
I can do this like saw the bigger deal Amy actually gets to look at it with me
like I will be perfectly a wave and we’ll get to see the results and see how
everything is and then he adjusts it or if we say looks great then he stitches
it up and the stitching up part you guys I’m gonna be awake for yeah great it’s
just great I’m cool with the tugging no one in the right mind goes I wanna feel
you stitch my I am all up like nobody does that just wants to be over you guys
I just wanted to be over at this stage you kind of start to regret it like your
legs do I want to do this my heart is just like beating cuz like I’m a little
bit scared you know like who isn’t scared to go under the knife really it’s
just what I’m worried I’m a different person and I cannot see the end of it I
just I can’t like I just don’t want it to be like
excruciating he’s like you know it’s gonna feel like a bruise like I said you
bruised your arm do you have to like exercise it so the eyes like yeah I’m
going along with this guy my neighbor I can’t eat until I have the surgery done
so I will see you tomorrow morning and hope that I’m still alive all right guys
it is 549 and it got to be at the hospital for 6:30 this is driving me and
as you can tell I’m very like I don’t know I’m just kind of like shut down and
numb right now there’s like three hours before the surgery so I don’t really
know how this is going to go we’re just gonna kind of to take it as it is have
any and anything like I told you guys last night from 12 a.m. until now and I
still can’t eat until after the surgery oh and I don’t know how I’m gonna feel
when I wake up I’m probably gonna feel like really out of it sleepy I heard
that it affects everyone differently yeah yeah I read
on Twitter that some people don’t get like weird and I don’t know I have a
feeling I’m just gonna be like very like excellent my wisdom teeth out I was fine
I wasn’t saying anything crazy may never see those videos where people are
guaranteed I don’t think I’ve seen it at least Street yeah still great than
another day like a joke and yeah I’m gonna see what Amy can kind of catch for
me while this is all getting done or after it’s getting done like drugs are
you do you want me to make the clock colder hello this is a real life right
here this is day one after surgery what this is is an iced cloth so behind me I
have this like entire little kit over here the cotton pads are what clean up
my eye because at this stage it during the night it was some closing on me and
I’m glad I expected that because I did some research before you know it’s a
little bit gross but you get like all the liquid from inside the eye and
misdemeanor heal the eye and then it’s like if you guys have ever had pinkeye
oh I didn’t really sleep last night to be honest with you now I don’t have been
dumbing drops to my eye and I’m actually surprised that they didn’t give us
nothing drops I have these drops that I have to do four times a day or an
antibiotic to not infect the eye and that helps with the redness as well so
I’ll remove it so I can show you guys so you I’m in the corner here because
that’s where you touch the most if I lower this down it’s very very red to it
and my face is really bruised over here you guys yesterday me was like your face
is huge nobody else like nobody else was reacting the way that I was reacting
like the anesthetic oh my god you guys like nobody else was as drowsies me and
my dad was saying some people just handle it differently I was so out of it
for the longest time that’s why I didn’t vlog yesterday I was like I can’t I just
as I was walking I was feeling very late tipsy almost I was so funny the nurses bye
the way I have to say amazing like amazing
I’m gonna bring them a box of dosh okay ja Samantha because that’s a Portuguese
dessert by the way sorry I’m talking as if like all of you know what key
shoppers are so funny my family dog tries mention them and then this one
mentioned them in they’re not Portuguese and he’s like no not that after 12 a.m.
I was like I don’t even like knowledge I don’t like knowledge at all it’s not
my thing but I’m gonna bring him a box and I have to go Monday to check um
check with him but overall everything went okay the anesthetic went okay I
don’t remember any of that so right now I’m just kind of like I see it this is
what it looked like right now today you guys um it’s just tight if I move it
it’s just sore he described it perfectly it’s like a bruise on your arm or
something I just have to rest up right now and I will check up with you guys
tomorrow but he was very very happy with everything so I’m really glad about that
I have my water over here so super important to stay hydrated for those of
you who are thinking of getting this kind of done mmm my throat is still very
very weird because of the breathing tube that they put when they put me down it’s
just acting so weird and then inside it’s just ice water and then it has the
I wash my hands too very important to always wash your hands because again
it’s gonna go in your eye and then these cloths are just kind of folded inside of
there and another important tip that the doctor told me is to always have like
double pillows while while you’re sleeping because it keeps you elevated
and it will bring down the swelling the first night I forgot to do this and last
night I did it and I woke up a lot less swollen so it did work so this is what I
look like today sorry my throat was very dry right now
that’s how the eye looks today still very right on the corner and if I pull
this down it’s right over there – like very swollen on this side still yeah by
the way I just finished washing I wash my hair I’m very very out of it right
now you guys like I have very little energy I’ve been taking the tunnel – I
can also make a fever go down – and this side of my face was so hot that’s such a
bad night you guys – no matter how much I used to I put on top of it it was just
very very hot and you can just see like that I just looks like I wants to close
the reason why it’s very closed from the ends of the
because this is mostly where I was operated I was barely cooperated on the
death side so that’s why it looks much better in the in our corner over there
let me tell you I did a ton of research I watched plenty people specifically
this one girl that got it done and her experience was clearly very different
than what I’m going through he had a bunch of surgeries throughout the day
and I was the first one the first thing he said was each and every one of you
got the same surgery done but each and every one of you have a completely
different scenario I haven’t taken another tunnel to
because if I do guys all just me I’ll just be gone said the more you get this
surgery done the worst your body is going to take it I don’t know that’s
just when he told me from day one he’s like you’ve already had this done
twice very scary for my parents obviously like you know their little 1
year olds got this operation done it’s still out of it but the lady in front of
me shocked the hell out of me she had like more energy than a normal
person that was not getting surgery I don’t know what like I don’t know maybe
this is her first time and I’m the one that’s supposed to be you know having
like that the most healing time because I was the one who went first came out
first guys I was like the weakest out of all of them she comes she sits down like
20 minutes after do you think I can get my um my Chi foam from the locker I look
at Amy and I’m like I’m gonna half dying over here like what am I missing
something and then 20 minutes after that you think I can really like have a
coffee and I’m just like this I’m like so out of it this is the
anesthesiologist that’s how you say it damn if I could say that I’m pretty
sharp said my dad wakes up too early it doesn’t really work on him stops my fear
you guys all’s my biggest biggest fear so I think by telling him that I think
he gave me a little bit more a name is like you probably should have just kept
your mouth shut I’m like I papa as you guys know no surgery’s forever if
you get your chest done that’s not forever
you always hear how you have to get retouched redone could really noticed it
when I started doing YouTube and like my Instagram in fashion a lot more because
obviously I’m taking photos to the two-month recovery time this takes two
months for you to see the results it’s also hard to see the result once your
eye is so swollen like this and if there’s so much red and by the way I had
my mom today I went out today my mom took me
for a drive I just needed to get out I’m not that relaxed resting kind of girl I
hate taking breaks I hate resting if I look over here like right now it’s a
little bit sore oh yeah okay and then if I look this way
it’s a tad bit sore but not nearly as much as this when you move the eye ball
around you just feel like a pull back like a little bit of a tightness that’s
all it feels like last thing you want right now is shampoo or conditioner in
your eyeball I just like tilted my head backwards and I grabbed like the
showerhead and I was slowly going over it I really didn’t feel like vlogging
this morning because I was in a little bit of pain like a little bit of
soreness cuz all night you can’t ice your eye the first day after surgery
that’s gonna be the worst part you’re gonna pass through I see him tomorrow
he’s gonna see how everything is and then I can actually tell you guys what
he says how he feels it is the room looked just like a scene from Grey’s
Anatomy you guys first Amy came to my mind because she loves Grey’s Anatomy
and I was like I have to tell Amy I hope I remember they make you feel super like
comfortable right before everything happens they’re like let’s make her
happy before we put her down and I kind of just woke up randomly back in the
first room that I ended up in and yeah and the anesthesia didn’t do that weird
thing where I was saying like a bunch of funky things you guys like they called
her back in she came to sit next to me I was so like so good to see her because
you know you just went through something you just want to see a familiar face and
it’s like almost emotional but you can’t you know you can’t cry I mean yesterday
I was very emotional because by the way you guys I’m going through like my PMDD
right while this is happening but I’ve been strong everything has been fine so
it’s okay you know us women were so strong and we make it through so many
different things Brown like three four o’clock he comes to check up on me and
he’s like okay we’re ready to stitch you up now they used like a metal clip to
open up my ionely on the left and then they but they did put numbing drops on
both of them because they want both of them to react the same and that part you
guys you cannot feel it don’t even be afraid of that part that’s like the
least of your worries he also said you might feel a little bit of like an
itching or something in your eye that’s just the stitch unfortunately the
redness takes about six weeks to go away it’s actually the first day that I can
be without the icing my faith and like physically like look
around and be comfortable enough to look around yesterday was way too soon to do
that by today has not been that bad to be honest just a little bit of soreness
and I hope that all these details are kind of helping you guys out yeah so I’m
gonna see him tomorrow I’m really excited about that because I just kind
of wanted to hear some feedback here’s something good so I’m gonna rest right
now and I will keep you guys updated tomorrow today is day three my voice is
still like the weirdest thing I don’t know I’m gonna be wearing my glasses cuz
that’s extremely important but I’m gonna show you guys so this is my eye today as
you guys can see it’s mostly red on the outer side again and then if I open it
up it’s still red at the bottom saw the doctor today he was very happy with
everything telling me to like look side by side up and down and then I got like
the biggest headache oh my god but I took I feel look with y’all I works
amazing for me um last night I slept much better I will say my I did really
close again I just recommend cleaning the eye before you go to bed and then in
the morning and that kind of like takes down the whole like closing up I kind of
happening my face is back to normal like with the swelling will be here by my
cheeks thank God but my I like my lid is still swollen obviously cuz the muscle I
want him but not as you guys and he was so he’s like oh my god I was not
expecting this you didn’t have to do that and can I share that with everybody
and I was like yeah sure the whole box if everybody just wanted to do something
nice for him because I really liked him asked me if I was having any double
vision I don’t know if I mentioned that you guys but I’m not having any double
vision he kind of gave me I’m 1 percent chance of me getting the double vision
before thank God I have not experienced any double vision cuz I don’t think I
can handle anything else that’s been mainly challenging for me to like relax
and kind of take it easy when I’m normally up and going and getting out
and don’t feel normal as of yet going out so I’m hoping by the end of the week
I’ll feel better this was the first morning I woke up and I was like okay
like I can okay I think this is this is pretty normal this reminds me of my
normal kind of morning shell of course a little bit like tender if I look place
it side to side but not nearly as I’m comfortable I can actually feel the
eyeball going side to side now it’s a little bit
more loose a little tiny less tight and so today it takes about like those good
three days I made my own vanilla iced coffee that can tell my lake attitude
today’s a little bit more you know he said you don’t have to do the icing
anymore it’s going to make you feel comfortable but let me tell you a cloth
in that ice water gonna be your best friend I mean I was watching a movie I
watched precious and what a sad movie but yeah I guess I’m like running out of
things to watch you guys I think I’ve watched the entire like catalog of
Netflix I swear in today’s the day that I can actually take in what I’ve done
and I am excited and happy about it I’m like just may give yourself that room to
accept that it might not be hundred percent even six months from now a year
from now if it is glee if it’s not that’s just life and that’s just nature
and that’s just our human body sometimes and I’m just glad that I’m at a place
where I’m comfortable enough with that going forward and I’m just really proud
of myself I’m like I don’t want to get emotional cuz you cannot cry with this
to guys I just I’m too scared to cry with my eyes like this tomorrow it’s
gonna be an even better day I will see my beautiful baby tomorrow
nice assess been my recovery Powell over here say hi mommy
see I’ve been taking care of her oh here we go
you got gotta be careful guys when you have an Aries dog because they’re just
the latakia guys today is day four after surgery my eye for some reason just
feels more closed today but I feel more normal today than yesterday okay Ben we
get it we get it like we totally get it uh Ben I’m the star of the show so Dave
for I’m waiting for my mom currently right now – yeah no I’m oh yeah yeah
yeah no I’m okay I’m good yes like hey you do you feel like going out cuz I
need to get into this house okay oh okay paws in the air claws in the air alright
yeah no no we’re not scratching the eye okay guys I can’t with this guy like can
you guys deal with him I can I’ve been barking out like people
dropping off packages like all day and he attacks people at the door you guys
yeah good boy so as you guys can see it’s like really small compared to this
one I’ll show you guys okay Ben I am trying to show my babes my eye so that’s
how it looks today you guys it’s a little bit like yellow inside cuz like
the mucus and stuff I know it’s gross it’s such a beautiful word right mucus
but anyways it’s like right inside still obviously it’s gonna like take a while guys I can’t believe this guy’s in my
frame right now Bently please I need you guys to see what he looks like right now
guys I have so many packages back there that I have to open up this not even
funny we’re gonna go grab like a booster juice or something I just need to like
get out and feel like a normal human being because I can’t be a hermit for
like the longest time I just can’t do it actually my voice my throat is really
good today while I’m kind of off a little bit I’m
gonna update my website cuz I have a lot of work to do one there and I just have
to do a few voiceovers and my New York vlog and then I will have that up for
you guys it’s probably gonna be up course by the time this is up so make
sure you guys to go check out my New York vlog it’s like a birthday in New
York flog you guys are kind of stumbling on this video and you’re brand new to my
channel welcome and if you want to subscribe make sure you guys hit the
subscribe button and if you guys are my continuous babes thank you guys so much
for all of your support all the love that you guys have been giving me on IG
wishing me a good recovery thank you guys so much you’re so super sweet if
you guys do not follow me on IG it is a step to misstate oh I will put it right
here for you guys I want my eyes to heal so I can like start wearing makeup and
stuff I’ve been avoiding facial creams and I’ve just been missing my skin
routines so bad you guys actually MOS gonna be day five it’s almost gonna be a
week so by Friday that’s gonna be day seven which is awesome Thursday Friday
I’ll try to drive see if I can go out with my friend closer to the end of the
week I have a ton of PR packages that I want to open some gonna do like a PR
unboxing and you guys said you wanted to see that so I’m gonna be doing that
that’s what it looks like you guys super cute right
super cute I’m doing well and every single day
getting better and better so I will I guess see you guys tomorrow this is my
first time making a breakfast moment for myself today I really felt like kind of
cooking for the first time since my surgery it’s gonna be a wedding a day
either on my channel or coming up hello babes it is day 6 today I didn’t
really blog yesterday day 5 I showed you guys my breakfast obviously but there
was nothing really interesting and I kind of figured that day 5 would be
almost the same as day 6 and I think yesterday it was like the day I felt
super like the most kind of back to normal today I feel even more and every
day it just keeps getting more and more as you guys can see I’m driving I’m
about to go pick up my friend I told her like nothing crazy I think like Gorna
the ball is still a little bit too much for me because but yesterday I got to do
a lot of work so yeah I don’t think I really logged because I got super
excited that I was like back to normal I finished editing my New York vlog that
vlog is now off on my channel so make sure you guys go watch it there’s a red
red light right now so I’ll be able to stop and show you guys some looks today
it’s still a little bit swollen I just came back from breakfast with my dad
every 4 hours I still have to do the drops the antibiotic that has the
cortisone inside of it and everything this week and then three times next week
and then I stopped after next week I can’t wait just gonna head to Starbucks
I’m gonna get my drink of course tomorrow is gonna be a one-week mark
keep you guys posted tomorrow I’m all cozied up right now it is yes it’s ready
I got Friday and it’s about like 10:30 right now so yesterday I had a blast
with my friend we actually had Afghan food I went to Kaurava it was called
super good we had like spicy tandoori chicken a little loved it it just loved
it I got a green tea latte but then after we able went back and guys I have
a new drink I have any drink that I’m obsessed with I’ll probably bring it up
in like my next vlog I actually just made one right now at home it’s kind of
similar to the clouds that they have now I always get like the lowest calorie
drink I don’t want to drink a bunch of sugar let me know down below if you guys
want to see a video where you my low-calorie like Starbucks kind
of alternatives I make it home and there’s a lot going on around me and
there’s a lot of people and so I thought that tends to give me a little more of a
headache too so Starbucks was kind of busy and it’s just there’s a lot of
things going on I was ok but like I could feel a strain on the eye while I
was like talking to her and like seeing around everything that’s going on and
goes just the combination of the computer being out I was out with my dad
in the morning like for breakfast so I was over from like early morning and
then I came back with her I like eat something nine something but guys at
night I think I see it Oh too late I think I pushed myself too much when I
went to bed and I got home I was super tired of my I was to Sue’s awesome well
God but like for something final o’clock guys I had a sharp pain I kind of like
freaked out a little bit and like okay let’s go downstairs grab some ice I did
like my little ice little bucket thing I was being Severn I’m the one I want to
push things as far as they can go and something was telling me after we were
done eating like you should just go home after this but I just kept going that’s
a lesson like you have to know your limit you have to listen to your body
and I wasn’t listening to my body and I was like let me like open the lamp check
my eye make sure everything is normal my I actually looked better it looked like
it was less red a little bit less puffy and I was like okay it must have been
you just being out took two out of her liquid gels and it was still hurting
because obviously it takes time for the posa start working with way worse pain
then after the surgery so guys if you are going to get this done take your
time I’d feel like what y’all started kicking in they were amazing like
amazing I guess I fell asleep I remember waking up and being like oh my god is
the pain gonna be there and my eye was shut so it actually closed I just
cleaned it and washed it as I normally do and I opened it up and there was top
pain it is a lot less like red if amy and just came over for breakfast yeah I
did my nails guys went twisted my nails this is
Oh pile of us in the barrack and then I went to Toronto Premium Outlets with my
mom we just stopped her michael kors got there and I was like mom I’m sorry we
drove all the way over here but I don’t know if you want to look into any other
stores except Michael Kors but I’m ready to go home like my eye is tired you know
me I can’t stop like we don’t stop guys but you can’t just run like that and I’m
like why doesn’t my eye hurt no car I took two out of the liquid gels because
my eye was starting to hurt the key is when there’s a lot of things going on a
lot of commotion and there’s lots of people always less the noise there’s a
lot of things to look at a lot of visuals that’s when I notice like
yesterday that’s when I got that pain today when there was so much going on
and being out all day this is day seven you guys day seven so I got my surgery
last Friday and this is Friday completely different person from the
first day as you guys can see if you guys like for one to the beginning I
think I’m gonna end it here feel like I am at a point where I just have to like
just swelling us to go away in the redness well like I said the redness is
gonna take forever so for those of you who are thinking of getting this done do
not only get one doctor’s opinion the specialist in strabismus that’s what I
would say and the third one that I went to was the one that I picked number two
I don’t want to forget your Dory memory is the horrible be confident to be
honest with you with your lazy eye because I will say if you don’t have any
confidence with it you’re only going to make life harder for yourself like if
let’s just say you hate it yeah it’s not perfect you know and if you don’t fix it
it will never be perfect and even if you fix it it still might not be perfect and
that is the key that I really want to drill in because I am okay if this thing
doesn’t end up perfect I’ve done what I could
this is me and I truly believe that life ends up in your hands the way it’s
supposed to be and we’re like it’ll be better but will it be a hundred percent
I don’t know yes it’s totally fine too do it for yourself to make a change
that’s what I did obviously it is a part of you it’s not going anywhere even with
this it’s going to expire eventually and what am I gonna do it again
I don’t know and it’s only going to make your life easier it’s only gonna make
you as a whole more confident it’s gonna just make you more happier because you
can’t keep using it as this thing that pulls you down and I get it it’s hard
people get bullied for something like this and how I handled this situation
how I reacted to this situation can be different than you it was just my
overall I wanted to share how I kind of went through this what I went through
the healing day-by-day how it was for a week
I feel like next week is gonna be more of a breeze I’m definitely glad that I
did it super glad that I did it I’m excited for my results but it looks
really great from what I can see and he’s super happy with it you can’t
really see the results right now it’s not fair because my eye is like a
swollen it’s so funny when I look at the lens
I don’t before I felt a pulling feeling now when I focus guys I don’t feel this
uncomfortable feeling it is so cool it is so cool so weird to even see and feel
like when I’m looking at the lens I’m not uncomfortable anymore it is so crazy
and so if you’re worried about pain and tighten all works for you it will take
it away if I will works for you it will take it away so don’t worry about the
pain to be honest my family has been extremely supportive extremely caring
and just taking care of everything that I need I hope this is very informative
for all of you guys but are thinking of getting this done for those of you who
are just curious about my situation if you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to give
it a big thumbs up on this video and don’t forget to subscribe and click the
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oh thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful waves
in my next videos


  1. You are so cute with or without the surgery , your beautiful personality outshines any kind of beauty ❤️
    Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙏🏽

  2. So happy that everything went well! So proud of how tough you are Stephy!! Love you and I hope you’re recovering well 💛😘

  3. I'm so proud and happy for you! My right eye is also lazy, it's not really noticeable unless I'm really tired, but it does bother at me times. I love how open you've been about it. You were beautiful before and your beautiful now! I hope you heal quick 😊

  4. Omg you look soooo gooood so far girl!!!! Woo hoo awesome!!!! It doesn’t even look like you had a “lazy eye”

  5. had this surgery when i was 1 year old too! it’s not as bad, feel like it’s more noticeable when i wear my contacts. feel better! 💜

  6. I know that same feeling when your wanting to change something but lowkey don’t want to because you want to love yourself the way you have always been without changing. I love how you brought up that it’s okay to change and still love yourself with that change. The new you that YOU want to be is the better you no matter what others think or have to say. I love you steph!!💕 so glad you’re feeling better.

  7. You are so brave! Hope u continue healing well!
    Ps. Ben seems like the best emotional support dog ever 12/12 for ben

  8. You’re so cute! I’m so glad the surgery went well and you decided on the option that you believe will be best for you 💙
    Also yes to the Starbucks drinks!!


  10. Oh and I'm obsessed with Ben.. He felt your pain and wanted to make it better ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Heal fast steph 😍 ❤❤❤❤❤you are so strong ❤❤ and you inspired me to go get my surgery done! I have been delaying it since like forever!!

  12. I can’t believe how much I can relate to you I truly love your channel and how you’re open about this situation😘I have gotten surgery only one time I will be seeing a doctor soon for another appointment for surgery #2 I really hope everything goes good !! You’re really beautiful 😘😘😘

  13. I know its very personal to share but thank you for sharing your journey,It is really useful to so many people…
    Hope you have speedy recovery ❤️❤️❤️

  14. I adore you! Thank you for being so brave and putting yourself out there like this! I wish you the great recovery. ❤️😘

  15. Thanks so much for posting this, girl! Very informative. I'm actually getting surgery soon, too. I am wondering if you could explain more about what it was like to get put to sleep? This is the part that freaks me out!! Like, what does it feel like? How do they do it? What does it feel like when they put the stuff in, like do you get sleepy or is more like wide awake to instantly out? Could you have stayed awake if you would have tried or is it impossible? Haha. Basically whatever you remember about that part would be helpful. Thanks so much!

  16. I have had two surgeries for my lazy eye. I resonated so much with what you said. Hope you are healing well – thanks for sharing this!

  17. I had that in both eyes when I was younger. My eye goes lazy every so often now still but way better. Im ver self conscious about it.

  18. I don't know if you will see this but thank you! I had it all my life as well and it was a struggle. These past few years it has effected me more because it started showing more and even while working, I know that some customers noticed it and some have made comments and it hurts. I really hope I can that surgery to not only make me more confident but better my life.Thank you for talking about it in your video about this and thank you for sharing this journey with us!

  19. fellow lazy eyed sister here 🙋🏼‍♀️ had the same surgery when i was 3. followed by getting drops in my eye everyday, having to wear a patch on it all day for a year or so, and also eye exercises on the computer. i feel your pain girl.

  20. Just wanna let you know it was really amazing and strong of you to show this to the world. I hope you're still healing well.

  21. Stephhhhh omg you are so strong! Girl!! You’re my motivation! I have to go for a few different surgeries this summer & you’ve given so much motivation & im only 10 mins I your video! Do that ish bish!! Lol

  22. I got mine done and Im on my 3rd day post op. Wishing for a smooth recovery. I def was not like the lady who wanted her phone. Everyone is different. Hope to see more vids how you been doing.

  23. Awww honey I am happy you are recovering well. Feel better soon, take it easy mama. Try to rest and relax. Love you 🥰🤗😘🌺❤️

  24. I have had lazy eye my whole life, it sucked getting my pictures done in elementary school and being made fun of. Now that I'm older it has got a little better but never goes away and you still notice it in pictures. This video is such an inspiration! Thank you for being so transparent and honest. Love you!♥️

  25. I don't have that problem but I do have someone very close to me and I remember growing up with her she would always get picked on and finally that she's older she decided to get a surgery and it was a huge change for her and now for me over the years my nose started to have a bump and every time I go out I feel so uncomfortable and unsecured about my nose and I'm planning to get a nose job

  26. I’m so happy you’re recovering so well 💕. Pleaseee tell me where’s your brown/gray/nude teddy jacket from 😍, it’s sooo pretty!

  27. I got the same thing as you! And i got it two days ago my eye is getting better! I hope your eye will get better!!

  28. I hope you have a speedy recovery ❤️🤗your dog is so adorable he reminds me of my son he’s 1 n I swear he acts the same way 🤣🤣🤣 everything is about them

  29. I’m going to have this surgery tomorrow and the day after that im getting “confirmed” or what it’s called that christian thing.

  30. I had my eye surgery back in October 2018 and I think my dr overcorrected my eye. Before surgery my eye was inward but now it is sort of outward slightly. So my dr told me to come back in year and we would make a decision to see if I wanted to have the surgery again. I feel really comfortable with my dr. He is amazing, he is very hands on and always asks how I'm feeling. When I went for my last check up he checked my eyes and he said tht we could go back and correct it but it's such alittle fix but he said tht it would be up to me. I'm still at a crossroads on whether to have the surgery. I just hate surgery. Blah… Recovery wasn't too bad but I had to be out for two weeks frm work cus I felt alittle tipsy after one week. I know I slept alot. I know it took me a good month or more to be able to be out at the mall or in crowded places. Your eye looks amazing!!! I feel so happy tht I'm not the only one with this issue. Sometimes you can feel so alone but seeing these videos makes me feel better. Thanx for posting abt ur story.

  31. You are very inspirational I have it also I’m very insecure about it hope I’m able to get the surgery

  32. I'm going for it in about 2 weeks! I'm nervous (I'm sure everyone is nervous before an operation) is there anything to be nervous about/would you have any advice for it? I heard what you said about getting multiple doctors opinions and now I'm low key like 'Ah shit I'm going to die' lol. I should be fine, the surgeon I have specialises in Strabismus and is on a European Board for Opthamologists (eye surgeons), so he must be good.. I hope D=

  33. Today I have my squint eye surgery n I was so nervous about it.. then I found ur video this is truly a inspirational video 😃

  34. I've had a lazy eye since I was 6 years old… I want to get surgery but I am so scared. This video really helps me feel better about it

  35. I’m having the surgery in 14 days and I’m nervous but watching your video helps me and I had it when I was two I had two muscles cut in each eye and now I am 11 and it’s my left eye that keeps crossing and I’m going to get two muscles cut.thanks for motivating me

  36. Hello, you’re so beautiful 😍
    I have the same problem…is there any chance ? I’m depressed and i need hope.. I couldn’t look at anyone’s eyes ever 😟

  37. I’m getting this surgery on the 15th of July. I’m so nervous but this video has made me feel so much better xxx

  38. I'm having this surgery in less than 48 hours and your video made me feel so much better. This is also my third strabismus surgery (once as a baby, and once in 2008) but this is my first time with adjustable sutures and I was SO nervous about it until I watched your video. Thank you for being so open and willing to share your story.

  39. I have had 7 surgery’s for my lazy eye and am having my 8th surgery soon I love having someone that is the same as me!

  40. im going to have a surgery soon. this is going to be my second surgery. at first my eyes weren't even noticeable but after my first surgery my pupil was almost half behind my eye. this made my confidence level go down. now im having my surgery in America and am scared about the fact that what if it went wrong again.

  41. Thanks for sharing your video! My 4 yr old daughter is currently seeing a specialist and he decided she needs eye surgery, due to her right eye drifting outward, mainly when shes sleepy or just waking up. I've been so worried I havent scheduled her surgery just yet. I'm doing my research first and watching videos before I make that decision, but watching ur video has helped alot, I've had sleepless nights and crying worried how her surgery will go she my baby and it's hard to not worry, 🙁 but I think its what's best for her so I'm probably going to call him up and go ahead and schedule that surgery. Btw you are beautiful even before the eye surgery, and ur dog is the cutest❤ new subscriber here🖐

  42. i got the surgery when i was 3 i'm 13 now and got it yesterday it doesn't hurt anymore it's just uncomfortable from the stitches

  43. Me too i was so tired & sleepy after this pain i just hope it lasts like 8-10 yrs i dont wana have to do this every 4 years or so it hurts. The 3rd day is what brought me here the eye closing scared me & i have alot of mucus today.

  44. I had lazy eye when I was four and after montages I started being able to control it so now when I want I can make one eye go up and the other down,I’m pretty popular at school,I also was born without cartilage in my nose so I can fold it inward,I don’t remember the surgery bit it nice to know I wasn’t alone😊

  45. I was born with severe Exotropic strabismus and I am now 15 and getting my surgery. I'm really nervous. Any tips?

  46. Im 15 and have only had one surgery. It helped but it still wonks away when I’m tired. I might get a second surgery one day maybe. This video made me feel more confident.

  47. Thank you so much for talking about this,i love you. 👏 It's hard for me because I'm studying law so I need to look at people directly when I speak to them, most times I run or duck camera's when someone is taking a full body photo of me. 😭🤗 But I love selfies because I trust myself to get my good side.
    Mine is my right eye and it goes outward, my family is not understanding of it until recently my mum is trying.

  48. Hey! Thanks for the video. I am going to have this surgery soon, your video heloed alot. Can you please share your latest thoughts post the surgery?

  49. I got a weak eye am 35 now and my eye just seems to sit in the right now it’s got really bad as am older it’s really affecting me now as am older and it’s getting worse

  50. Hi prima! I'm having the same surgery, on my left eye next month in October for the 6th time and I'm nervous. The last time was in 1988. Omg, I'm terrified. Miss you, and so very proud of you!

  51. Hi how is you eye now? I am also planning to dothe surgery i have mild squint on my right eye. How was the reocvery period? And has you eye improved? Thanks

  52. Going through same thing! I hope luck to all with this conditon! It is hard sometimes, because many people call me zombie but I'm sure everyone in this comment section will have good luck, eye condition or not. Tysm! 💕💛💚💙💜

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