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SCOTT: By now, there have been many
channels that’ve made videos about the origin and
history of The Vision, but there’s one thing about
him that is pretty confusing, and I want to talk about it
in a little bit more detail. It’s fairly common
knowledge that Vision’s body was made from either the
original Human Torch, or a copy of the original
Human Torch, or something. The whole story is really
just a complete mess, so let’s try to clear things up today. [MUSIC] Welcome to Comic
Misconceptions, I’m Scott, and we’re down to our last
video for Avengers Month, even though it carried
over to the next month. There have been a lot of
things that I wanted to explore with the character of The Vision, including the philosophical ramifications of learning that even an android can cry, but we’ll save that one for another video. Let’s talk instead about the
somewhat convoluted origin of the character, specifically in regards to where his physical body came from. As always, I’m going to
skip over a lot of things regarding the character and just link up Arris’s video on the history of Vision because he did a great job yet again, and there’d be no point in me going over the same information. So, you can go watch that if you want a general
overview of the character. Now, allow me to cut everything down to just the info you need
for this specific video. Vision is an android or a synthezoid as he’s also been called before. He was created by Roy Thomas,
Stan Lee, and Steve Buscema, but in the comics he
was created by Ultron. How he was created has changed
a few times over the years. In his first appearance
in Avengers #57 from 1968, Vision’s origin was kept pretty vague. The only thing we knew
was that he was created in some capacity by Ultron, but Ultron didn’t want Vision
to know much more than that. The story of where his
physical body came from was in the works for awhile. It was supposed to be the body
of the original Human Torch. This character is not
the one that you know from the Fantastic Four but
rather a Golden Age Marvel hero who was himself an android and debuted in Marvel Comics #1 from 1939. Man, we’ve been talking a lot about Golden Age heroes lately. Human Torch was created by
Professor Phineas T. Horton and had just one minor flaw. When exposed to oxygen, the
android would burst into flames. Luckily, he learned to control this fire and became one of Marvel’s
first superheroes. And if we’ve seen anything
over the past few episodes, it’s that Marvel really loves
to find ways to link up heroes from the Golden Age
into modern continuity, and that’s where this story
comes into play that we can see told for the first time
in Avengers #133-135. Long story short, Human Torch was dying and went out into the desert where he could go Nova
without harming anyone. A little over a decade
later, his body was found by a villain known as the Mad Thinker. He was brought back to life
in Fantastic Four Annual #4 where he fought the Fantastic
Four, only to die yet again. Mad Thinker later gave Human
Torch’s lifeless body to Ultron who explained that he
wanted to have a son. But he couldn’t fix Human Torch, however, so he kidnapped Torch’s
creator, Professor Horton, and gently coerced him to fix the android. They even gave him a new face so that he would live a new life. But Ultron wanted to make his
new face scarlet as a joke so that he could remember
the android’s heritage as Human Torch, while the android itself would remain completely
ignorant to it all. When the android was
finished, he was turned on only to reveal that he still remembered that he used to be Human Torch. As it turns out, Professor
Horton had made sure to keep his original memories intact because he wouldn’t be
able to forgive himself if he erased Human Torch’s soul. Ultron kills Horton and this new android then uploads the brain patterns of another Marvel
character called Wonder Man to the brain of the android
and turns him on once more. This time, he’s just
what Ultron envisioned. Pun. But yeah, this is when the android would go over and attack the Avengers, receive the name Vision by Wasp, and then betray Ultron, saving the day, and becoming an Avenger himself. But if you think that’s
the end of the story, then you are mistaken, my friends. That would be way too easy. This is comics. We have to make it way
more complicated than that. West Coast Avengers brings this idea of Vision as the original
Human Torch into question. When Vision is captured and
dismantled by the government after he tried to rule the
world through every computer, you know how that happens sometimes, we find out that Professor
Horton is still alive. But that’s not the only
twist in the story. In fact, Horton doesn’t
even recognize Vision even though he supposedly
helped create him. In issue #50, the story gets
a little bit more interesting. They go to Human Torch’s grave where Vision phases underground to find that his android body
is indeed buried there. Scarlet Witch even uses her powers to raise him from the dead,
then he and Vision shake hands, showing that the are in
fact two separate bodies. So then what the poop, where
did his body come from? Ten years later in Avengers Forever #8, it was finally explained even further. And at the center of it all
is a guy named Immortus, who is simply another incarnation
of Kang the Conqueror, about whom we discussed
in the Stan Lee episode from a few weeks back. So you know something
with alternate timelines is about to go down, and it’s
about to get overly complex. You ready? The original Human Torch was still used by the Mad Thinker against
the Fantastic Four. When he died again after
that fight, it’s believed that Immortus used his
mental manipulation abilities to secretly influence the Fantastic Four to just leave his body there in the lab where Ultron would eventually find him. But before Ultron would come along, Immortus used a powerful object
known as the Forever Crystal which has incredible power over time, to split the timestream
but keep both Human Torches in the same timestream, thus creating a duplicate android body. Ultron would take one
and use it to make Vision and the other would be buried
as the dead Human Torch whom Scarlet Witch would resurrect later. It was even explained in an earlier comic, Avengers West Coast #61 to be exact, that Immortus has been planning
all of this from the start. He showed Vision his
origin as the Human Torch so that he would feel secure
enough in himself and his past to be free and ask Scarlet
Witch to marry him. Heck, Immortus even
officiated their wedding! He would go on to influence Vision to take over the world’s computers and then turn around and
influence the governments of the world to capture
him and dismantle him so that he would be rebuilt
as an emotionless machine. It even explains why Professor Horton didn’t recognize the disassembled Vision as one of his own creations. Basically, that Professor Horton was really just an
impostor sent by Immortus. He even laid out the
breadcrumbs for the Avengers to revive the original
Human Torch from his grave. But why, why go through
all of this trouble? Well, he simply wanted to
destabilize Scarlet Witch by making her start to believe
her entire world to be a lie. The resulting trauma she suffered would make her power
levels go off the charts. Immortus would be able
to use Scarlet Witch and her extreme level
of power as his own tool to alter the probabilities
of all possible timelines and protect them from harm and
control them under his rule. Immortus was doing all of this for what he believed was the greater good, the highest purpose in life. So, if he had to mess with the Vision to get to Scarlet Witch,
to him it was worth it. As far as retcons go,
this one is pretty sloppy. However, I think it would
have been pretty neat to have had Vision’s
origin in Age of Ultron somehow link back to the Human Torch whose body we see here at the Stark Expo in Captain America: The First Avenger. That would have been neat. What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of Vision as the Golden Age Human Torch? Or should he have just
been his own unique android that Ultron created from scratch to avoid all of this confusion? And would you have liked to see the movies make the connection between
the two characters in some way? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Well, that finally brings our
Avengers Month to a close, albeit a week late. Just so you guys know,
I will be taking a break from Comic Misconceptions indefinitely. I have some personal matters to attend to, like moving and all that stuff, but there will be a video later this week that goes into more detail
about that and what that means for this channel over the
next however long it takes. It’s not gonna be forever, but it will be probably for awhile. But if this is your first
time hanging out with us here at NerdSync, we do
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thought you knew about comics. See ya!


  1. Great video once again.

    Just going to say here that I loved the execution of the Vision in the Avengers 2. I thought to character was handled superbly, and looked great, and once again Marvel has successfully elevated a less known character (to the mainstream) to A List status.

  2. My. Head. Hurts. I thought X-Men was overly complex. Wow Marvel! How many times have you outdone yourself?!?!

  3. John Buscema also had a brother, Sal Buscema, who was also a comic book artist which may have aided in your mistake. I generally wish movie adaptions were closer to the original story ideas but the popularity and wealth generated by these films which diverge greatly from comics is so influential that is rarely happens. It is sad.

  4. You know what would make sense if the "vision" saw himself as the original wonder man and placed his memories inside wonder man so he could have a "normal life" with the Scarlett witch, this would actually make sense because he has wonder man's memories and was a big part of his story.

  5. Scarlet Vision MUST HAPPEN in the MCU. I have a few reasons
    Oh, and spoilers

    1: He is the creation of Tony Stark and Ultron. Tony created the weapons that killed of both of Scarlet Witch's parents. Ultron killed Quicksilver. Vision shows that Ultron and Stark can create something that Wanda could love.

    2: Vision is the holder of the ultimate source of knowledge, and Wanda has powers that access the mind. This gives them a great team up.

    3: Vision and Wanda are the odd ones out on The New Avengers. Cap and Widow were members of the original team from New York. Falcon helped Cap take down the Helicarriers. Rhodey helped Stark against both Whiplash and Killian. Wanda's only fight alongside the Avengers was in Sokovia, and earlier in AOU, she was against them. Vision is an android. Given that they both are separate from the others gives them room to connect.

    3: Um, hello? COMICS! I must not be the only one who wants Speed and Wiccan, right?

    4 (This one is a cheat): THEIR ACTORS SHIP THEM!

  6. NO… I mean I like Vision to be his own person….. no link to some golden age character.. it just makes things over complicated.. Ultron built him…. period….. no further explanation needed.

  7. i got a question about the Phantom zone if it is a place where time stands still can someone recall anything sense time is non existent

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  9. So he is an android built from an android witch was duplicated by kang turned into the vision and the vision get taken apart put back to gather and put back to gather and the original original human torch got resurrected and know there both like half brothers or something?

  10. Who is to say that Jarvis was not based on Human Torch's software or salvaged from the body and improved upon. This software is then used to create Vision.

  11. I kinda like the version of The Vision Age of Ultron introduced. It's more simple and fits into the MCU on the big screen better than the ex-human torch paradox. IMHO

  12. Well it is Ultron, if he wanted a child, why risk stealing another robot that may prove to be inferior to his shiny silvery magnificence?
    If Ultron wanted a kid, he'd build/make a kid.
    Let the poor Torch sleep, he survived the golden age, isn't that enough!?

  13. i know like almost all of the stuff he tells me in thesse vids but i just enjoy his video style so much that i watch them regardless

  14. Did anyone pick up on where Vision's body came from in Age of Ultron? I kinda zoned out during the science babble

  15. I their any info on the possible link between the current Vision and the original alien Vision that used to work with Captain America, and is aesthetically extremely similar to the modern one?

  16. Now would be a great time for phylosophy of Vision in reference to the ongoing Vision series. Which is the amazing!!

  17. I think mythology can cross the line of induced psychosis and Marvel, likes to do that.
    Playing with the psyches of children though, is child abuse, and Marvel likes to do that too.

  18. They should have linked them to keep true to the comics a simple Ultron – "I know where to get the android body we need" Then digs somewhere to uncover the Human Torch body would have been an easy 5 second filler compared to some of the things they use to fill the time psh btw great video I hadn't known anything in this video till now

  19. The best one could have feasibly don is have Ultron berate the scientists saying that one guy could do this in the 40 how hard could it be

  20. Damn Vision is a badass he is one of my newer favorite Marvel superheros gosh I can't believe he used to be Ultron's minion

  21. Great video. Nerdsync is the best comic channel on youtube.If you haven't already subscribed, I suggest you do so for some great content. I have been for years and have never been disappointed!

  22. I know it wasn't talked about a bunch in this video but the inclusion of scarlet witch in the the MCU has me thinking that Marvel may be holding a possible ace in the sleeve should Fox ever relinquish the rights to the x-men back to Marvel. I mean, theoretically they now have a reasonable excuse for mutants to just crop up in the MCU in a sort of reverse of when she wiped nearly all of them out

  23. Version I like is Vision is made using the same euipment Horton used to make the Torch. Basically hes made of the spare parts. The split timeline thing works but its needlessly complex

  24. Like Ultron couldn't have acquired the material he needed to make his own robot? I prefer Human Torch 1 and Vision to be completely separate creations.

  25. I personally liked the Vision as a reconfiguration of the original Human Torch, and I wish that they could have made that connection in the films.

    Moreover, the Vision/Torch reunion and retcon was terribly mishandled, which was bog standard for comics of the time. Sometimes, Marvel should just let sleeping dogs (or androids) lie.

  26. What is to say that the Korean doctor in Age of Ultron was NOT working on the original human torch body from Captain America: The First Avenger?

  27. I definetely like the MCU's version on Vision Origin better than that confusing mess you just explained. I like how the movies make everything much more simpler. Comic writers run out of material to fast & have to make up some dumb crap to explain the dumb crap they wrote previously.

  28. Yes it would have been cool if they would have referenced the android Human Torch in Age of Ultron. Since they showed in CAFA. But having him be Jarvis and linking Wakanda Vibrainium works better for the MCU. Who knows maybe that's how they bring him back in Avengers 4.

  29. Roy Thomas did not want Vision to be the Human Torch. That was something that Neal Adams hinted at in the Kree Skrull war. Roy left that hint alone. Steve Englehart revealed the Vision was originally the Human Torch, so that was the first retcon. Since the Original Human Torch died in two comics, Sub-Mariner and the Fantastic Four, John Byrne in his Avengers West Coast run cleared up this continuity flaw and removed the other add-on, Wonder Man's brain patterns. Kurt Busiek added the retcon back and more.

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