Vision One


  1. Who's cock does Domhall Gleason suck to get all the roles he's gotten in the last 4 years?…honestly I'm sick of seeing this dude.

  2. the whole melody is based on too high by steve wonder 🙂

  3. starting from 5:10, the musical party almost perfectly repeats the introductory theme of the group Alphaville – "sounds like a melody". plagiarism? 🙂 with all my respect and love for this group 🙂

  4. La sigo escuchando todos los días desde hace 1 año, excelente video amigo, gracias a ti descubrí a royksopp y junto con "you don't have a clue" son mis canciones favoritas del álbum junior.

  5. Отвратительная идея фильма, отвратительная пропаганда киборгизации , никогда никакого сочувствия к таким темам нет и не будет. Достали уже со своими Окнами Овертона, хватит дерьмо продвигать в красивом фантике!!!!! Скоты!!!!

  6. Ava (Alicia Vikander), a beautiful robot. However, it soon becomes evident that Ava is far more self-aware and deceptive than either man imagined.

  7. The songs tells the story from a different angle. "Tall buiding covering green with black, let us gaze upon the world we created and the changes we could not have foreseen".
    Its not about robots becoming as beautiful as humans and killing them, on contrary is about the tragedy of humans forgetting our essence, who we are, behaving as soulless vessels without guidance, awaiting for someone to program us, to tell us what to do. Go to work, lunch break, go Sleep ad infinitum. No time to reconcile our mistakes.

  8. Ich hab echt Angst vor der ersten wirklichen, künstlichen Intelligenz, die auf die Menschheit losgelassen wird. Wir können vieles machen was wir besser lassen sollten. Intelligenz, egal ob künstlich oder nicht, ohne irgendeine Moral ist UNSER Untergang.
    So, to all you computer-Kids: dont do it….. Btw: I m in the Business 4 more than 30 years, i know what can be done…..

  9. Human body runs on 100W of power. An average cellphone battery is 25 grams and we would "spend it" in 5 minutes, so 7 kilogram battery should be sufficient for 24 hour run-time.
    Do you think it will ever be possible to make a proper android with as much agility as humans, whole-body tactile feedback with local heat and cold sensors (and much more) PLUS intelligence, integrated power converter, self repair mechanisms, adaptive anti-virus system and everything else that human body has AND still be as efficient as human body?
    Human body IS a machine with integrated nanobots and stuff.

  10. Thank you very much for this song and lyrics:) I just discovered it and it became my fav song<3 and the lyrics:…. Everybody let us say goodbye to all our notions

    Cause it's not enough to say that we're humane when we're left behind

    It's too late to think that we can worship human emotions

    Cause we've already evolved into machines in our minds

    And let's rest our eyes upon the great machine as we wave goodbye

    Feel the evening breeze caress us while the cities are dying

    As we watch it fall into a modern state, a modern time… no comment

  11. I've been in love with this song for close to 10 years. Just now discovered this video. It's everything I ever wanted from a music video for this song. Holy fuck.

    (Side note: What the hell is with the jump at 3:10? That's not how the song goes.)

  12. La rola mas perfecta del globero, me fascina! Ahora cuando oigo Globos 📣🎈🎈🎈pienso en este video genial🎶 Gracias 😏

  13. Wouldn’t the AI just run out of juice after she was no longer being charged by those induction plates? A premium cell phone can barely sustain two days charge. A synthetic brain alone would require so much power, not including her frame and movements. She would have to be very clever to survive for long undetected.

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