Vision IAS Online Classroom Programme for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Did you know that more than 60% of candidate
selected for IAS in 2016 were from Delhi? What could be the reasons for this? Delhi gives you access to the most renowned
teachers of the country. Gives you exposure to quality content and
rigorous assessment and most importantly provides an opportunity for
interactive learning. Does that mean shifting to Delhi is the only
option to succeed in the IAS Exam? What about those who have full time job and
cannot quit it for preparation or those who are studying and cannot miss their
college Or the ones who cannot make it to a new city due
to a number of reason VisionIAS one of the India’s top IAS coaching
institutes has brought an end to this dilemma The live classroom programme from VisionIAS
now brings Delhi to your door step on the click of a mouse Our live online classroom let’s you access
all the lectures from your computer or Smartphone yes all in real time You can interact with the teachers to get
your doubt resolved Be a part of daily assessment and also get
access to all the study material as good as being in the classroom right If you are busy during the day with your college
or work, you can also access these lecture later as per your convenience Our platform also enables you to interact with your
peers for learning and discussion With the best teachers, High quality streaming
and instant support VisionIAS is the smartest way to achieve your
IAS dream Reach out now to know more.

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