“Universal Sea” Art Installation – Student Services Building

(peaceful music) My name is Resa Blatman. My art deals with issues
surrounding climate change. So my inspiration for
this project was nature. Not specifically climate
change, but nature in general. And the idea that to bring nature indoors, and have people feel a
sense of beauty and wonder when they come into the building. It took me several months. I had some of these pieces
had been previously painted. The linear-off white color. But over, I spent about
nine months working on it. Not continuously. And it took me 50 hours to install it. (peaceful music) So the corals are the red color of coral, well sort of. It’s based on the orange
red color of coral. And there are also black corals, I used because as the corals die, I use black to sort of
represent a kind of death. Because a lot of coral reefs have died. But when corals die,
they turn kind of white. And then they turn a kind of gray, a very ugly gray. ‘Cause they’re dead, so they’re attracting the dirt that’s in the sea. They become a very porous gray color. My experience so far,
while I’ve been working on this project, has
been pretty remarkable. Everybody’s been so down to Earth. And the folks at TAMU
have been so kind to me. I’ve been taken out to
lunch, and I’ve made friends with the construction
workers and I see them stop in their tracks and look at
this work and they say to me, “Wow, that’s so beautiful!” And that they’re really caught up in it and feel bold enough to
remark to me about it. I think that’s a really wonderful quality. (peaceful music)

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