Ultron & Vision: Robo Roomies – Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! Ep 41

[MUSIC]>>Ultron: Ugh,
you won’t believe the day I had. I just want to run a hot bath, and,
what in the name of, oh, Vision?>>The Vision: Bro, can you keep it down? I’m kinda in the middle of something.>>Ultron: I would destroy him. If the rent in New York wasn’t such a rip.>>[MUSIC]>>Ultron: Where’s my teleporter ray?>>The Vision: I think
you mean the pizza ray! [LAUGH]
>>[SOUND]>>Ultron: Oh, Vision!>>The Vision: Hey, Ultron [LAUGH]
the blind date I set up for you is here.>>Ultron: Hi, I’m Ultron. Hello, I am Ultron. What up, girl? No no no, that’s terrible. Oh, Vision. [LAUGH]
>>Speaker 3: Hey, I’m not leaving until I get a free dinner or at least cab fare,
or a sturdy handshake. A wave from a window? Oh, I’m very lonely.>>[MUSIC]>>Ultron: Your party walks in to
a dungeon and encounters a troll. Roll for 4d. [SOUND]>>[MUSIC]>>The Vision: What’s up? Oh, these guys? Nah, they’re chill man. They just need a place to crash for
a couple of weeks.>>Speaker 4: So you’re like made
of robot lines or something?>>Ultron: My name is Ultron, not, oh! My ficus tree!>>Groot: I am Groot.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Speaker 4: Hey! I’m sleeping here.>>Groot: I am-
>>Ultron: Oh, okay, great, everyone loves you. Go dance in a flower pot you overgrown. Oh, there are moss stains everywhere.>>[MUSIC]


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  2. 2:27 that's the spidey suit we need for Asa ( I know he isn't confirmed but I want him to be spidey )

  3. Why dont you use the comic Star-Lord figure? it seems very out of place and weird for most of the characters to be comic designs and then you use the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

  4. THIS is the true Ultron. Not the funny imitating robot or the indestructible edgy robot in the comics or TV show. The REAL ultron is this…….robot who has roomate issues

  5. i was wonderin if anyone knew how i could edit my own stop motion that doesnt give me a virus and is free?

  6. Please, please I need to know the song at the party its been like 4 years and I can't find it I NEED to know

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