Two Days Workshop on Ophthalmic Research | TUF

Essam nickim, my name is muhammad ma. I’m from 9th semester from school of optometry today I have learned so much from this workshop and i’m going to apply all the knowledge I bought from this workshop on my undergraduate research It was very informative and there must be some 3,000 or 4,000 students outside and they do sample can be large so so another thing is This is one very whole thing, which I despair when I was here in University of festival for starting on this workshop on research methodology I have done with from proposal to the publication and I it was a wonderful experience with great minds and especially their spirit trainees for very excellent their work with For dialing ideas and no dimensions of the future of the big research And I was Armin thankful. I’m really thankful to the hospitality and facilitation the providing me or in those two days and it was a wonderful experience and Fantastic educational meeting Amara thanks to the University of estabas specially the faculty members and The school of Tama tree and of the magic Department. Thank you so much

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