Thyroid, Tumor in the throat, Menstrual imbalance | Netsurf Product Result in Gujarat

Result Reviewer: Kunjesh Virani
Person in the Video: Vibhutaben Barvaliya (Left) Kunjesh: Friends, In current time Kunjesh: Air, Water and Food Kunjesh: Because it is polluted Kunjesh: Problem occurs in early age
among many people Kunjesh: Doctor says that Lifetime Kunjesh: You have to consume medicine Kunjesh: Exactly that type of case i found
in Surat Kunjesh: In Society near Kathodara Gam Kunjesh: So, Let’s ask the address to the
lady (left side) Kunjesh: After let’s know what problem
he suffered Kunjesh: And What Medical Science answered
to her. Kunjesh: What is your name? Kunjesh: Vibhutaben Barvaliya Kunjesh: Vibhutaben Barvaliya Kunjesh: Which is this Society? Vibhutaben: Someshwar Villa Kunjesh: Someshwar Villa Kunjesh: What is Your House Number?
Vibhutaben: 61. Kunjesh: Which Section?
Vibhutaben: Third Section. Kunjesh: What problem you had?
Vibhutaben: Thyroid. Kunjesh: Problem of Thyroid. Kunjesh: How you knew about it? Vibhutaben: First, Tumor appeared.
Kunjesh: Hmm. Vibhutaben: After tumor begins to appear.. Vibhutaben: I went to doctor. Vibhutaben: Doctor told me that I had
Thyroid. Kunjesh: Hmm.
Vibhutaben: After that, I return to home. Vibhutaben: And he (doctor) told me to
do medical check up. Kunjesh: Hmm.
Vibhutaben: After, medical check up was done. Kunjesh: To which doctor? First which
you had visited? Vibhutaben: First, I went to
Dr. Jitendra Pipaliya Kunjesh: Hmm. Shivamer Hospital. Kunjesh: Okay? Kunjesh: When this report prepared?
How many months before? Vibhutaben: Three months ago. Kunjesh: Three months ago?
Vibhutaben: Hmm. Kunjesh: So, What the doctor suggested? Vibhutaben: Operation Kunjesh: Hmm. After that? Vibhutaben: Operation cost will be
₹1 lakh. Kunjesh: Hmm.
Vibhutaben: But, No guarantee of voice damage. Vibhutaben: You’re Voice may not get affected
or may you will become voiceless. Kunjesh: You may become voiceless even
after spending in lakhs of rupees. Kunjesh: After that? Vibhutaben: After a month i went for
second medical report Vibhutaben: To which? Vibhutaben: In Shreeji Krupa. Kunjesh: Friends, This report is of date
8/5/2019. Kunjesh: So, What doctor told to you? Vibhutaben: He told me for the
operation. Kunjesh: Also he told for the operation?
Vibhutaben: Yes. Kunjesh: Okay. What was the cost?
Vibhutaben: Same ₹1 lakh rupees. Kunjesh: And, Is he taken the reponsiblity
of No-voiceless? VIbhutaben: No no. Kunjesh: OKay. What was the condition
of your body at that time? Kunjesh: Which problems you faced? Vibhutaben: Dizziness, Couldn’t lift weight. Vibhutaben: And…… Menstrual Imbalance. Kunjesh: Okay OKay. So, After thyroid you
had suffered from such problems?
Vibhutaben: Yes. Kunjesh: You even not able to walk?
Vibhutaben: Yes. Kunjesh: How old you’re? Vibhutaben: I’m 25 year old. Kunjesh: Friends, This lady of 25 yr old,
had suffered from many problems due to thyroid. Kunjesh: And, How was your Tumor in your
throat at that time? Kunjesh: Have you any photographs?
Vibhutaben: Yes. Kunjesh: Friends, I’m showing you photographs. Kunjesh: This is her photograph when tumor
began in the throat. Kunjesh: At that time, Tumor was of this
sized. Kunjesh: That we are seeing at the throat. Kunjesh: This, Second is her photograph.
And this is her tumor’s size. Kunjesh: And she tells that she was too
weak, had menstrual problem Kunjesh: ..And couldn’t lift weight. Kunjesh: And two doctors told to do operation
which cost ₹ 1 lakh even. Kunjesh: But, Still no responsibility. Kunjesh: What was you’re condition
when you returned from clinic? Vibhutaben: After retuning home, I started
to cry. Kunjesh: After?
Vibhutaben: I told to my father that doctor demands for operation Vibhutaben: And even no responsibility of voice. Vibhutaben: I have daughter, How i make her
understand, teach her? Kunjesh: You had frieghtened.
Vibhutaben: Yes, I had that fear. Vibhutaben: Later, Father told not to do
operation. Vibhutaben: First, I know about any
Herbal medicine. Kunjesh: Hmm.
Vibhutaben: After, You will consume it. Vibhutaben: You will have to complete
the course also. Vibhutaben: If it can cure then
no operation needed. Kunjesh: Okay. After? Vibhutaben: After, Raseelaben (Right) met me. Kunjesh: That who sit besides you?
Vibhutaben: Yes she is. Kunjesh: Okay. Vibhutaben: She told to start the
Naturamore Powder. Vibhutaben: You’ll get result. Vibhutaben: So, I consumed 1 tin, and i got
result. Kunjesh: You directly agreed when she
asked you for? Vibhutaben: No. Not directly. Vibhutaben: I gone to attend meeting with
my husband. Vibhutaben: And, I trusted. Kunjesh: And, taken the powder. Vibhutaben: After, I asked her how to
consume this powder? Vibhutaben: So, she told me to consume it
by specific method. Kunjesh: Please show me, what you have
purchased? Kunjesh: Friends, This powder.. Kunjesh: We are reading “Naturamore”. Kunjesh: Below which, Nutritional Food Supplement
has been written. Kunjesh: Means this is food supplement not
a medicine of thyroid. Kunjesh: How much tins you have consumed? Vibhutaben: 1 consumed and 6 remains. Kunjesh: So, Six tins are yet to consume?
Vibhutaben: Yes. Kunjesh: So, How are you now? Vibhuataben: Good. Kunjesh: Menstrual Problems and Tiredness?
Vibhutaben: Cured. Kunjesh: Solved?
Vibhutaben: OKay. Kunjesh: And, you told about inability to
weight lifting? Vibhutaben: I can lift it now also can
speak to customer. Kunjesh: Talking. Which job do you do? Vibhutaben: Job in the bank.
Kunjesh: Okay. Kunjesh: So, before you were unable to talk?
Vibhutaben: No. Kunjesh: Just 1 tin consumed and you want
to consume six another? Kunjesh: What you consumed with this
powder? Vibhutaben: And this one, Capsule. Kunjesh: How much packet you have consumed?
Vibhutaben: Just one. Kunjesh: Single or twice a day? Vibhutaben: One time at night only.
Kunjesh: Only at night? Kunjesh: You are using this two products.
Anything else are you using? Vibhutaben: Yes.
Kunjesh: What? Vibhutaben: This for rinsing the mouth
three times. Kunjesh: Friends, this is the dental paste
made by Netsurf Company. Kunjesh: Like people using other dental
paste to clean the teeth. Kunjesh: Do you clean you teeth also?
Vibhutaben: Yes. Kunjesh: Okay. And three time rinsing. Kunjesh: In just one month all your problems
cured? Vibhutaben: Yes.
Kunjesh: Even saved ₹1 lakh rupees? Vibhutaben: Yes, Operation saved.
Kunjesh: Final?
Vibhutaben: Yes, Final. Kunjesh: So, what are feeling after this
result? Vibhutaben: Feeling good. Kunjesh: Is it good to suggest other about
Vibhutaben: Yes. Vibhutaben: Yes, 100%. All those with any kind of
problems, God will meet you by this way. Kunjesh: Very Good. So Are you satified
fully with the result? Vibhutaben: Yes, I Satisfied. Kunjesh: Many thanks for
sharing information.

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