Thor vs Hela – Throne Room Fight Scene – Thor Lost His Eye – Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

Sister. You’re still alive. I love what you’ve done
with the place. Redecorating, I see. It seems our father’s solution to every problem
was to cover it up. Or to cast it out. He told you you were worthy.
He said the same thing to me. You see? You never knew him. Not at his best. Odin and I drowned
entire civilizations in blood and tears. Where do you think
all this gold came from? And then, one day… he decided to become
a benevolent king. To foster peace,
to protect life.. to have you. I understand
why you’re angry. And you are my sister,
and technically have a claim to the throne. And believe me, I would love
for someone else to rule. But it can’t be you. You’re just… The worst. Okay, get up. You’re in my seat. You know,
Father once told me… that a wise king
never seeks out war. But must always
be ready for it. To be honest,
I expected more. Here’s the difference
between us. I’m Odin’s firstborn… The rightful heir,
the savior of Asgard. – And you’re nothing. So simple, even a blind man
could see it. Now you remind me of Dad.


  1. Hela and Loki both have long black hair, pale complexions, and evil intentions. Are we sure that Thor’s not the adopted one

  2. yeha she got pierced by his spear-halberd yet no effect on her while she slashes him througharmor and…he;s bleeding.

  3. You know, Thor probably could have grabbed a weapon from the Odom’s Treasures instead of the staff. I know most is fake, but some of those items were real

  4. Thor did really well against Hela here without lightning or hammer. Meanwhile Thanos turned him into a punching bag while he has lightning around him with two hammers, showing how strong Thanos is compared to most mcu villains

  5. Hela’s character is beautifully made, the way lines are delivered and crafted makes her character make sense. I wish we seen more than one movie of her character.

  6. Hela must return. I don't care how, when, why, I NEED HER BACK IN THE MCU
    They barely explored her personality, back story and relationships. I need more

  7. God of Mischief – Got Tricked by Thor

    God of Thunder – Got electrocuted

    God of Death- Died

    Really…. ok

    Edit (08-25-19) Oh myy goodness thank you for 120 likes!!!!

  8. She's hela better fighter then thor. Wat good r these weapons when all it does is go through the body and comes back out and does no damage.

  9. Just a single question
    How the hell do you get such quality
    I got the 4k but still that's nothing compared to this

  10. How does this have 7.1 mil views but cap vs winter soldier only has like 1.7? That fight is 100x better. Both movies are great but winter soldier much better choreography

  11. This is how you make woman character without feminism. Now go fuck yourself Brie Larson, Disney and entire world who believes in that liberal bullshit!

  12. Thor: A wise king never seeks out war
    Hela: But must always be ready for it
    God that was so powerful, the way she said that

  13. If it was me, I would convince my sister to stop and love her still, cuz she is your family, even if it’s your nemesis.

  14. Who still thinks that Hella is alive and surtur couldn't do a thing to her cause she's literally immortal when she's on Asgard

  15. Thor mình đồng da sắt mà bị chém vậy, khó hiểu. Hela bóp nát búa thor, mà thano thì bị búa thor cho ăn hành. Mà so sức mạnh thì thano mạnh hơn hela. Khó hiểu quá..

  16. For the record, everything that happens to Thor in Ragnarok and Endgame, losing his hammer, his hair, his dad, his eye, finding out he has a sister, failed to protect his people, who half are killed because of his failure, and failed to kill Thanos, leading to the deaths of some of his closest friends, that all happens in about a week. A week.
    So, Bro Thor is totally legit.

  17. Is no one gonna talk about how Hella has perfect accuracy I mean you have to have literally perfect accurate if your gonna cut out someone's eye by slashing there face from the side

  18. Never understood the whole "we need the sword to control the bifrost" the first movie clearly shows odin using his spear to use the bifrost

  19. "Technically you have a valid claim to the throne … but it can't be you, you're the worst". Meantime he brings about the destruction of Asgard. How much worse could she have done?

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