The Witch of Tibidor Forest – ASMR, Creepy Story

Hello Darlings! Welcome to Vicariah’s Creepy Corner! Thank you for coming. Please come into my parlor. There’s a terrible storm outside! I insist to stay there longer and sit
for a spell by the fire, warm yourself. Tonight I’m going to tell you a tale
about witches in the woods, spells and enchantments, vanity and murder. This
creepy tale of terror takes place in Tibidor Forest, the year 1492. Well? Are you scared? Tabatha live deep in the Tibidor Forest
in a little tiny cottage she had a marvelous garden of yarrow goldenseal
aloe and other herbs she used to make potions for ailments and healings
these potions were traded to the villagers for milk eggs grain and other
foodstuffs she also grew belladonna vein were another deadly night shades which
she used to make other potions potions for winning the love of another potions
for well more potions for taking revenge on a neighbor she treated these
concoctions to the villagers in exchange for different kinds of items that is how
she was able to have a beautiful quilt on her bed goose down pillows the gilded
birdcage which she kept on the sunny side of her living room shelled her
little songbird she owned an ornate clock that sat on the fireplace mantel
but her most prized possession was an exquisite silver music box which she
played often and this is how she lived the people of the nearby village called
her a conjurer the witch in the forest all feared her many would sneak up to
her cottage though late in the evening when they thought no one would find out
and buy their secret potions from Tabitha thinking that no one would be
the wiser none dare to cross her for fear that their house would go dry their
chickens would stop laying eggs or their crops would fail they feared their
children may become sick or any other number of terrifying events that may
befall them one spring little girls began to disappear one by one the entire
village was on alert and no one could find where they had gone
burying wolves had dragged off their beloved daughters grief-stricken family
searched the forest in the fields the buildings in the town
Boswell’s rivers there was no sign of the missing girls many of the villagers
were jealous of the many beautiful things that have at the owned especially
the women so they started wagging their tongues
they started suspicious that Tabitha had had her hand in this and was somehow
responsible a few brave souls went to a cottage in the forest she adamantly
denied any knowledge of the disappearances and appeared very
concerned for the children but they noticed that Tabitha did not appear as
Haggard as she once had or as tired they said she appeared to be much younger and
much more attractive although the villagers were suspicious
they could find no proof she had anything to do with them as in children mrs. Smith the blacksmith’s wife went
one day to visit Tabitha with her young daughter Margaret and her little baby
alligator to purchase a potion for Abbey as they called her the baby had colic
that night she was ugly attending to the child’s tummy ache when she noticed
Margaret appearing as if she were sleepwalking Margaret went over and
opened the door and went outside she was following an enchanted melody it was a
tinkling sound that was very faint as it came from deep within the forest when she saw her daughter she woke her
husband and they followed after the groom they tried to wake her and power
back but to no avail she could not would not be stopped their
desperate cries woke the neighbors and they all came running suddenly he
noticed an eerie blue light at the father’s edge of before they ran towards
the light and saw Tabitha standing by a large oak tree she was holding on to her
music box her beautiful silver tinkling music box and she was seen an enchanted
melody it seemed as if she were casting a spell towards the village in the
direction of the blacksmith’s house she was singing as she said her evil spell
upon the snippy’s daughter my god the townsmen
began to run towards her when she heard them coming it broke her spell on the
little girl and she fled back into the forest the Smithee took aim and fired
the bullet hit Tabitha in the leg and she fell to the ground then the Angry
Men whipped upon her and carried her out into a field they tied her to a stake
and guarded her while others built a huge bonfire her pleas and cries fell on
deaf ears as their hearts were hardened because of the loss of their dear little
daughters so it was that right then and there they burned her at the stake
tabatha burned she screamed out a curse of the villagers in three days time you
and your village will burn to the ground after she was dead
the villagers returned to Tabitha’s house they found the unmarked graves of
their precious little girls she had enchanted the music box and made a
potion to stoled their remaining years she did this to make herself young and
beautiful again three days later there was a terrible storm such as was never
seen before lightning struck the clock tower in the center of town is sent
flying embers all over the village and the surrounding areas including the
fields and the forest everything was burned to the ground
utterly and completely only a few remaining lives or spare well did you
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  1. Oh this gave me a flashback of Hokus Pokus! My all-time favorite Halloween movie! I think you added to that in a great way!

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