The TRUTH About Swallowing Gum | Responding To Comments #16


  1. Is it normal for someone to have problems smelling things. Like I can smell chemicals really well, but anything organic (like a fart) I can’t smell at all.

  2. Questions for Doctor Mike! What is your opinion on Energy Drinks? Popular ones being Monsters, Venoms, Amp, NOS, Reign, and my personal favorite BANGs. I particularly drink a lot of them, and they get a bad rap. What is your insight on them from a medical standpoint?

  3. Basically the Gum Myth happened because a kid ate WAY TO MUCH gum and it got stuck in their Stomach And had to get it removed

    At least that’s what I’ve heard

  4. This gum myth has unknown origins. It is very possible that it originated from another planet. Just my personal theory Dr. Mike.

  5. question: Dr. Mike, what's the best treatment in your opinion for cancer, and do you support St. Jude's Hospital.
    Enjoyed the video. a YouTuber, Matpat recently did a charity stream for the hospital. It was entertaining.

  6. i have very bad back pain after sitting down for a long period of time ive had MRI's CAT scans all that jazz and theres been no results….help

  7. I have a question is there a limit to abortions per person not asking from personal experience just wondering. If you're in the medical field and you know the answer can you please answer my question

  8. I think the best thing about these videos is that we enjoy the content, because it’s entertaining, but we absorb import information too. How many people wouldn’t have know that chest compressions to the speed of staying alive was the best method of it weren’t for Doctor Mike? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Telling people to go see their doctor when they have an issue doesn't bother me because it makes sense. You're going to need more info in order to diagnose the specific issue but I LOVE that you will speculate as to what the issue might be. I've waited at an urgent care for 3 hours once and was told by the doctor there to go to the ER and wouldnt say anything else.

  10. I has an idea mr docter man you should do another challenge or review with yur nephews or a cristmas themed vid or a scrub haul??

  11. But dr mike, what if I already listened to music too loudly for too long and now it sounds quiet if it's not turned up all the way?

  12. Should you use a loofah to shower or just your hands? I’ve heard conflicting advice with some saying that there’s bacteria build up in the loofah

  13. Believe me, if you have serious period pain (dysmenorrhea) every freaking month you can certainly tell the difference from GI discomfort. Ask your physician about it, endometriosis is a possibility but again – go see a doctor!!

  14. Question for Dr.Mike: Is it possible to have your period while pregnant? In the very first weeks I mean. Should I be always checking if I’m pregnant now? Ahah kisses form Portugal! 🇵🇹

  15. Hey anybody, I have a medical question. If something like a metre long metal beam gets inserted into your chest do you still do chest compressions?

  16. I don't tend to get seasick but every time I fly I get extremely nauseous and sometimes really bad headaches, why might this be happening? Is there anything else I could do to avoid this? LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!💖

  17. QUESTION FOR DOCTOR MIKE: how does cpr differ when performed on men compared to women? (the location of where you should do chest compressions- if that makes any sense) BTW I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS X

  18. The gum thing is from parents trying to scare you away from swallowing it. My mom told me it would stay in me for 4 years when I was little lol

  19. Question for Doctor Mike,

    What is the worst disease?

    What is the least common disease?

    What disease kills the most people a year?

  20. My ears hurt when I wear headphones that go over the ears for a few hours. They get really red and feel hot to touch. I take them off for a bit but it's hard since I use music when I study and I can't have a speaker on in a library or on the study floor. I guess my ears are sensitive.

  21. So I’ve had three pilonidal cysts in the course of two years. They have all been removed surgically. Now from what I’ve been able to find online pilonidal cyst form buy ingrown hairs. So ever since my last surgery I’ve been terrified to shave so should I just not shave in that area? @DoctorMike

  22. 9:30 WRONG AGAIN! One inhalation of helium to make your voice sound funny: perfectly harmless. Breathing pure helium uninterruptedly: loss of consciousness, death by anoxia. Breathing pure oxygen by the lungful feels somewhere between good to fantastic. Do it more than a few hours and it becomes toxic even at 1 atmosphere of pressure. At higher pressures the toxicity may start in minutes. Oxygen toxicity is no joke. If not stopped it ends in death with extremely nasty, and progressively worse, preludes.

  23. I recently got my drivers license and i learned how to provide first aid to anyone (including cpr) but the fact is that if you try to help a person and you dont succeed, their family members can sue you for doing harm (even if you didnt change anything) even though you were only trying to help.
    This is why i refuse to do cpr on anyone i don't know. Why should i risk spending my life in jail for someone i don't know.

  24. ive had a glass shard lodged on my foot for almost a month. it was just a red that hurt now and then, one day i squezed it and came out a glass shard hahahaha

  25. Bit of a dumb one? I’ve had a sore throat for like months now and it’s really painful to sallow. I’m worried to go to see my doctor however because last time I did for something I thought was serious when it wasn’t, my doctor seemed to get annoyed. I don’t want to waste their time, what can I do?

  26. I have GAD and i'm not sure if that's the reason i can't focus and have horrible memory… it's so much trouble being college student. Thoughts?

  27. Dr Mike didn’t go over on-ear headphones. If that’s the case your getting pressure onto your entire outer ear, which can make it hurt during long listening sessions. The better the quality of the pads and the less pressure the headphones have the better the listening sessions will be, but otherwise it’s just a preference and I would generally not recommend these kind of headphones if you have sensitive ears (not sound wise, feeling wise). It either takes getting used to or you are that type of person.

  28. hey dr mike,
    could you please react to the first episode of jane the virgin?
    It isn't a medical show but the first episode has some medical stuff.
    Thank you

  29. I was always told by my parents and teachers not to swallow gum, I was also told if you swallow an apple seed you would have a tree grow in your stomach.

  30. They actually sell antiperspirant specifically for your hands. It's like a lotion. You can find it online. If only they made a face version of it 😔😅

  31. Fun fact when i was a kid i got some metal splints in my toe and it hurt like hell. But i was too scared to tell so i let it in and after a few dayst didn't hurt anymore. 10 years or so later i was like wtf why does my toe sting. And i found the splint again . The body seemed to push it out itself

  32. My heart’s been doing weird flips lately, as well as just beating faster in general. I don’t feel dizzy afterwards tho – should I still go see a medical professional about it?

  33. I apologize for the long comment
    I have dyshidrosis (doesn't sweat), only on my right hand (sucks because I'm right handed). It started on one finger, spread to the other 4 fingers and a bit of the back of the hand. I've had this for 4 years now, and it isn't allergic, from a test I took. I've had blisters in the begging and I've completely lost my fingerprints for a period of time from just how thin my skin got (I would get cuts just from handling clothing sometimes). With treatment and a whole lot of hand moisturizer, I've gotten a bit of skin thickness and my fingerprints back, but now I have "scars" all over my fingers and the grip I have with my right hand vs my left is night and day. Is there any hope of "curing" this? Also, can the fact that I have to grip things with more strength caus problems?

  34. What are your thoughts about pills to help you sleep at night? Do you recommend/not their use? Is it bad to use them every night?

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