The Next Generation Windows Security Vision

[MUSIC] The traditional methods of
securing business environments are failing.>>In response, Microsoft
has developed an innovative and highly differentiated vision
to address these challenges. [MUSIC]>>With Windows Defender Advanced
Threat Protection, we committed ourselves to delivering an
innovative solution that would help our customers detect and
respond to advanced attacks. But ATP wasn’t just built with
the intention of detecting and responding to attacks. Instead, it was also designed
for preventive protection.>>In our next Windows release,
we’re adding this type of capability to Windows Defender
ATP, which will enable next generation approaches to prevent
the full spectrum of malware and hacking threats.>>Our customers will get
holistic protection, detection, and response, rich management,
all under one roof, all in one product. [MUSIC]>>Using the power of the
Intelligent Security Graph and the data science and machine
learning behind it, we’ve found ways to quickly identify new and
rapidly evolving threats, by using the signals from
trillions of sources.>>This allows us to take
proactive action to isolate and mitigate the malware and
hacking threats.>>Another great thing about
Windows Defender ATP is it’s built in to Windows 10 and
the cloud. There’s nothing to deploy and
secure out of the box and there’s no need to manage
a variety of stitched together third party solutions. We’re able to increase your
automation capabilities and provide tools that increase
the productivity and insights of the team.>>When you use Windows Defender
ATP alongside threat protection from Office and Azure, you
get a holistic solution where each product amplifies
the capabilities of the other. You get better context, richer
signals and better protection.>>We see Windows Defender ATP
as a product that is helping define a new market category. Using completely new and next generation approaches to
the security challenges we face. We’re with you every
step of the way: Protecting you from the threats
before there is impact. Detecting incidences
from Day Zero and responding to attacks
before they spread. [MUSIC].


  1. starts off saying that traditional methods are failing, uploads a non-HD video in a increasingly 4K resolution era. Talk about failing

  2. Man so much taking: We are doing the best, we are doing everything possible etc. Let's see how your silly product deals with ransomware then we will talk.

  3. Your Trackrecord in security is bad, your judgement in Design is a Disgrace, your creep spy and stalking features behind immagination. Dont track, dont spy, dont be a creep.

  4. I'm checking out comments peoples are getting impressed but some are still not happy that Microsoft is coming up so late with this kind of features

  5. We created the ultimate trojan, comes with the latest spyware, bloatware and zerodays to secure yourself from yourself.Your privacy belong to us.- Microsoft

  6. i saw this thinking it was a well made parody up until the 2 minute mark when i saw Windows under the video. hilarious and scary at the same time.

  7. Whow do you protect us from Windows 10 that install software again and again that we ask to be uninstalled ? Why does in Windows 10,we lose the control of witch product is installed and use as default? Why in widows 10 the admin don't have the final decision of what it need or not? FYI installing windows 10 on a disk with bad track lead to an unstability of the computer. It's the first windows that is unstable when installed on disk with 1% of bad tracks.

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