Teacher Puts Autistic Child In Trash Can | Rikki Poynter

Hello and welcome back to the channel. A few days ago I learned that a teacher is putting disabled
students in the trashcan, I repeat, in the trashcan. And not just one, but multiples of them. I actually filmed a reaction to this a few days ago but had to refilm it because of equipment issues. If you follow me on Twitter
you already know about it, but the good news is, is that there are updated articles, or at least
articles that have popped up, 20 minutes ago, three days later. So maybe there’s more updated news as to what’s going on. If you want to see more
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helpful to the channel. All right so I got this article: “teacher accused of putting
disabled student in trash.” And this was updated four minutes ago, so let’s see what we got that’s new since my first attempt at filming. “Statesville, North Carolina:
A North Carolina teacher “is accused of putting a
disabled student in a trash can.” Oh yeah, did I forget to
mention that this is local? “News outlets report 51
year old Robin Johnson “was arrested Thursday on charges “of misdemeanor assault
on a disabled person,” which I found out that
the child is autistic. “Iredell County deputies
say a therapist reported “the allegations after
speaking with the children “who accused Johnson of
putting them in trash “or recycling bins during
the past two school years.” She’s been doing this,
and getting away with it, for two years, wow. “A sheriff’s office, a shares,
a sheriff’s office statement,” I have my own deaf problems,
my own disabled problems where I apparently can not say
sheriff’s office statement. “A sheriff’s office statement
says evidence indicates “that Johnson put a disabled
Cloverleaf Elementary “student in a trash can at least twice. “The Iredell-Statesville
School District says Johnson “is suspended with pay pending
an internal investigation. “Reports say Johnson has worked
for the district since 2008 “in various roles at NB Mills
Elementary, East Elementary, “Pressly School and Cloverleaf Elementary. “She may appear in court November 4th.” Okay, they took that article straight from WSOC TV, I’m pretty sure,
cause I’m pretty sure I read that exact article when I tried to film this on Friday. I wanted to find another
article with more information. Here’s a more local one
from the Triad area. “A teacher has been suspended with pay,” we pay you to apparently put disabled kids in trash cans and we’re
going to continue to pay you, even though you’re abusing
kids and stuff, okay. “A teacher has been suspended with pay “following accusations that she put “a disabled student in a trash can. “Johnson is charged with two
counts of misdemeanor assault “on a handicapped person. “Therapists say multiple
children told the therapist “that Johnson picked them up
and put them in a trash can “or recycling bin during the 2017-2018 “and 2018-2019 school years. “Evidence gathered indicates
on at least two occasions “Johnson placed a handicapped
student into a trash can. “District said Johnson
was suspended with pay “pending an investigation
after they were made aware “of the two charges by the
Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. “After Johnson’s arrest she was
given a 20,000 dollar bond. “She is due in court on November 4th. “No further details about the investigation “have been made public. “Another parent who asked
to remain anonymous said “he had heard about the
troubling allegations “at work on Friday. “‘I hope it’s not true, but if it is, “I hope they get what they deserve.'” Yes please, so I take
this a little personally, or a lot personally,
because I relate to this for two reasons. One, I am also disabled. Two, I grew up with child abuse. So this hits me in the
feels a little bit, and I don’t understand, I
don’t understand parents who have kids and end up abusive. And I don’t understand teachers who get into this field and be abusive. Also, the fact that you’re
putting disabled kids, and the most recent student is autistic, the fact that you’re putting these kids in the trash can, is just,
really bad, obviously. It’s already bad if you were to put non-disabled kids in the trash can. For me, my disabilities are different because I am deaf, I have
chronic pain and fatigue. So if I were to be thrown into a trash can I probably wouldn’t have any other issue or reaction other than really being upset, and well because of the abusive childhood, that might trigger some PTSD, but to put, and okay I don’t know a
whole lot about autism, but I imagine if you were
to put an autistic kid in a trash can and there’s something about over stimulation and sensory overload, and just things like that,
touching autistic kids. I have a friend who is
autistic who does not like people touching them
without, like at least notifying them beforehand. If you were to touch them without, even if you were just to come up to them by surprise or just walk
past them, they freak out. So I can’t imagine what these
children are going through, these disabled, autistic children. I can’t imagine what
they’re going through. And for what reason? There is no good excuse for this. No good reason, but I am just so curious as to how Johnson thought
it was going to be a good idea to put the kids in the trash. What did they do that made you want to put them in the trash,
and what sort of resolution, is that the word I’m looking for? What kind of ending did you
want to come out of this type of thing, putting them in the trash? Like did you think that people
would be happy about that? And how did you get away
with it for so long? I understand that kids get very scared about reporting this type of thing and the blame is not on
them at all, absolutely not, but I’m just, but then again, abusers are good at what they do. They’re good at hiding things and hiding behind a wall
and having this mask on, and getting their timings right. Like oh no, I’m going to
wait till so and so leaves and I’m gonna keep track of
whoever’s around and then… These kids are already
vulnerable, so let’s just, ugh. So we’ll just have to see what happens at the end of the investigation, and what happens at trial. Please, get fired and get some punishment. Anyway, that’s all I know and
all I have to say about that. If you would enjoy more of
these finding articles about, you know, certain things
like disability, abuse, things like that, wanting me
to react to them, let me know. I think it’s something a
little bit new on the channel that I would like to do. Inspired by Ready To Glare,
cause I love her commentary on these wacky ass things
that happen, you know. If you would like to help
translate this video, I will have a translation link down below in the description box. Thank you for taking
the time out of your day to watch this video and I
will see you later, bye.


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  2. yep, very true. I had to learned everything on my own when I was younger.. Still to this day in the work environment. This is why I love doing this YouTube thing, more creative control.

  3. I didn't even know about this till now but this is shocking. People shouldn't treat others like this because it's wrong we should be aiming to treat others equally..

  4. This type of shit is so normal. Seclusion, isolation, abuse, locked In a room, hit, denied food, denied accomodations. I know a child right now where instead of asking her to stand up the teacher throws a ball so the child can basically "fetch it" and now the parents have to figure out if they get a lawyer or just homeschool.
    Some parents literally send tape recorders in their kids backpacks to record the abuse so that the court MAY do something.

  5. SICK! These are the kind of people that don't need to be working around anyone whose disabled, their the most vulnerable and can't defend themselves from being hurt. Just sad how people still disrespect the disabled community.

  6. That's absolutely repulsive. Under no means should a teacher lay hands on any student in a disciplinary manner, let alone put them in a trash can! I hope there is justice for those poor children.

  7. I had a teacher abuse me and other kids for having learning disabilities and hearing loss! She made us stand in a corner with a paper and clip board and pencil and made us stand there till we all answered and finished our questions on the paper, knowing we had learning disabilities! And I was the last one still standing in the corner! I went home crying and telling my mom! She went to the principal and told them the teacher should be fired for that, and how she ever got into working with special needs children we have no idea!! My mom pulled me out of that school after being there for a week, literally one week!

  8. That awful how xan someone get away with putting disabled kids in trash for 2 years without anuone she shouldn't be suspended with pay she should be fired love you rikki great and very important video

  9. Why does this still happen god knows. People with autism will have a melt down if you even touch them (not all but some) but some may not understand the situation and them being in the trash is very upsetting from a person with autism I know i get judged but if this teacher did that to me I would feel worse due to fact that i have various other disabilities. TRAINING SHOULD BE INSURED AND IF THEY DON'T ATTEND KICK THEM OUT. Schools should do once a month things to educated the teachers and get them to learn how to better manage kids.

  10. I like you reacting to things as you read them. Something about initial reactions is addicting. We get your impulsive ans natural reaction to it. It's genuine 🙂

  11. Can't speak as to the parents, but a lot of predators choose their fields for access to disabled/vulnerable populations. Ugh. I hope she gets the book thrown at her.

  12. This is so sad and Messed up!
    The only student I ever saw in a trash can put themselves there! I was in 9th grade and a class mate sat on top of a trash can and the teacher told her to be careful and get up because she was going to fall into it… she was like sitting on the edge and balancing on it with her two hands on the opposite side of the can and she was like “I’m not going to fall in!” and when she said that her arms buckled and she literally fell in the garbage and she was laughing so hard she couldn’t get up! So the only time a student should be in a trash can is if they stupidly decide to put themselves there! (Well a non disabled persons decided as some disabled people like an autistic person may not know better but you get the point) Hope the teacher gets fired and fined as much as possible!

  13. My math teacher did that a few times to kids. But mostly to keep them distracted/busy for some time. It also was kind of funny and the students agreed to do it and we all laughed about it. Doing it without the students' consent and only doing it to disabled students feels like abuse to me.

  14. Thanks for bringing awareness to this. This story is such a low point. Keep up the good work, Rikki. I always appreciate you.

  15. That's really a horrible thing for someone, especially a teacher, to do. It breaks my heart. I was an (undiagnosed at the time) autistic kid in school who was bullied by a teacher, and I was terrified to go to school, which had always been a safe place for me until then. I am glad that those students hopefully felt like they had support when reporting that teacher.

  16. As a person on the autism spectrum and chronic pain, this really makes me so sad. I grew up with abuse and have PTSD too. I just hope these kids can find some restorative justice. My heart goes out to them.

  17. When I was in the 3rd grade (in the 80's) my teacher used to tie a kid to his chair because he couldn't sit still. Looking back he probably had ADHD. I wish I would have said something 😔 I hope he didn't suffer any lasting effects because of it.

  18. Teachers inappropriately restraining or isolating Autistic children is altogether too common. They get away with it because many young Autistic children are either entirely non-verbal or become non-verbal when overwhelmed and so can't speak when attempting to recall the abuse. I hope this teacher is never allowed near children again.

    Parent of an Autistic child who couldn't tell me if he had speech therapy or outdoor recess today until 3rd grade.

  19. My biggest question is how is Johnson putting them in the trash and what was the purpose. Was it to embarrass them? Was it to get them to calm down (idk how that would work)? Or was it about the physical throwing them way like trash? Was it a toss? Did Johnson just pick them up and place them in the trash? Placing them in the trash gives absolutely no context to the situation. Regardless it should never be done. But I'm honestly confused. Also why didn't anyone else see it or say anything?

  20. This topic about teachers abusing kids with disabilities hits me in the feels. I was abused by a teacher over 25 years ago because of my deafness. She treated us deaf kids like we were stupid and hurts us often with bruises and scratches. I am actually thankful she threw me to the ground so hard my knee got swollen because that’s what got her caught and banned from teaching kids with disabilities.

    The fact that this teacher put kids in trash cans are completely disrespectful and cruel. That teacher deserves to be punished. I strongly believe there needs to be teachers who are properly trained to understand certain disabilities that the kids have. Plus, learn from parents about their child’s needs and how to handle them.

  21. Long ago, I worked in education. At the beginning I was a substitute, often going as an aide in special needs classrooms. Only once did I see a situation that concerned me, but the teacher was trying his best to manage a student with feral behavior. He had a leather harness & leash on the boy. Other than that, I never saw any staff person do what you described. There is no excuse for that! There is a very small number of people in the field who should not be there. This appears to be one.

  22. Hi Rikki!
    Trigger warning : abuse of students

    While I do not condone putting children into trash cans, I would like to give some historical notes.
    1. When my Mom was in school; if a child misbehaved, the principal would bend their hand back and hit them with a rubber hose. He did that once on my Mom. Let me stress the word "once." My Grandma went to the school and spoke to him. It never happened again.
    2. Mike Rowe's mom, Peggy Rowe, wrote a book last year, "About My Mother." In one chapter she relates a teacher who terrorized her students. She would put kids in the trashcan as well.
    3. When I was in high school, one teacher would make a mark on the blackboard with a piece of chalk and have the boys who were being disruptive put their nose on it. The mark would be high enough that they had to stand on tip toes. One day , our guidance counselor/Psychiatry teacher threw a desk at a boy. Did they deserve it? Hell yes! Am I saying this because these boys bullied me terribly? Most probably.
    Now, when did these things occur? Well, my Mom would have been in school during the Depression. Peggy a bit later. Me, I graduated in '83.
    Is it difficult to be a teacher or para these days? Hell yes! Students get away with everything! Spit on a para? Leave the class for five minutes.
    In a local small town school, it came out about two weeks ago that an 18 year old boy had written up a hit list of students that he threatened to kill. He showed the list to a girl (17) and her name was at the top of the list. She went to the office to report it. The principal called the boy in WITH THE GIRL IN THERE and proceeded to tell her that there was not a problem. She was too scared to tell her Mom. A month later, a Sheriff's deputy showed up at her Mom's house to talk to her about it. The boy has since been taken out of his home and the school. Is the town upset? You bet!

    I"m sure there was a point to this…

  23. As someone who’s autistic, getting literally put in the trash can sounds like sensory hell turned up to 11. How does anyone convince themself that that’s an okay thing to do to anyone?

  24. I had a teacher who used to bully the disabled kids in my middle school. My friend had a mental disability and needed to take tests in the tutor room (along with a couple of our guy friends) and he would say, loudly, “here’s your exam to go take in the stupid kids room.” He also put the autistic kids in the corner if they stimmed at all. Thankfully my stims look more like adhd leg movements so I didn’t get picked on so much, but I’m terrified for my little sister to go through his class because her Autism is more noticeable than mine. I just seem odd. My younger siblings said that he’s still doing it to them and my mom filed complaints but nothing has been done 😞

  25. That's just messed up and sad… I hope they get what they deserve. And suspended WITH PAY!? seriously? 🤦‍♀️

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