Te Absolvo – Le Côté Obscur

Forgive me father, For I have sinned. I’m listening my… … son. I’ve been a bad father, father. These things happen. I killed the mother of my children. These things happen. The Imperial court took them away from me. These things happen. I mean… THOSE BASTARDS! Yes. I killed the judge. Wise decision. Really? Yes, kids do best with their mom & dad! You’re a bit of a conservative. I’m not a conservative! You’re a bit of a conservative! I’m a bit of a conservative. God hates single fathers. God loves single fathers! I’m the living proof of that. Why do I have so many problems with the twins then? Lord Vader, try to look on the bright side of life… things aren’t so dark. Black. Murky. Those brats constantly rebel against me. Leia stole the plans for my latest project… I’ve been accusing others for 3 weeks! I’ll soon run out of people to kill! What will I say to my boss then? Shitty situation indeed. You tell me. My sweet Luke is a hillbilly… He spends all his time tuning his landspeeder and hangs out with a… With some… You know what I mean! No. A Corellian and a Wookie! Tell me about it. It’s even trending on StormTwitter! It’s all his mother’s fault… Encouraging multi-cultural galaxies, Easy when you grew up on Naboo! Filthy liberal scums! Lord Vader please watch your language, This is God’s temple. I can’t take it anymore, Those brats are killing me… Leia is dating this Ian Solo hipster. She made out with her brother. Now what!? She’ll sleep with the Wookie? You know Lord Vader. All this… It’s Freudian. It’s the kids… One must kill the father! Kill the father? Exactly! It’ll feel much better after that. Okay. Then… I did not come for this but… It’s not what I meant. Forgive me father!

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