Taking OFF Airborne, Contact, and Eye Protection (ACE) – STANDARD

Mask and shield off: how to safely remove personal protective equipment inside the patient room it helps to have a buddy do a 360 visual inspection if they can see you through the door sanitize your gloves
very very well make sure you get your finger tips
and thumbs and in between your fingers to remove the gown cross your arms and
grab the shoulders of your gown pull until you feel it break and then roll it
away from you into a ball in over your hands until you remove the gloves sanitize your hands very very well remove the face shield by the strap in
way over your head without touching your skin or remove your goggles sanitize your hands very very well now you can exit the patient room
immediately sanitize your hands very very well grab the loops or ties of the mask and
remove it into the trash without touching it to your face now thoroughly
wash your hands turn on the water use plenty of soap wash your thumbs and fingernails and in
between your fingers and your wrists rinse off completely use paper towels to
turn off the water and dispose of them

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