Steve Gets His Eyes Lasered (LASEK Eye Surgery)

Hey guys today’s episode’s gonna be a little bit different. In a couple days, I’m gonna be getting LASEK eye surgery and we contacted the doctor to see if he could train me on how to perform LASEK eye surgery and he, said no. So I don’t, meet the regulations required to be eye doctor person, I like haven’t been to eye doctor school or whatever. So this is gonna be like more of an informative vvv-lloggg for anyone interested in getting LASEK eye surgery. Hope you enjoy! Alright, Doctor thank you for meeting with us today. As you can tell, I’m a little bit nervous but, I’m also really excited for this surgery. I’ve been wearing glasses for 16
years so can you tell me a little bit emm, more about your experience with the the surgery how long have you been doing it how many years? Doctor: It’s been about 11 or 12 years since I’ve done this laser surgery to my patients and umm, the particular surgery you are going to receive today is called LASEK. It takes about five to seven minutes. Steve: Five to seven minutes? Doctor: both of your eyes and umm you will feel a little bit pain for two or three days but after that it will be fine. and your final visual recovery will be done in two or three weeks within 2 or 3 weeks. You have to put in some eyedrops to make your cornea flat. That’s for about five or six months. All right, so are there any long-term effects from this
surgery? Like you know, five to ten years later will my vision decrease? or.. Doctor: One in 10 patients have myopic myopic degeneration that means your vision deteriorates and that’s when your cornea doesn’t stay flat. It becomes round. So then you feel your vision is going down. So you come again and we check your cornea and do the exams, and we tell you to put more eye drops or do the re-surgery Steve: Ok So with re-surgery, you know in five or ten years if I need to do
re-surgery, can I just come back here? Doctor: Yes, some people don’t have a lot of they have thin corneas than others, so they can’t do re-surgery but in your case I think it’s really fine. Steve: How do my eyes look based on the results? Of our tests? Doctor: So to speak, it’s average. Steve:its average? Doctor:for myopic people. Steve: Okay.Good. Doctor: [laugh], Doctor: four diopters and three diopters of myopia, in both of our eyes. Steve: Any tips on the next two to three days? What should I eat? How much rest should I do? Like, I can’t watch TV? Doctor: It’s okay for you to watch TV, but you cant, I don’t think you will be able to open your eyes for that long. So I think it’s best for you to take a rest and put in your eye drops as we have told you, and I think it’s better for you to take much sleep. Steve: Okay and when’s the next time I’m gonna see you? Doctor: Five days. Steve: I’m ready to do this, are you ready? Doctor: I’m ready, too! Both: Let’s do it! Steve: Alright, now that I’ve talked to the doctor. He made me feel a lot more confident, and umm he’s done this procedure countless amounts of times and yeah I’m just ready to throw these things away and you know start a new journey, so let’s do this! [Upbeat Music] This is the last time I’ll be wearing glasses Oh sh*t **Warning Graphic Content** [Music] ohhh I went through five minutes of pain (cough) I already see like better it’s just crazy. Wow. Oh dude, I can already see This is crazy. Camerman: Does it hurt a lot? Steve: No, not at all. oh my right eye hurts a little. Yeah, so I just finished thee uhh the operation. There are some certain parts where definitely felt uncomfortable but for the five minutes of pain, just freakin worth it. I can already see. yeah, I can see you clearly. These glasses. These are glasses, are done. (Drops Glasses) Let’s get out of here. Feels like there’s garlic being rubbed in my eyes right now. I just want to sleep. Hey what’s up guys! So it’s been about a month now since I’ve gotten LASEK eye surgery, and I just wanted to do a follow-up for you. Anyone, that’s interested in doing LASEK. I wanted to talk to you about initially how I felt during the first three days a week and two weeks and then just until, now. What my vision is, how I’m maintaining it. I mean I highly recommend that you go with somebody because you’re going to need help when you leave umm when got to the place they like put some numbing drops in before the surgery and it only took like five minutes. But, it was very uncomfortable I will say. They get you under this like fat laser machine thing. and they put these numbing drops in you, and they cover up one of your eyes and basically you can see everything, and they they have they hold your eyelids with some like machine thingy So you can’t blink. and you can see like a razor just getting cut around your cornea and then once they cut your cornea they just like flap that cornea up, and and it’s crazy because you can see everything that’s going on so yeah it’s pretty like.. Like pretty creepy and uncomfortable and then right when they flap up your cornea they tell you to look straight at this laser thing and all I can remember it was like green as I was looking straight into it and it lasts about 10 to 15 seconds and you can just smell kind of like dead skin while the laser is being lasered into your eye, and uhh yeah I just I just remember it was it started off as green and then my whole vision like was like circles of like red Yeah. Then when the laser was finished they flipped back my cornea and like stitched it up and then put some drops in there and like cleaned my eye and that was like so uncomfortable. if you were like not a person that enjoys uhh people like touching your eye I will say that was like super uncomfortable, but it only lasts for maybe like three minutes so it’s like three minutes of just uncomfortableness during the first three days I was like, ‘oh my gosh’ this is totally not worth it but now I will say, like it was totally.. I’d do it again. unfortunately I was not able to capture one to three days of how I felt just because I could not even look at my phone let alone just record myself so I really apologize for that. I really wanted to have some footage there for you just to actually, see like how I felt but I can tell you the first day after I had the surgery it was about five o’clock and my friend took me home, and uhh initial feeling of just getting out of surgery was like shards of glass in my eyes and it was extremely painful. I could not even open my eyes, we took the subway from the doctors office to my house which was about an hour commute, and from what my friend was telling me. I just looked extremely drunk and belligerent, I was feeling very ‘out of it’ I couldn’t open my eyes at all I guess I went on the subway during rush hour so I was like breathing over like some people and my friend had to like pull me off them just so I wouldn’t get like slapped by women I didn’t even know that this was happening because, you know my my eyes were closed and I was just in so much pain. I just passed out right when I got home like at five o’clock and then when I woke up it was like the next day and I could like barely open my eyes like thirty percent and the pain was still there. It wasn’t as excruciating as thee initial day, but the following day I just was in my bed and I had my roommate turn on some audiobooks for me so that was like nice to just listen to some audiobooks eat bananas and I just like drank a lot of water so I pretty much just chilled all day in my bed the next day and it was just completely dark in my room. I had like, like this an ice patch thing that I had over my eyes so that was pretty nice. so yeah I mean just a soft foods and prepared audiobooks drank a lot of water the next day it was a little uncomfortable still but like I could tell my vision was like at 70% where I did not need glasses at all. It was really nice after that after the the third day it just progressively got better and better. Like a week after I had to get these protective contacts removed out of my eyes so I went to the doctor’s got those removed and right when I got the contacts removed it was like I could, I could really start seeing it was like at 85 to about 90% after a week after the surgery and I would say that it’s just been progressively getting better it’s about a month now and I can tell, I can definitely tell like my left eye is at 100% and my right eye is still at kind of like 90%? but I have days where my right eye it gets it gets a lot better Umm I’m putting drops in like four times a day and just continuing to moisturize. I can say like in the initial days the first week my eyes did experience a lot of like dryness, so I had to keep a lot of like moisture eyedrops on hand all the time with me but that was only like those were the only side effects that I really felt. Other than justtt yeah. Other than that, I can definitely say that I would totally recommend it to anybody that it’s considering LASEK if you’ve been wearing contacts and eyeglasses as long as I have been so yeah I just wanted to make this vlog for you guys for anyone that is interested in LASEK it was it was very uncomfortable at first but overall it’s a great experience. [Music]


  1. Nahhhh this is some Jigsaw horror movie stuff 😨 I had to go to the optician bc I thought my eyes were tired so I wanted some eye drops but it turns out that I needed glasses lol 🙃 at least now u can wear glasses as an accessory instead of necessity lmao real helpful vid tho!

  2. Steve: I want to perform eye surgery even though I have no acreditation or certification to do it!!!
    Eye doctor: No, you can't.

  3. Hi Steve, hope all is well on your end. Im just wondering what was your visual acuity before and after the surgery? I've been wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses for 16years now and have 300 vision both of my eyes. Thank you and hope for more informative videos.

  4. How come you were not wearing protective shades after the surgery???? 😒 Anyways, good thing your okay now.

  5. We’re twins brah! I got this same surgery in Korea. First 3 days my eyes felt like they were chillin in a blender. but now Ba Bammmm! 👀👀

  6. Lmaooo I bragged to my mother about not feeling in any pain and an hour later I was screaming because it hurt so bad. It's been three months and I never looked back.

  7. I want to do it too but the fact that it will pain for 2-3 days scares shit out me, I will be screaming in pain, I hope pain is not bad as I think! 🤦‍♀💔

  8. It is 4am.
    The sound is muted on my iPad.
    Desperate to hear the words.
    Yet satisfied by the silence.
    Being drawn in.
    His expressions, movements, posture all speak to me.
    I am grateful; I will sleep well.

  9. oh man, rush hour on line 2 is an awful experience even at 100% full health, surviving the ride home directly after that must have been quite a feat!

  10. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, and you don't have to apologise for not filming when you were recovering and not feeling a 100%. <3

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