if you’re new here, my name is Smitha welcome back to my channel. In today’s tutorial I will teach you an easy way to create gold smokey eyes this type of look looks great for bridal, wedding guest, parties let’s begin! to fill in my brows i’m using benefit cosmetics precisely my brows eye pencil in the shade 4.5 the eyelid looks oily the color is also different compared to my other skin tone so to clean up the lid I’m using the milani concealer in the shade 145 to apply it, i’m using a flat eyeliner brush from elf to set above the crease I’m using airspun translucent powder to make the blending easy for eyeshadow application there are different types of brushes I’ll show you what I use regularly these long bristles and rounded tops brushes are called blending brushes, you can soften the eyeshadows with these, like using transition at the crease or to soften the outer corner and these are flat shader brushes with these you can easily use eyeshadows on the lid you can also press the eyeshadows with these to get good pigment payoff these rounded top smaller tops are called pencil brushes because they look like pencils they are great for detailed work like applying eyeshadow in the lower lash line or in the inner corner today I’m going to be using good as gold palette from colourpop for transition I’m using this brown shade called diggin’ u I’ll soften it at the crease with a blending brush this is the sigma blending brush E40 if you hold the brush very close there will be more pressure and its difficult to blend so make sure you keep some distance, I’m going to apply the transition at the crease and soften it to deepen the outer corner I’m using a darker brown shade called called big brooch and I’m going to apply it with a small blending brush from hip dot on the lid, I’ll be using this metallic gold shade called gold star, first I’ll press it with my finger and to cleanup the edges, I’ll use a flat shader brush and to soften the outer edge, I’m using the small blending brush in the lower lash line I’ll first use the transition shade diggin u, and to apply it I’m using a colourpop pencil brush next for eyeliner I’ll use the maybelline gel liner in black first in the waterline and then line my lashline on top and bottom to finish up, I’m using false lashes these are brazen by blaq label before that, I’ll curl my natural lashes and apply mascara, this is the bad gal bang mascara from benefit to complement the eye makeup I’m using this red lipstick from colourpop in melonade you can also use nude lipsticks finally to set and seal the makeup I’m using the L’Oreal infallible setting spray this is the finished look, as you saw how easy it was to create gold smokey eye and it looks so classy I hope you enjoyed the video, please let me know by commenting below & please don’t forget to like/share/subscribe if you need product information you’ll find it in the description box below the video you’ll also find my intagram and facebook links you can also follow me there

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