Southern Eye Center–Sunnye Renze Blade-Free LASIK Patient

I was completely dependent on glasses
and contacts. I couldn’t see to drive to read a book. I couldn’t do anything without
glasses or contacts. Since having LASIK I’ve noticed that when I wake up I could see my loved ones
without having to put anything in my eye. I can see my cell phone and I can
see the computer. I can see the little bitty things that never been able to see before,
ingredients on a package, so it’s been really well I do not need any
glasses or contacts into anything right now. You know when I was in medical school I
was looking for something where I could actually make a difference in someone’s
life and there’s really nothing greater than being able to give somebody their vision back.
It is very fulfilling. Schedule your free all laser LASIK evaluation at Southern Eye Center. Call 601 450 2020 or visit Southern Eye Center celebrating more than 35 years of excellence in vision care

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