Shameema Sikder, M.D. | Ophthalmology

>>My name is Shameema Sikder
and I am an assistant professor at the Wilmer Eye
Institute at Johns Hopkins. I’m a cornea, cataract,
and refractive surgeon with a clinical interest in keratoconus, Fuchs’, and complex cataracts. My patient care philosophy
is centered around education. It’s very important that my patients understand what their disease process is and what their treatment options are. My research interests are
in surgical education. I believe, by improving the state of
surgical care around the world, we can have an impact in
treating global blindness. I went into ophthalmology, given my background in
engineering, interest in surgery, and strong desire to help patients. I consider it a privilege
to be an ophthalmologist and help my patients see better. I operate in Baltimore, Bethesda, and see patients exclusively in Bethesda, where I’d be honored to see you. (soft music)

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