SCIENCE – B&G™ – Berries & Greens Superfoods

(uplifting music) – All right, we wanna
tell you a little bit more about the science behind
Driven Nutrition’s B&G, which is our super concentrated
berries and greens formula. This formula consists of sea vegetables, algae from spirulina, wakame seed and noni fruit. These are called super foods because they’re some of
the most nutrient dense foods on earth. They’re full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyll. These sea algaes help to detoxify the body of heavy metals, pesticides, help to cleanse the liver and kidneys for better immune health and
anti inflammatory support. They also help to alkalize the body, balance blood pressure and stabilize glucose. Our formula also contains alfalfa leaf. Now alfalfa leaf was
chosen for this formula because of its high nutrient content. This is because the roots of alfalfa don’t just grow in our topsoil like most of our fruits and vegetables. The roots of alfalfa have been found up to 30 feet down in the soil, pulling different vitamins and minerals from all these levels of soil into a very nutritious plant. While it’s not tasty to eat alfalfa leaf, if we can take a process
that delicately refines and turns it into a powder, you can get all the nutrients from alfalfa without the bad taste. Next in our formula we
added antioxidant rich bright fruits and veggies, like carrot, blueberry, raspberry, beet, goji berry, broccoli and spinach. These antioxidants help
prevent free radicals from damaging healthy cells. This damage can increase
the risk of disease and speeds the aging process. Certain processed foods,
antibiotics, pesticides, all can strip our system
of healthy bacteria. When an imbalance occurs, unhealthy bacteria can take over and cause inflammation,
bloating and discomfort. Adding a daily dose of probiotics in a product like B&G can help ensure proper digestive function. Each scoop of B&G contains
the micronutrient content of over 10 servings of
fruits and vegetables. Driven’s B&G is one
hundred percent organic. It is vegan friendly and gluten free. It contains no artificial
colors or flavors. And the best part is, it tastes amazing. B&G is an excellent choice for those who wanna boost
their immune system, detoxify their body and get natural energy from this stimulant free formula. If you have other questions
about Driven Nutrition’s B&G, ask your local affiliate or find us at (uplifting music)

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