Sarin Gas? Not a Problem: Discovery #9

Hey Universe, humans love plants- My name
is Colton lets get started. This plant is called Datura.
Concealed within- are many different Tropane alkaloids. Tropane not propane -alkaloids
-include Atropine, Scopolomine, and hyisamine – This special cocktail can cause incredible
stresses on the human body. First-Acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter in
the brain- binds with specific sites- and -controls a wide variety of funtions. Most
Tropane alkaloids are Anticholinergics- compounds that blocks acetylcholine from binding in
these receptor sites. The enzyme acetylcholinesterase is abundant
in the synaps -and -its role is to rapidly reduce extra acetylcholine from the synapse
-which breaks it down into — acetyl co A and …..choline – from which it was synthesyzed
– Certain neurotoxins work by inhibiting that
enzyme , leading to excess acetylcholine at the synaps, causing over stimulation, nerve
and musscle paralysis. Organophosphates such as pesticides -and nerve
agents like sarin gas -are potent inhibitors of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Unable
to degrade the compound acetylcholine- it quickly builds up in the synaps, –
Anti cholenergics like Datura can counteract organophosphate exposure by blocking the binding
sites so any acetylcholine floating around -can be eventually inactivated by the enzyme.
Awesome if you happen to live in this part of the world- or happen to like the subway. Atropine- an alkaloid -is primarely used to
resusitate patients in cardiac arrest or assist in returning a bradycardia rythm to normal
levels. Scopolomine is an incredibly potent alkaloid
and therefore difficutl to guage its dose, it is used in western medicine for motion
sickness. Doses higher than 300 micrograms can cause hallucinations and delusions. Hyoscyamine is also known as levo-atropine
and shares similar properties- this completes the trifecta of superproperties. Alkaloid-containing plants have been used
by humans since ancient times for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Some animals adapted
to alkaloids and now rely on them- neurotransmitters serotonin, and dopamine originated as alkaloids.


  1. Potentially very bad- unless you have been poisoned by Organophosphates. The plant is so potent that gauging the dose is very difficult. No eating:)

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