Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – My Blue Eyes!

Miles: it rained cement at a middle school that I went to one time Miles: When I was in middle school they were doing construction Miles: You know if you have different courtyards there’s like oh the goth kids hang out over there Miles: there’s the jocks over there. There’s one courtyard that’s like the nerdy courtyard. The people with the Pokemon, the Magic, the YuGiOh cards Miles: and one morning I get off the bus my buddy… my buddy and I are walking to class and all the sudden we hear this PA-KING Miles: and we’re like “What the hell was that?” Miles: and then all the sudden we’re like “oh hey, it’s raining” Miles: and then we realize there was a pipe of liquid cement Miles: on the roof. A valve had burst and it just started spraying liquid cement into the sky and it started raining down Miles: I saw the saddest thing that day Miles: All these kids were playing their card games it starts raining cement and I saw this kid with like a bowl haircut and thick-ass glasses Miles: “My blue eyes!” and he dove onto his rare YuGiOh card and sacrificed himself and was covered in absolutely covered In cement [Loud laughing] Miles: “My blue eyes!” WHHOOOSHHH Miles: and was just completely wiped out [Laughing]
Miles: it was just like a bunch of nerds frozen in time forever Miles [laughing]: protecting their cards [laughing] Miles: that morning on the announcements there was just like *Bing* “If you have been covered in cement, please report to the nurse’s office in a calm manner” Miles: “and can we please get some people to chisel the children out of the courtyard that would be fantastic” Gus: that is fucking phenomenal


  1. Ever since this came out randomly throughout my life I catch myself saying " My blue eyes!" just like miles says it

  2. I had 6 of those damn things, they were not rare, you just had to keep getting the same pack over and over.

  3. Except, you know, looking at how old Mile's is, and the fact that he was talking about High School. That was probably the structure deck Kaiba blue eyes. Which is worth anywhere between 200 and 700 dollars depending on it's condition.

  4. Ok.. deep breath Why! Why was there a wet cement pipe in your school in the first place? Seriously what's the point?

  5. The saddest thing–when I saw the title of this video, I honestly thought it had something to do with someone's actual blue iris eyes.

    Nope. It was just a nerdy card game in a situation where I would've done the exact same thing. Even sadder. XD

  6. Wait, kids getting covered in dried cement is advertiser friendly? I got an ad before THIS video?! The rules have never been so vague.

  7. chinese blue eyes and armored blue eyes are 2 of the most valuable yugioh cards so if he has one of the two i would nit be surprised

  8. I had a weird high school… nobody hated each other, I mean I was in choir, on the basketball team, drank a bit, dated a volleyball girl, and played Magic and video games openly… in 2004. I mean literally in one bball game I sang the anthem in the choir IN JERSEY with another guy on the team then ran to the bench.

    I never get high school stories… must be public schools.

  9. And now you can get four like 5 dollars (Or thereabouts) a set of three decks, one of which has three blue eyes white dragons, and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

  10. The blue eyes is a yu gi oh card the blue eyes white dragon very rare and powerful I see why he dove to protect it cause it's also kind of expensive

  11. If it was that original art blue eyes, I can understand why. Blue-Eyes cost some mad dollars, hell the DDS Blue-Eyes is mad cash!

  12. damn is this what the human race has come to cheap paper cards with dragons that are supposedly more valuable than human life

  13. Worst of all is Blue Eyes isn't even rare. Back Yugioh's hayday any Kaiba starter deck came with a blue eyes. You can still pick that card up on the cheap, because I think they put three of them in that deck too.

    That kid pulled a Han Solo for no reason. Getting laid will never be on his agenda.

  14. But if it was actually "The Blue Eyes White Dragon" then that's a really common card. I remember Yu-Gi-Oh cards being sold as entire desks inspired by characters. So you could get Yugi's deck which had the Dark Magician or you could get like Kaiba's deck which had the Blue Eyes. These things were mass produced and had thousands of copies so these cards really weren't rare.

  15. When you think about it now, that kid could get like fifty Blue Eyes to replace that one with amount of reprints that Konami has felt the need to release.

  16. Miles: if you have different courtyards, there's, you know, the goth kids over there-
    me: there's a dude wearing a black version of one of Bruce Lee's outfits XDXD

  17. I'd like to imagine some random kid walking up to the nerd statues and just saying "aw cool a blue eyes" and takes it and just a single tear emerges from the statue

  18. depending on which card set it's from, that blue eyes could be worth up to 300 dollars today. jus sayin, if my card was worth 300, id get sprayed by cement to save it too

  19. I know how to make that nerd cry.

    When I was younger I had a Blue Eyes White Dragon, but like, I didn't know how rare it was and unded up throwing it away at school. And it was like, the og Blue Eyes, something thats probably worth like, 500 dollars today or something.

  20. its funny how today the certain yugioh players are still divided because of the trinity that being red-eyes blue-eyes and dark magician i myself am loyal to blue-eyes

  21. My high school was doing construction and cement got into the water fountains and if you weren't paying attention you would have drank cement water

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