Reusing Face and Eye PPE – Extended Wear for COVID-19 Care

reusing face and eye protection extended
wear for COVID-19 care inside the patient room sanitize your gloves very very
well. get your finger tips and thumbs and in between all of your fingers to remove the gown, cross your arms and
grab the shoulders of your gown pull until you feel it break and then
roll it away from you into a ball and over your hands until you remove the
gloves. sanitize your hands very very well
after taking off your gown and gloves and then exiting the room of a patient
with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case sanitize your hands very very well.
Keep your face and eye protection on if they’re not visibly soiled. Get a gown if
you have the kind of gown that goes on over the head, do not put it on this way.
Carefully tear the neck at the center. It helps if you grip the gown so that your
hands protect the seams tear it tie the neck in a double knot Then tie the waist behind you as you
normally would put on fresh gloves sanitize your hands very very well Enter the next patient room with a
suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient

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