Rep. Nunes: China ‘downplayed’ the virus


  1. We know who gets to play Scrooge this year.

    How is this craven moron not recalled by the people he represents?

  2. "they down played it"
    1/23/20 Wuhan of 12 million people closed off.
    i don't think they down played it. you just never thought it was gonna happen here.
    and now you telling people to go to restaurants on national TV? isn't that what is against everything the president just recommended? no gathering of more than 10?


  4. 🔴🔴🔴☢No No No Do NOT Go to Restaurants, thers a 99% chance you will Get Sick. I use to work for the food service Industry and Most Food Handlers Never Wash Their Hands after coming from the Bathroom.

  5. They inefficiently built two hospitals which could accommodate 1000 patients each in just just 10 days. They tested everyone who needs to get a test.

  6. China should face a mushroom cloud. This is war. Bio weapons should be war crimes. This things released and I think we need to find out where who

  7. The world Never seen this before.please stop the politics please stop. Humans need to unite and overcome together. Back to basics.

  8. Trump down played it first saying it was a hoax … you got it wrong don't blame China. If he hadn't have disbanded the infectious diseases team then he wouldn't have been so late to the party

  9. On Monday, Nunes claimed his statement about going out to restaurants meant going thru the drive thru not dine in. Stupid media mixing up what he said! Doesn’t everyone have a family drive thru experience! I know my kids beg me to have a whole family drive thru experience.

    What a pile of garbage.

    I would love to point out the Fox News personality nodding her head in agreement about going out to eat with the family. Total propaganda network. The Republican Party and Republican media going against the cdc, who, and the world.

  10. It appears the the Chinese Triad are acting independently from the Chinese communist.
    They need to put leashes on these triad guys.

  11. China don't foo around with whistleblowers! Those nasty mofo's eat Rats serpants bats jesus no wonder were all sick???

  12. What an idiot the President of the USA downplayed this virus, it will magically disappear, his Uncle was a genious

  13. "China downplayed the virus"
    China quarantined how many people?
    Meanwhile the US is still pretending the virus isn't airborne and that people aren't highly contagious before showing symptoms.
    What a joke. Smh

  14. Nunes you and Trump have blood on your hands. You better get some sanitizer and stay away from us. You might be hit by lightening with all your hurtful advice and lies.

  15. Nunes is just like Trumpty Dumpty only cares about himself!!!! He has no clue!!!! Wake the hell up America!!!

  16. This entire network should be ashamed. FOX News went from laughing at this Pandemic situation to now shifting to a more serious voice.

  17. Well if you had a social net in place you would not be in this situation. Other countries are forgiving loan payment, rent and mortgage payments and the governments are backing and infusing cash, unemployed people get government insurance that will pay them to stay home .It's called employment insurance. How is capitalism working for you now?
    Capitalism with out social responsibility and systems will fail under economic stress.

  18. He sure changed his tune from a few days ago: It's a continuation of the "Democrat hoax." Everyone should continue as normal, go out to eat! (very bad advice; the states are on lockdown, w/closed schools, restaurants, any place where strangers gather) Nunes doesn't seem to know that you can be a carrier of the virus but not have any symptoms! It's amazing anyone voted for this tool.

  19. This wasn't a piece with good advice. Go out and do your stuff if you must, and wear a mask, plus avoid crowds. Otherwise stay at home and work if you can.

  20. Nunes and Trump TOTALLY DOWNPLAYED the virus; worse than the Chinese! They both deserve a good beating.

  21. The biggest reason is is they fool with all kinds of animals eatingthe second reason is is they have a very large experimental program on viruses and diseases don't fool yourself these people know that that's the best way to win a war 👊🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  22. I think you are so right I think they created this virus either accidentally or on purpose and then the scientist or doctor that did created was killed off by that by the Chinese

  23. Everyone on the planet needs to sue the hell out of the Chinese Government for covering up the coronavirus outbreak.

  24. Let be honest, the majority of his constituents can't just go to the market and buy $4000 worth of food at the supermarket. Majority of Americans can't do that. He's out of touch.

  25. Congressman Nunes I took your advise to go my local restaurant and it is closed. What other advise do you have for me ?

  26. Wow looking at that map, it is spreading through America a lot more than it did in China. In China it was largely restricted to to the area around Wuhan.

  27. Now he's lying saying the media is making this up. He claims he said to go to the drive-thru. I didn't know they had drive through at the pub. Also, why would you "take the family out" to the drive through? You'd pick it up and bring it home. Why would it be "easy to get in" to a drive through? Anyone now doubt that this guy will look the public straight in the eye and lie to us?

  28. Nunes thinks it's a good idea to go out with the family for a meal. To which I say, I hope those who watch this network aren't as stupid as I think they are.

  29. His constituents need to fire his A _ _ now he is so disrespectful she tried to cut him short but this interview is so disgusting with people that are dying be for real she needs to tell him to gey real hey to his constituents fire him

  30. Wet markets are not sanitary .. China has these types of markets with wild animals.. that’s the reason these virus come from there..

  31. "There inefficient" LOL…. They could build a hospital, ship it to the US and have it operating before US contractors had the blueprints done…lol

  32. HE WILL SUE THEIR ASSES FOR LIBEL!!!!!!!!! Nunes says this FOX interview is a hoax, its just someone who looks like him contradicting Trumps medical team.
    Nunes may be the best and the brightest his California district has to offer, but in Congress he's a joke.

  33. Fox news is not good news.
    Their reporters are bias and unprofesional. It is just a reality joke to earn salary money what this clowns reporters display

  34. I’m from Cali and he is a disgrace to his state and his position in the Congress. Vote him down folks, please!!!!!!!

  35. Merriam Webster called, they are adding the word "asshat" to the dictionary, the definition will just be a picture of Devin Nunes.

  36. Mr dumnes- You are NOT a medical doctor, shut up and let the infectious diseases’ specialists do the talking… about whether going to bars etc. if we have milk or beef supply issues we will call you. Maria- stop interviewing stupid idiots that are not in that field- we wouldn’t want all your brain tumors looked at my Bill Gates either. Its causing hysteria and confusion; making people’s lives worse by spreading the wrong information

  37. Trump had the virus spread across the country and now look where we're at
    ( it's time to use your Trump toilet paper)


  39. Really? Because I think you're all pretending it's more serious than it is. 12 million people have died this year already and almost none of them in comparison are from coronavirus.

  40. The bad thing is so did trump, so now we are unprepared. Guess he should have left that office open instead of closing it because Obama opened it. trumps hatred of Obama is costing this country big time.

  41. I truly believe china created this to slow down the economy because they were going Under quick. China is a threat to the world.

  42. Wrong sir quarantine immediately the government should control the movement of the people obviously we need a slap in the face to get the point I live in the Los Angeles area people don’t get it people are coming from all over the states they should just stay put in their homes period

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