hi everyone this is Anne I thought I
would do a video today on two drugstore products that have really really helped
me to reduce my under eye bags and also reduce my under-eye circles
I should say to that I am NOT a medical professional at all so I always
encourage everybody to do their own research I am just sharing with you what
has worked for me personally so about two years ago I noticed that I did have
some bagging of my under eye area between my lash line down to my orbital
orbital bone it was kind of sticking out and bagging so I got online and looked
up some things that I know that those can be caused by fat and as we age the
fat kind of bulges out and so I did some research on what can help to kind of
shrink the fat and there’s a product that I went out and purchased at the
drugstore and I will link all products below, it’s by Nivea and this retails for
around fourteen or fifteen dollars and you just use a tiny tiny bit of it it’s
the Nivea skin firming concentrate and this stuff I just put a tiny tiny bit
just right on my bag I don’t get it too close to my eyes because you don’t want
to get this in your eyes it’s not meant for the eye area but I figured if it can
help smooth out cellulite and things like that on other areas that it might
help on my under eye bags so I just put a tiny, tiny bit and it comes in a pump
and it’s just a gel formulation and it’s just clear it absorbs nicely it is a
little bit oily and so it’s a little bit slick when you first put it on so you
want to use just a tiny bit because you don’t want to end up with it you know
down on your cheeks because I don’t want to get rid of the fat that’s in my
cheeks because then you know my face would sag or something worse
than it does now so I just used a tiny tiny bit of this and I would dot it just
right on that bag area and just dot it on there just a tiny bit and let it soak
in and I would do this after I had applied any other products that I was
going to apply like retin-a or whatever I apply at night I would put this on
last because I didn’t want to apply other products over it and end up
smearing it in areas that I didn’t want to lose fat in my face if that makes
sense. I just used it there for a while about a year and a half to two years ago,
probably I don’t know, once a week or I started out using it a couple nights a
week and then I noticed that they just kind of shrunk right up and I didn’t
need this but maybe once a week for a couple months or maybe a month or so and
then I honestly haven’t even used it on that area since. I do also use this on my
love handle area anytime I notice that they’re you know not looking so good I
rub a little bit of this on massage it in at night time or in the morning and
it helps to kind of just smooth everything out and almost like it just
kind of shrinks the fat so if you suffer from under eye bags and you’re thinking
of going in and having surgery, you might want to give this a try just on the off
chance that it might possibly work for you. I think it worked for me and again
just be very careful not to get it in your eyes because it’s not really meant
for the eye area so just be very careful about that and then for under eye
circles what I like to use from the drugstore is a Palmers product and I
actually have two forms of it this is a fade cream if you watch my other videos
I know you’ve probably heard me talk about this product for years and I
really think that this has helped to just even my skin tone and really help to fade the darkness that I had directly
underneath my eyes and I use the Palmer’s fade milk which is the lotion I
also use their fade cream which is the thicker cream. These have 2% hydroquinone
in them so if you’re against that ingredient you know you might want to
look into some natural fade creams and I will list a few natural ones below as
well in the description box because I have used those and like those pretty
well I just tend to like these a little bit better with the hydroquinone and I
mix a little bit of the fade cream in with my retin-a and my beenigma cream at
night and I just apply that all over my face, my neck, the backs of my hands and
my chest area just to help lighten dark spots and just even the tone of my skin
and I do bring it right up to underneath my eyes. Again, you don’t want to get this
in your eyes because it might harm your eyes so avoid getting it in your eyes
but I bring that right up to where I would get under eye circles and I do not
have any darkness there at all since I started using these products so these
are relatively cheap I want to say there are like six dollars or something so I
will link everything below and I read somewhere that using hydroquinone can
either fade darkness underneath your eyes by 60% or that it works in 60% of
the people that use it, I’m not sure which it was, but it works for some
people it may not work for everyone but it worked for me and I no longer have to
worry about concealing any darkness underneath my eye area I only get a
little bit of darkness on this inner area because I don’t want to get the
product too close to my eyes so I don’t put it right up against my eye area
there so I do still have a little bit of darkness there which is easily
covered with some concealer but it has gotten rid of the darkness that I had
underneath my eyes. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you try these
just be very careful not to get them in your eyes.
These have worked wonders for getting rid of my under eye circles and
under eye bags and if you try them I really hope that they work for you as
well! Thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this


  1. ***FOR EYE BAGS:***NIVEA CONCENTRATE SERUM: European version is the SAME product as the sold out US version! OR also available in the UK: –I HAVE A VIDEO WHERE I COMPARE THE US VS EUROPEAN SERUM My BEFORE & AFTER PHOTO IS ON MY INSTAGRAM! This is one of MY BEST beauty tips! Out of sheer desperation I came up with using these 6 years ago (now it's 2019) and they COMPLETELY got RID of my under eye bags and circles quickly! YOU HEARD ABOUT IT HERE FIRST!!! 🙂 This is NOT an instant temporary tightener, it takes up to a couple months to work! Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more great beauty and skin care tips! xoxo

  2. I watch all your videos,,you are so wonderful.thanks for helping me age gracefully …keep helping us..💕

  3. Hi ppl ! I am 44 and i am using that Nívea serum for just 2 weeks and the results are just AMAZING ! I buyed 4 pacs ( i think this is too much , one last forever ), so if anyone would like to buy , i have 2 extras to sell. Just contact me please : [email protected] 🙂

  4. They don't have it in stores .i don't order online unless it's a sub and a site I know about.i can not find the pamers either what stores?

  5. Hi, I'm only 20 but have suffered from genetic eye bags since puberty (my dad is now 50 and his have suddenly gotten worse, worse than your before photo, and his looked like mine did before) and I'm so self-conscious of the shadows it creates when I have my photo taken. I started using this 4 days ago, but found it made my undereyes feel a bit achey, mostly noticeable in the morning, after I applied at night. Since then, I have stopped applying it to my left eye bag as it is less severe, but have continued using it on my right. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience, as I am hesitant to continue but have seen most people saw results after about a week. It's also made the fatty area feel firmer under my left eye but not reduced it's volume at all, so it's now like a former fatty area…. If anyone has any advice, let me know! Xx

  6. I just wanted to let those who have a thyroid issue to be wary of using l-Carnitine. It can really damage your thyroid…please check it out before using any product that contains l-Carnitine.

  7. Please could you send me the details of the European version for the eye bag product as cant find the link. Thank you

  8. Just want to say a big thank you for the very quick response. Checked out the European version and we have it wooohoooo.

  9. Hello! Love your vid, thanks. What is your source for Retin A? "B-nigma"? (not sure what this is…)

  10. Beauty by Anne Marie: I try and stay away from chemicals. That's why I asked. So many have negative side effects which show up years later. You have beautiful skin.

  11. Not sure if you are aware of but I think someone is using your picture.

  12. Amazon is selling this $15 product for $124 !!!!! typical Opportunist Amazon taking advantage of people , probably after this post!!!

  13. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for helping the world honor and respect for your words beautiful and caring and sharing with us shine on the world Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for your time from Kenya

  14. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎✌️✌️✌️✌️🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌Thanks bless you forever

  15. On day eight and I can’t even believe that this stuff really works!!! I would say the bags have decreased by a solid 70%. I ordered on eBay. Shipped from Romania. I did ask seller about expiration date before I purchased. Now I’m trying out lanocreme bee venom face mask. I used on my neck once and could see a def reduction in depth of lines.

  16. I managed to get this product from Boots in England . They won’t ship outside England so got my in-laws to bring to New Zealand . I followed your instructions and used s tiny bit for a month . I have stopped using it now as my under eye bags / puffiness has gone . Worked perfectly . I will use the left overs on my double chin and cellulite

  17. Hi, I ordered online and on the pic of the product, was written Q10
    and L- Carnitine, but when i received it it said Q 10 and lotus flower, i could not read the packaging because it was not in English, so im not sure if it contains L Carnitine

  18. I checked boots store, they have the one which says Q10 and lotus flower, but the ingrediants say Carnitine but it does say L- Carnitine, is it the say thing or a different form. Please reply soon, I thank you so much for sharing

  19. You deserve a million subscribers! Everyone should be recommending your channel to their family and friends. You have the BEST tips and recommendations and such original content! I LOVE your channel so much

  20. i ordered online the idrotherapy and the essence of argan oil to fight wrinkles and they are working amazing for me the fine line almost gone and the dark pots faded

  21. Hey Anne-Marie I’m so excited I just had to tell you! I’ve been using the alternative you suggested because like you said the serum is nowhere to be found. It is helping but taking quite a while. I got on eBay & found the serum for $16. It is out of the country so I bought 2 and should be here around July 26 to August 7. You are a God send because my eye bags were pretty bad and they’re getting better! I’m on social security and no way could I afford a plastic surgeon to take care of them! My niece is a nurse and works for one, I told her they should use me as a test patient lol. Didn’t happen! Anyway thank you for all your info, it helps so much!

  22. Anne-Marie I received my Nivea from out of the country! I found it thru eBay I have only used it 3 times but it is already working. I got eye bags from wearing contacts! I used to take my finger to pull my lower lid down to put them in, big mistake! Anyway that's what I think happened because I always had a skinny face. I bought the alternative and used it until the one from eBay came in and it helped but nothing like this. Also I have hooded eyes and have been applying to the top and I now see results there also. I'm just so excited! Thank you again for this video!

  23. Did you say $14 or $15??? I have looked everyplace and it over $100. WHERE CAN I GET THIS FOR THAT PRICE, PLEASE???????? Anne-Marie.

  24. Is the serum clear in color? I bought a bottle of firming good bye cellulite and thought the serum was clear in color but now the serum has turned yellow.

  25. Hi Anne thank am only 29 and I have I bags I will try this product hope it works for me hope they have it here🇿🇦south Africa

  26. This didn't work for me at all. Tried it on other parts of my body, no luck there either so after a couple of weeks got very discouraged. No luck at all with the Palmers either. darn

  27. Thanks Ann. I have been struggling with eye bags since childhood before stumbled into your video. When i went to UK last week I found the nivea serum for sale at £7 and buy it immediately. Been applying it since and can see the difference. You safe me from plastic surgery. ❤️ Fyi the nivea products had been discontinued at netherland and surrounding area. Good thing UK still have it available. However from 5 stores (B**ts) only 1 store still got it, and the stock only one, which i purchased. So yeah i think nivea want the costumer to buy the more expensive q10 eyecream they sell

  28. Hi I am 53, I have terrible skin. I had adult cystic acne in my late 20s. I have terrible scars and hyper pigmentation as well . To make matters worse I use to smoke, sun damage as well and now in my 50s I'm breaking out like a teenager. I have a micro needle kit but dont use it because it irritates my skin. I have really sensitive skin too. What would you suggest?

  29. Hello annie ..i place the order this product but problem is that ur link is not working n i enter my visa card no ..but there card is incorrect ..but i mention specific no ..i m from india …jaipur rajasthan ..i need this product ..pls help me ..annie

  30. I’m a 20 year old man who used to have really good skin and no impurities or wrinkles. Due to over excessive practice of a very unhealthy addiction for continuous years it has finally taken a (huge) toll on my health. I woke up one day with a big noticeable crease on my eye which really discouraged me. Now there is saggy skin under it and a double bag. I can clearly see the sag in the eye and the crease and it looks permanent. It’s not there in the other eye. It honestly looks to severe to be changed. Embarrassing to admit but it has me depressed. This is my last hope. Will this product do anything for me? I really hope so I’m having a hard time with this mentally looking in the mirror especially in bathroom lighting

  31. Hydroquinone treats hyperpigmentation whereas dark circles are caused blood vessels showing through thinning (fragile) skin under the eyes. This ingredient can easily irritate this delicate skin and over dry it. That’s why it isn’t recommended for use around the eyes. On the other hand, the Nivea gel is better suited for shadows created by puffiness that gives appearance of dark circles.

  32. Wow, I just saw the prices are really expensive. Speculation pricing. OMG. I guess, I won't be buying that serum anytime soon. Would have loved it for my body.

  33. Hi Anne, I've got a pretty long bumps scars on my right check after derma rolling😭😭😭 Could you please advise me what is going on with my skin??

  34. Did you see shrinking started right away? My under eye bags seems to be worse (or the same)
    Is it possible to get a reverse effect at the beginning? I’ve only been using only 10 days.

  35. I bought this product for YEARS , UNTIL it was " discovered' by the masses and now you cannot find it. Very saddening. Someone I know saw it on a Etsy shop for $70.00. YES, SEVENTY DOLLARS for that container.

  36. I'm allergic to the Palmer's Hydroquinone Lotion. I broke out on my arms. What other products do you suggest? Thank you.

  37. Hi. this far the best advise . I started to use similar product recently and see major improvement under the eyes. I woke up with minimal puffiness and may skin care products works better. Thank you.

  38. I have the European product. Dabbing it on my eye bags wasn’t getting any results for me. I have started to use it with a gentle massage and my skin around my eyes feel tighter. I hope it works this time.

  39. Hey! There’s another lady who’s blond and very sweet had videos regularly over 50 did lots of makeup tutorials and clothing etc. I haven’t seen her in a while and can’t find her. And can’t think of her name? Do you know who I’m talking about?

  40. can you use the concentrate serum in the daytime? i would be a little nervous rolling around in my sleep with that stuff on near my eyes and plus it may get rubbed off onto the sheets

  41. I noticed yesterday i suddenly have eye bags. I went to buy the serum today but it has a lot of fragrance in it. Fragrance is an irritant so im not about to put an irritant on the thinnest skin on my face. Eucerin also have some products with carnatine in them. Only other credible product i have found. Not sure of the % or concetration of carnatine in the eucerin however they are fragrance free. Lets hope the eucerin works.

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