hi everyone this is Anne I wanted to do
a follow-up to my video that I did on how I got rid of my under-eye bags and
the product that I used over 4 years ago to reduce my under-eye bags is by Nivea
and it’s their skin firming and smoothing concentrate serum and I also
use this product on my neck underneath my chin along my jawline and on my upper
eyelids and this product is now sold out pretty much everywhere so I spent a lot
of time looking through ingredients and I have an alternative similar product
that I wanted to share with you in case you’re interested in trying this but you
can’t get ahold of this product I wanted to share an alternative for you. I have
done about 4 different videos on this product and I’ll go ahead and link all
those videos beneath this video down in the description box which you can get to
by following these instructions in case you want to learn more about how I use
this product on a specific area and I also have application demonstration
videos of how I use this product so all of that will be linked beneath this
video along with links to this product in different stores some of them say
that once it’s back in stock they will have it up for sale again so I’ll just
link this product beneath the video as well along with the alternative product
in case this one doesn’t come back in stock. The concentrated serum has a total
of 12 different ingredients in it and the very closest that I could find is
also by Nivea and it’s their skin firming and toning gel cream and this
one has 18 ingredients in it and 8 of the ingredients are the same so out of
the 12 this one has 8 of the 12 that this one has so out of everything that I
could find searching the internet searching different products this would
be the most similar to this product that I’ve been able to find. Both of
these do have L-carnitine and q10 as active ingredients it’s just that the
gel cream is not as concentrated of a formula as the concentrated serum so it
may take longer to see results and it may not give as good of results as the
concentrated serum and the concentrate is the one that I used years ago and I
do have a few backups of this product so it’s the one that I continue to use but
I have tried this out on my face on my upper eyelids and it seems to work
really well this one I feel like does have a slight cooling effect to it where
the concentrate serum does not have any cooling effect to it but it’s the most
similar product that I can find to the concentrate. The gel cream is blue in
color and just like the concentrate serum it just takes a tiny bit of
product and I use it in the same exact way that I would use the concentrate
serum so again I’ll have all those videos linked below in case you want to
see how exactly I use this product and I just use it as my last product on at
night time a tiny tiny bit right in the area that I want to treat. I do want to
mention that this video is not sponsored at all Nivea knows nothing about me I
just used this product over four years ago on my under eye bags and it
completely got rid of my under eye bags and when I did my videos previously on
this product so many of you have tried it and loved it and it worked great for
you guys too and it has sold out so I’ve gotten comments asking if I could come
up with an alternative product since the original one is sold out and that’s why
I did this video I hope you found it helpful if you’re not already subscribed
to my channel please subscribe so you don’t miss any of my videos thank you so
much for watching


  1. * the US version of the concentrate serum is sold out and discontinued but the European version is STILL AVAILABLE (Yes, it has cellulite in the name) OR also available in the UK: xoxo

  2. I know this is an OLD post, but does anyone know if it was discontinued and if so why?
    Does the lotion perform the same? Anyone know??

  3. Anne~Marie, i couldnt find your hiphen. I'm sorry & frustrated. Anyway , i wanted to let the viewers know that they can order it on the website along with about 30 other lotions that Nivea makes, that i had no idea about. I probably will make a larger order l, just incase. Ive looked every time with no product to be found.
    Thank you for doing this video to let us know our alternatives i appreciate it abunch.

  4. I just bought the gel-dream and Im going to give it a try. We shall see! Not as concentrated but maybe I will try twice a day and see what that does?

  5. Just ordered the original serum from EBay for $16.99. It’s coming from overseas, – hopefully it’s legit. 🙂

  6. Ann im so getting confused and i have the opportunity this week end to buy a huge amount of product for my birthday . After watching yours and hot and flashy i dont know whats what ,can you please help
    I got the skin firmimg and toning by nivea dont i just tap that under eyes ? Is only once or twice or everynite even if you dermaroll , what would you sugjest i use on my face after dermarolling plz thank you

  7. I use the firming gel cream and the firming and hydrating lotion. The lotion absorbs quickly and I layer them. Cellulite is less, and I think the sagging on the sides of the chin are less noticeable. Both purchased at Wal-Mart under $10.00 each.

  8. Nivea is probably making two marketing changes: making it less concentrated… and repackaging, down to 1/4 of the size but for 4x more $$$$ 😒

  9. Hi! I have been using the Q10 serum pump, was fortunate to find it. I have been using it for about a month now but do not see much difference. How much time should it or it took for you to see a difference? Thanks

  10. A word of caution if anyone searches google for this serum: if you happen to find a website under the name of “Great Offers Mall”. Steer away as fast as you can. They are scammers advertising this serum for $20 free shipping, if you use a debit card, your order will say it’s declined. After you have entered your information, they have all they need to start charging up a storm on line themselves. It happened to me. I had to change my bank debit cards due to these shameless crooks. Only go to the links provided under this video.

  11. Hi, I've got the serum called Q10 Firming + Goodbye Cellulite, is this the same as product your talking about but with this being European name? Thanks…..

  12. Hello Ann-Marie
    I love your videos and learn so much. I purchased the Firming and Smoothing Gel even like you say the gel is not as contrated and that it has less L Carnitine. I was wondering if putting in liquid L Carnitine into the alternative? I am see this online for almost $200.00. Well needless to say that is not in my budget. What are your thoughts on that.

  13. Anne Marie. I have a question. What color is the original serum that you recommended that is no longer available?

  14. You can still get the other on Amazon for $23 to about $26. It comes from Germany and now called" firming and cellulite 10 day serum 75ml which is 2.5 ounces

  15. Thanks for the alternative Anne. Does the alternative have that same wonderful smell. And have you contacted Nivea about why they discontinued this great product. You can find it on eBay and Amazon but for outrageous prices.

  16. Anne-Marie, Are you saying the link to this product is the same as the Nivea Skin Firming Concentrate you originally used:

  17. Hello Ann thanks for the great videos. I live in Europe and today I bought the nivea cellulite 10 day serum. It has q 10 and L-cartine as you say just a different package. The lady said it's the same do you agree?

  18. Please help! Has anyone used this for under eye bags? Does it work? I could only find the Skin Firming & toning Gel-cream. Would really appreciate your feed-back. Thanks so much!!!

  19. What has me in disbelief is that if I go back to videos of yours 3 years ago you never had eyebags or any puffiness around your eyes at all…… hmmmm

  20. I am so bummed. I've gone to two different places today and can't find the NIVEA Skin Firming And Smoothing concentrate. I tried looking it up on the internet and it's from $179 to $229 !!!!! I've even tried online with Wal-Mart. 🙁

  21. i wrote to Nivea in September (2018) and they confirmed they are no longer making or distributing the Nivea concentrated serum. No reason why.

  22. I hope they bring back the serum. Makes no sense to discontinue. They could of been making bank,lol….love your videos ❣️

  23. I went to the Nivea website and looked at all their products and the serum is not on there. If you ask for cellulite serum they direct you to Skin Firming & Toning gel-cream.

  24. how long do I need to use it to see first results? I bought the cellulite gel with Q10&L-carnitine and lotus extract. It's been over 4 weeks I started using it and still no changes😳

  25. Thank you!!!!! I bought the Nivea firming good-bye cellulite serum off eBay in London and after 1 week I totally see a HUGE change!!! You are a life saver!! Used on my eye bags & jowls & I can honestly see a difference after only one week. I'm so so so thankful I found your channel! we definitely need to get you comp'd by Nivea!!! Xoxo from Florida!!

  26. Hi! I love this video! My upper eyelids are horribly droopy and I've been searching for something. The serum is available on Amazon, but is $179. The gel cream is $12.99. Am I understanding correctly that the less expensive gel cream is almost as good as the serum, but results take longer? I am really at my word end and love your story and an impressed by your results. I'd give anything to have eyes as pretty as yours, but am not sure if I want to spend $179. Am I reading this wrong? Thank you so much!!!

  27. I just found a serum on Ebay in auction listed for $15.00. Doesn't appear to have a reserve price! Brand new boxed one! I do love mine thanks to Anne-Marie! Wanted to let everyone know it's available today (11-7-18). : ) Mine has lasted for quite a while and still doesn't appear to be getting low.

  28. Hi, Anne Marie, thank you so much for these short and instructive videos based on your valuable experience! Xoxo!

  29. I've been using your suggestion for more than 6 months now and everything you suggested has worked for me.
    I have so many friends that cant believe how much I've changed
    I'm over 70 and they cant and don't believe. When I have a 50 something made hit on me, you know your doing something right

    Thanks with hugs and kisses

  30. Ann-MarieI had serious eye bag for past 10 yrs and its bothering me very seriously ,
    In the past girls approached me and job opportunities was open to me .
    Ever since having eye bags , my life changed from bad to worst .

    I apply to withdraw my funds from my medisave , medishield , medicare
    account with the intention to get my eye bags removed by surgery , my
    application was rejected by the govt , which the health minister claims that
    this is "" cosmetic "" and application was rejected .I have no cash and money
    ever since this rejection , I lived my life from bad to very worst .

    I have absolutely no confident with everything I did , no girl friends
    , no life in
    me , I am sad , disappointed whenever I look at the mirror , talks to someone
    friends and strangers feedback , comments , reminds me that I have serious
    eye bags  and most would advice me the same thing , remove my eye bags

    I found hope after watching your video  and was shocked that this concentrate
    serum was a soldout and being and production was stopped . I could not
    believe and could not understand the reason behind .

    After few month , I happen to watch your video providing an
    alternative , I have
    hope this Christmas and immediately without hesitation I placed an order with
    amazon yesterday .

    Without your video , I have no other option ,  solution and gets
    myself stuck but
     to live a longer depressed , disappointed life .Little u know , your
    video gave me
     hope , life .

    I am grateful , appreciative and thankful to you for your video , you might not
    know your video have a very strong impact in my situation ,  after receiving
    and using this alternative product , hopefully it seriously works on me . You
    gave me hope and life  .

    You are indeed a wonderful woman , I wish to be your friend ,follower ,
    please feel free to wats apps me @+65-91714999 ,Singapore number ,
    +6017-8419129 , Malaysia number .

    The reason I have two contact number , is bcos I could not sustain my living
    expenditure and failed to sell my small flat , the only option I have
    is to rent
    out the whole flat and move to Malaysia to rent a small condo accommodation.

    I have prayed about this for few yrs , now I begin to see the light in the end
    of the  tunnel , I wants to say a very very big THANK YOU and wish GOD
    bless you abundantly .Your follower/ friend Singapore / Malaysia

  31. Raises the question then why carnitine isn't used in eye care products. There's some research that its bad for the skin and induces free radicals. futurederm has a report on this issue. As someone with eye bags who's used pricey medical grade eye serums that do nothing its interesting.

  32. They stopped selling it.. thanks to you they either saw $$$$ signs or you pissed off plastic surgeons. Now they put lotions out nothing to do for cellulite.

  33. Hi 👋 it’s about 60.00 pounds in England. Thank you for other alternatives 🙏 I’ve got the boots beauty serum in the UK 🇬🇧 but really appreciate your videos so much it’s changed things for me ❤️

  34. Thank you so much for your amazing videos. I'm such a fan!! So I'm looking on Amazon & eBay but I'm confused. There are 2 different serums/packaging from overseas. One says "concentrate", the other doesn't, The pump packaging looks exactly the same or similar, however the one labeled "concentrate" is more expensive. So are they actually the same product or should I make sure to purchase the one that says concentrate? I'm mainly using it for neck & jowls which are just starting to droop a bit. I'll link examples of both here Concentrate::…….Other::

  35. The Ulta link sends you go the gel cream product. Not the concentrate! But I think they are using the old reviews from people who used the concentrate!

  36. Why Nivea sells their product at Amazon or ebay instead of selling them at their own website? Is this the replacement you are talking about ? Please let me know . thanks

  37. I fly internationally and I found this product In Germany There are Nivea stores.. Its a shame Nivea has stop selling it in the states

  38. So I went to my local drug store up here in Canada a few days ago and came across a Nivea Q10 product that targets eye wrinkles and also claims to gradually reduce under eye circles. I wonder if it works like the other one.

  39. so we buy the cellulite one instead NIVEA Q 10 good bye Anti-Cellulite Lotus extract 10 Day serum Energy Complex on ebay

  40. Anne-Marie you are a natural beauty! I am wondering if you would share what the two ingredients you found missing from the serum that is not in this alternative cream?

  41. I've checked the Nivea Concentrate Serum under the European name and it does not have the same ingredients. They are quite different, in fact. Am I looking at something wrong? I did go to the link you provided. My frustration runs high as I try to figure out where to buy this at a reasonable price.

  42. Hi, do you know what these products are called in Australia? I think Nivea might have them under a different name 🤔

  43. I tried ordering this and the only place they had it was bigboxdeals for only $11.99. I put my credit card number in and it wasn't accepted, then I put my debit card in. That was not accepted either. They then told me to use Bitcoin. A week later I had charges of about $1000 on both cards. Two of which the banks caught, but they charged other things on the credit card later, which I was not responsible for. I had to get new credit and debit cards. I had to spend a bunch of time rejecting a charge for $200 for a pair of sneakers. This company took their website down, but I'm sure they'll open as another company.

  44. I bought this product from ebay and have been using it for a while. I have to be honest, it doesn't work for me at all. The eye bags are the same as they were.

  45. I just spent $85 on a bottle through Amazon. Hoping it works! But I was about to get a lower blepharoplasty so might as well give this a shot first!

    Are there any consequences of using this product long term? Wondering if that's why Nivea is discontinuing.

  46. The alternative will disappear as well. The guys up there who are trying to make money out of people’s necessity will make every product that works disappear. Sad reality of the US

  47. Hat that the product went away I never was able to try it since I just found these videos a few days ago and it seems that most people really liked it… I can't for the life of me understand why they would discontinue.. I reached out to Nivea yesterday and this was their response. "

    Hello Tammy,
    Thank you for your email regarding NIVEA Skin Firming & Smoothing Serum.

    We're sorry to disappoint you, but this product has been
    discontinued. It is a difficult decision to discontinue a product, and we
    sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Unfortunately, we no longer have inventory nor do we know of retailers stocking the product.

    It is our pleasure to recommend NIVEA BODY Skin Firming & Toning Gel Creme as an alternative. Both the serum and gel creme have the same level of Co Enzyme Q10, they
    both firm the skin in as little of 2 weeks and are fast absorbing and non-greasy formulas. They moisturize the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth."

    So it has Q10 but does not say anything about the L-Carnitine.

  48. I'm sorry but you have another video from 2014… Ever since 2014 you keep saying why is this product still sold out??? I don't understand that… Does that mean we can't find it in the USA therefore we have no choice but to get it over seas??? Have you been able to find here in the USA. Thank you

  49. Annne nivea has Q10 eye cream too .does that work the same ?? Second could not find the concentrated serum link ??

  50. Hello there Miss Anne-Marie! I just wanted to say thank you for putting the suggestion of using a product like this out there for people to consider. That was a very clever approach and very kind of you for sharing. A lot of women are more prone to keeping beauty secrets to themselves. <3

    Also, for all those still looking at this video first or millionth time, I just that I would share that as of summer of 2019, I purchased the Nivea Anti-Cellulite 10 Day Goodbye serum (European alternative Anne-Marie linked for eBay) from a Romanian seller. I want to vouch that within 2-3 weeks I actually found a dramatic difference in my under eye bags. I wonder if the varying results some viewers have with it has to do with whether they are also using retin-a (which I am). In any case, good luck to all those who fortunately stumbled across this valuable information and decides to give it at try!

  51. Update on finding the serum: I found the serum online but most vendors are selling it at very high prices. The cheapest was $48 on E-Bay but I'm leery of buying anything on there. Second cheapest was on Amazon for $122! I bought it because I can't get rid of my under eye bag (one eye). Also, wouldn't mind firming my neck and jowls.

  52. What do you think of the Nivea Skin Firming & Smoothing Concentrated Anti-Cellulite Serum Best Body Gel for the face and neck etc,? Does it work as well as the concentrate serum that is so expensive? Thank you, Diane C.E.8-15-19

  53. I went straight away to searching for it as my under eyes are very puffy. Should say 'were'! I found a body cream moisturizer by Nivea in a huge bottle at my local pharmacy here in Mullumbimby, Australia! So it wasn't exactly the same, but had the key ingredients and used it. Well; bye bye bags! They went! Just like that. I've now bought the exact serum you firstly suggested from England, so I'll have my stash. But the moisturizers work just as well! Thanks for this. I thought I'd need surgery, seriously. My faith in the claims of some creams, has been restored. So grateful Anne for this tip!

  54. I followed the link to the European brand and it says 'Nivea Anti-Cellulite Good-bye 10 Day Serum' – does anyone know if this is the same, same ingredients as the good stuff, the concentrated? Thanks!!

  55. Been applying this product for 1 month now and I still don't see any improvement yet in my eye bags. Will still continue for at least 3 months and see if there will be improvement then.

  56. Hello
    I have applied this uk version serum for 6 days but my eye bags get bigger 😞 what should I do? Should I stop using it or continue it? Has anyone faced this problem?

  57. Oh, how I really, really wanted this to work, but alas, it did not. It does feel nice and does have a cooling affect, but it has not reduced the bags under my eyes after using it twice a day for a month. 🙁

  58. I purchased the original European product on eBay for $15.70 per unit from a seller in Bulgaria. I am looking forward to receipt. Thank you Anne Marie. What I like about you: you are not selling anything except your knowledge.

  59. 1st time viewer…those who sell these products are not smart because a lot people not going to pay the price for the high price they jacked up on these products if they kept the price low they will make more money…they are crooked

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