Queer Eye’s ‘Fab 5’ Get Honest During a Game of Never Have I Ever | Cosmopolitan

Never have I ever gotten too drunk on a plane I actually haven’t, too stoned is a different story but drunk no. Hey we’re the Fab five from Netflix’s Queer Eye And we’re playing Never Have I Ever with Cosmopolitan You should drink the entire glass You take a drink of that right now I did! But mine wasn’t so much with free things It just as someone who just moved to New York Like if someone’s mean to me at a door, I’m like You know what, I’ve been bullied my entire life and I will not let you I will NOT let you! Like no one that I liked I’ve never ghosted anyone but its only because I need everyone to love me and I would be too afraid if they would not like me so it all boils down to my narcissism, next! No What was it, and then I want to know what it was really quick Scallop You ate a live scallop?! It’s not that big a deal But a scallop what does that even look like she’s like crawling a little circle on the plate It’s twitching when you put lemon juice on it, it starts to It’s burning It’s a scallop, it’ll be fine Oh yeah, I’ve never drunk called an ex You’ve never drunk called an ex? Way too much self control, this one I’ve also never drunk dialed an ex Drink up Coyote Ugly was my jam, but I was always terrified the tire was gunna fall off that thing so I was like honey I’m not getting up on that bar I will break my ankle, and it will ruin my gymnastics career Who hasn’t? Oh honey, I have definitely done that My old roommate and I we literally, I’m not kidding We ate 30 avocados worth of guacamole in one sitting in this like huge, like one of those things that you mash up I’m not even like grossed out by them I was just like that’s normal Tan you’re the one that gets to drink I actually haven’t Too stoned is a different story but drunk no. I have had a few too many edibles broken into a full out cold sweat and I just said to myself Lord don’t take me now and then I just went to sleep and when I woke up I was in New York and I was the last one on the plane and it was fine I’ve got one last one That’s the only one I haven’t had a drink to Jonathan, are you going to drink Nope, nope, nope, nope Because he did in the moment I did in the mom Thank you Bullshit. I know this is like too late to say this but I really do hate sparkling water Like I detest it I do too! Like I would rather smash this in my third eye then take a real sip of this Hey, we’re the Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye Subscribe to Cosmo’s Youtube channel cause we can’t all say the exact same thing in unison the entire time


  1. I love that I heard Johnathan say "I don't do group lines" one time and he has proven this to be true in EVERY video i've ever seen of him 😂

  2. okay listen I know it's nothing new for them to cry but when they all said they have cried over a relationship I was so angry at whoever broke their hearts I mean it

  3. Omg why I have taken too many edibles and broke out into a Cold sweat and thought I was dying! Girl I’m glad I ain’t the only one who’s done this

  4. im not even close to gay but i wish i was watching them cause i never experienced with a woman at 30 what they do everyday!!!

  5. me: screaming about how much i hate myself and crying
    literally everyone: its just a skyalop it'll be fine

  6. Aren't oysters alive when we eat them? I guess it depends how long it takes before we open them up and actually eat them, if we let them hang around with some lemon juice or just open them up and eat them directly they might be still alive so they very well might have.

  7. I love all of them but I definitely have a crush on Antoni 😍😍😍 wish I was a man at least I'd have one little chance 😂

  8. Oh, God-just when I thought I couldn't relate to Jonathan anymore! Sparkling water is disgusting, and it shouldn't be, because it doesn't taste of anything. Maybe that's why I hate it so much.

  9. Antoni is the most adventurous one who has done everything but is too low key about it. Btw, can't keep my eyes off him <3

  10. Living for Antoni in this he literally drank to every question but one and “it’s a scallop it’ll be fine” is my fav quote

  11. Do they even need to promote their show anymore? We all have seen everything! We just want more! Lol more seasons pls:)

  12. I mean if any of them have ever had raw oysters they ate something alive: raw oysters are alive when you eat them or they’re not safe to eat

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