QS Examiner Vision Inspection System by Avalon Vision Solutions

Avalon Vision Solutions does more than
simply provide machine vision cameras and software. We take the extra steps to
provide custom vision solutions to fit the needs of you, our customers. QS
Examiner, the newest in Avalon’s lineup of machine vision solutions delivers
peace of mind for in-line, high-volume inspection. It is a standalone inspection
system consisting of a parts feeder, a vision inspection station with lighting
and optics, and a reject mechanism. QS Examiner can inspect parts at a rate of
up to four parts per second. With the ability to support up to four
high-resolution cameras QS Examiner can accommodate a wide variety of parts from
connectors to transistors, or buttons to caps. QS Examiner can inspect parts
ranging from 1 to 75 millimeters and each part can be inspected from every
angle. The inspection engine for QS Examiner is Avalon’s QualityStation
vision system. QualityStation is a high performance high resolution multi-camera
system operating on an industrial PC using Windows XP. QualityStation deploys
a comprehensive library of advanced machine vision tools such as edge
detection, connectivity analysis, pattern matching, normalized correlation. and
various pre-processing algorithms which are accessed through an easy-to-use
graphical user interface. After inspection, good parts are directed to
the downstream process QS Examiner can be configured to sort bad parts in up to
three reject shoots for multiple defects sorting.
Why leave quality to chance knowing that your customer will receive parts which
have been 100% inspected will build confidence in you as a supplier. What is
peace of mind worth to you? Document your process with the statistical software
package ProcessRx. ProcessRx contains an image database, event log, and
statistical reports this powerful option lets you see exactly what is happening
in your process. Call or visit our website to see how Avalon can be a
vision solutions provider for you you

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