Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TEDxUMKC

Translator: Mika Fukasawa
Reviewer: Maria K. Good evening. One of the things I love
about visiting indigenous cultures is it lets me step back in time
and see how we all lived centuries ago. In doing that,
I’ve noticed so many things, things that we’ve gained
and things that we’ve lost. One of the things I’ve really noticed is the fact that our relationships
are much different. First of all,
our relationship to the land. In indigenous cultures
there is no grocery store, in tribal cultures, especially,
no utility districts, no water districts,
no fast food restaurants. Nothing stands between them
and their survival, other than their own ingenuity
and their own knowledge of the earth. They have a very intimate
knowledge of the earth. It’s always astonished me. This one Hawaiian woman,
who was at the beach and I met her, she saw this crab
flipping out sand out of the hole. She said, “Look,
sand is going to the North. There will be a storm coming tomorrow.” Sure enough, the storm,
it shows up tomorrow. They’re more or less the PhDs
of their place on the planet. The other relationship
that I’ve noticed is so tight is their relationship to each other. Again, they don’t have the institutions. They don’t have social security. They don’t have an IRA or a 401(k) plan. They don’t have elder-care facilities. They completely depend on each other
for their survival, again. That produces a real tightness. I’ve noticed women at a well
in Africa for instance. They’re all sitting around,
joking and talking. They’re nursing their babies. The woman that needs
to go to get the water will take her baby
and pass it to another woman. She’ll start nursing it. That woman will see her goat run off,
and she’ll pass the baby to a third woman. She’ll start nursing it. These kids are kind of
even raised communally. They live in extended families,
and that brings a real tightness. The other relationship
that I want to talk about tonight is the relationship to spirit. It’s a very strong one. This is Malik and her great grand daughter Yasmina. They spend all their time together, 14 hours a day working in the garden. I’ve seen this in Africa,
Asia, South America. I ask, “Why are these two people
that are so different, together all the time? There is a big age difference.” They said, “No, no. You don’t understand. Yasmina is just coming
out of the spirit world, and Malik is just about
to go back into the spirit world. So they really do have
the most in common.” They literally pray to the spirits
of the forests, the mountains, the rivers. They put spirits in everything. Their ancestors’ spirits
are so important to them. In the beginning,
I sort of looked at this as superstition,
uneducated, naive thinking. Over the last 30 years,
I’ve slowly changed, and I want to talk to you a little bit
about how that change came about. About 25 years ago,
I was doing a project in Tibet on the human rights issues there,
and I had the opportunity to go and meet the medium
that channels the oracle of Tibet, the Dalai Lama’s oracle. It took place in this little monastery. There were about 60 monks in there; they led the medium in, sat him down, put this big hat on his head,
a very heavy hat. His face turned red. The monks started chanting
and beating their drums. He kind of went into this trance, and he started talking
in a real high-pitched voice. The monks started writing down
everything he was saying, and then, after about five minutes of that, he fainted, and they literally
had to carry him out of the room. I just watched this, and I was wondering, “Is this a performance?
Did he have a heart attack?” But two days later, I was able
to interview the medium. His name is Thupten,
he was 30 years old at the time. He is 50 now. He said that he didn’t remember
a thing that he said when he was in this trance. He felt very weak right afterwards,
for a day afterwards. So I said, “Well, how did you
become the medium? How did you get this job?” And he said,
“You know, when I was younger, I had started hearing these voices. I started feeling very ill,
and I was very confused, and in fact, I thought
I was dying at one point. An older monk came to me and said,
‘Hey, you’ve got a gift.’ He taught me how to go
in and out of trance; he nurtured me; he stayed with me
for the whole year.” Now he’s the Dalai Lama’s Oracle,
the Oracle of Tibet. Two years later, I was doing
a project for Amnesty International up in the Northern part of Kenya,
in the Samburu area, and I was taking pictures of these people. My guide turned to me and said, “You know, their predictor has told them that you were coming
to take pictures of them.” I didn’t think too much about that because there I was
taking pictures of them. He went on to say,
“They also said that she said that you would hide from them
when you took their picture.” I said, “No, I don’t hide,
I use very short lenses. I’m usually right in front [of] the person
when I take their portrait.” That night I was home,
cleaning my lenses, packing my bags, and I realized, yeah,
I’ve brought my new camera that I’ve never used before. It’s this Panoramic camera. And this is the way
I’ve got to focus that, in total darkness. All of a sudden I thought,
“Well, that’s a coincidence.” My assistant said, “That’s amazing.” It was just something
we kind of filed away, but at that point,
I decided what I wanted to do is start actually seeking out these people that go into altered states
of consciousness in order to heal or predict
for their tribes. That’s what I started doing. By the way, here is the woman
that was the predictor. I did take her picture
with a panoramic camera. Her name is Sukulen. She is 37 years old –
or was, at the time – five kids. She had the very same story
as the medium of the Dalai Lama. When she was 12 years old,
she started having visual hallucinations. She started feeling sick and dizzy. Her grandmother came and said, “You know, you’ve got a talent,”
and she nurtured her through it. I literally went around the world and doing my human rights work
and started finding these shamans. The way I would find them – they never introduce themselves as shaman. You would never know who they were
unless you ask the community members, “Who is the healer here?
Who goes into trance?” And they would tell me
and lead me to the person. So this is Nomage.
She is a Mongolian shaman. I’ll just show you
some of the 40 I interviewed. This is Morgan Yazzie,
he is a Navaho medicine man. This is Lindsa. She is a shaman in Eastern Siberia. Mengatohue, a shaman in the Romani tribe, in the Amazon in Ecuador. One of the last shamans I interviewed
was right on the Pakistan-Afghan border. There is a group of animists there,
called the Kalash. There’s only 3,000 of them left,
and they are surrounded by Islam. They hold on to their animistic beliefs. They are very interesting-looking.
They are blond-haired, blue-eyed. They say they are the remnants
of Alexander the Great’s army. They are very fun-loving,
they make their own wine, but I went there because I was told that there was a six-year-old boy
that was being initiated to be a shaman, and I wanted to see him. Everybody I had interviewed
up to that point had been a shaman for years. I wanted to find somebody
in that process of initiation. When I got there, I found:
no, he wasn’t six years old, he was a 60-year-old goat herder
up in the mountains. (Laughter) So that’s the shaman rumor mill. But anyway, I had taken
my 16-year-old son with me as an assistant. We had to hike for about a day and a half to get up to the top of the mountain
where Janduli Kahn was herding his goats. He was the shaman for the Kalash people. And again, I asked the same questions. “How did you get into this?
What do you do for your tribe?” He had the same story of hallucinations,
being mentored by an older shaman. The shamans, in different cultures,
induce their trance in different ways. By the way, shamanism
is a universal practice. It’s the world’s
oldest spiritual practice. There is a lot of common denominators, but the way they
go into trance can differ. In Mongolia, they beat
a drum next to their ear. In South America, they take
psycho-active plants, like Ayahuasca. In Pakistan, they use something
that is quite unique: they burn juniper branches,
they slaughter an animal, pour the blood over the burning branches, and then the shaman inhales
the smoke to go into trance. Here I am trying to talk him
out of doing a ceremony for me because I don’t want him
to kill one of his animals. He said, “No, I have to do it. My spirits are telling me I have to do it. You’ve come so far.” So the next morning,
his sons started the fire, started burning the juniper branches. He started praying
to the mountain spirits, the spirits of the forests. They slaughtered the animal,
and he started inhaling the smoke, and then he went into trance. He stayed into trance
for about five or 10 minutes, and when he came out, he was very silent,
he hardly said anything. He was very talkative
before he went into trance. And I thought,
“Well, this is kind of strange.” I asked one of his sons
through my interpreter, “What happened to him?
What did he say? Did he see anything?” And the son just said,
“The only thing he said is, ‘Your journey is going to be
extremely difficult, but you are going to be safe.’
That’s all he said.” The next day my son and I took off. We left his camp
and walked down the mountain and headed up further
into the Hindu Kush Mountains. We were out in the middle
of nowhere, we had a jeep, and my son started getting sick. He evidently picked up a bug
in the water around Janduli Kahn’s camp. First day went by,
he couldn’t keep anything down. Second day, third day, fourth day. Couldn’t keep anything down for four days. He was getting so weak
he could hardly walk. I was totally freaked out. We pulled into this little village, and we happened to run
into a doctor from Islamabad, who was visiting his mother, and he happened to have a bag
of glucose and saline and an IV drip and some oral rehydration salts,
and we brought Dax around. To me it was like a miracle
that the whole thing happened. I’ll tell you a little bit
about the shamans. First of all, this is the common things
with shamanism; it’s not always true, but in general. They typically are identified
with what they called the “Call.” And the “Call,” [for] the ones
I interviewed, almost all of them, it was a psychological crisis. Secondly, they almost always had a mentor. Somebody that has been through it, and has come out the other end
of this psychological crisis, and can show them the ropes, and show them, and tell them,
and comfort them along the way. And then they have to face
what they call the initiation. It’s almost always this death. A death of their old self
and a rebirth of a new self. And this rebirth –
I don’t know how to explain that. It’s like they … take on much more
of an elevated consciousness. They expand their consciousness. Their awareness of who they are expands. They expand their circle of compassion; I guess that’d be
the quickest way to say it. As such, they learn to go
into the spirit world, where they believe the spirit world
informs our world of reality here. That’s where things really happen. They go there, get the information,
come back to help people. And then, after they’ve learned their trade, they begin their life of service,
either a healer or a seer, a priest, and they typically do this for no money. This is something they just do,
it’s just something added to what they do. In the beginning many of them resist it because like Janduli Kahn,
he’s still a goat herder, he still has to do that. But on top of that,
he is the healer for the community. Sukulen has five kids
that she has to take care of. On top of that, she is the healer
of her community. So it is a lot of extra work. So it happened –
I put that whole project aside because I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know what to say about it. I felt I was getting in over my head, into the world of consciousness,
and spirits, and all this. But a year and a half ago,
I met a young kid who had one of these psychological breaks. I just want to introduce you to him,
just a moment here. (Video) Adam:
“It was just this total shattering, and my mind just opened, and I started thinking
of all these different things. And in that sense, it was beautiful. I found it was – How I found my – The first time I’d ever experienced
a real connection to the universe, where I really felt like a part of this. That I was this, this was me.
It was just like … incredible! And so simple – Yeah,
I mean, absolutely amazing. And then I kept going,
and then I went way too far. And then it got scary. It was just kind of like a panic. I don’t know. ‘Put some medication in this kid
and just hope for the best,’ but it – I don’t know if it hurt or helped. It was at the point
where I was being diagnosed, I think, for side effects of medications. Like, there was a point
where I was taking 15 pills in a day. And I felt like a lab rat,
and the side effects were just awful. Absolutely awful. Vomiting all day, I couldn’t leave my house for so long,
from just these awful anxiety attacks, and the thought of interacting with people
would make me sick to my stomach. It was just so much. I still don’t know
what was the side effect and what was my mind.” Phil Borges: Adam was on drugs,
on pharmaceuticals, for about four years. He was having a such a hard time
that he decided to go cold turkey, cut them off, and did
a Vipassana meditation retreat. And those of you
who don’t know what that is: They come in various forms, but this one was 10 days
silent meditation, 10 hours a day. It’s very rigorous. I did one just to see what it was about. And it was one
of the hardest things I’ve done. He was able to stabilize himself. He got a job at Whole Foods Market,
which he hadn’t been able to do before. He started having
what he called “synchronicities,” where he’d have a thought
and the thing would happen. And by the way, he is very psychic, he has very strong healing potentials. But he has no confidence
in what’s happening to him, there’s no one that’s been able
to conceptualize it for him. Anyway, he had these, and he decided he needed to go back
and do another Vipassana. Well, they learned that he had
this history of mental illness, and they sent him home. So the one avenue
that he could have gotten relief from cut him off because of the stigma
of his mental illness. Adam isn’t alone in this by the way. In having bipolar [disorder],
schizophrenia, depression, any of these heavy psychological episodes. Here’s some statistics from
the National Institute of Mental Health. One in five of us will suffer
a psychological crisis in our lifetime. By the way, that’s
a rising figure right now. The other thing is, one in 20
will become disabled because of it. Another interesting fact
about this phenomenon is 50% happens before the age of 14. By the way, most of the shamans,
it happened either in their adolescence or in their teenage years. Seventy five percent before the age of 24. So it’s more or less
a phenomenon of young people. Here is the difference
in cultures that I noticed. The shaman’s advantage. One, they have a cultural context. The physiological crisis,
although it’s difficult, it’s believed to be –
they put it in a positive light. It’s something the person
is going to come out of and be stronger in the end. Have more abilities in the end. The other thing that’s a big advantage
is it’s not stigmatized. If you have the stamp
of mental illness on your forehead, or on your dossier, or whatever,
you are not going to get a job. It’s not like having diabetes
or even cancer. It’s one of the most stigmatized things that can happen
to the person in our culture. And especially, if some kid
is having these visions, and he’s not knowing
what’s happening to him, and the doctor comes and says,
“You’re broken and you are this,” you can imagine
how that adds to the problem. The other thing they have an advantage of, they have a mentor, they have somebody
that has been through this process, that can take and hold their hand and say, “Listen, I know what this is all about,
and this is how you manage it.” And the third thing
that’s a huge advantage is they have a community
that buys into what they’ve gone through. Not only that, they have
an outlet for their talents. Many of these people have specific talents
that the normal person doesn’t have. So, that’s what is an advantage if you’re in one of these
indigenous communities. I don’t know if you heard
the recent TED Talk by a woman by the name
of Eleanor Longden. Has anybody heard that one? It went viral.
She did it a couple of months ago. This is a young woman, when she went to college
she started hearing voices. She said, “My nightmare began when I told my roommate
I was hearing voices.” Her roommate said,
“You’d better see a doctor.” So she went [and] saw the doctor. The doctor said,
“You’d better see a psychiatrist.” She went to see the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist
gave her the label “schizophrenia,” put her on medications. By the way, these medications
suppress the symptoms, they don’t get
at the root [of the] problem. She said, from that point on,
she just spiraled down. You ought to listen to her video
on how she brought herself out of that. She eventually got to the point
where she said, “I realized that those voices
were helping me resolve this old childhood trauma
of sexual molestation.” But it took her and a couple of friends
that believed in her, to get her out of that hole
that she had gone down in because of that stigma. So, if you do have one of these issues, if one of us does have
one of these issues, we go to somebody. The common method of treatment is to suppress the symptoms
with pharmaceuticals. So, with Adam,
we’ve been following among, and so I’ve been posting this on our blog
over the last year and a half, how he’s doing and what’s going on. By the way, he’s homeless now,
like so many end up. And we’ve started
interviewing professionals that take a whole different
approach to this problem. And in fact, some of the psychiatrists,
psychologists we’ve interviewed, and we’re posting them as well, claim many of these instances, not all of them, but many of them,
as spiritual emergencies. And they believe, just like I do now,
if you hold these people, if you don’t stigmatize them, if you don’t scare them with the label,
and tell them they’re broken, and if you give them a place of support, that the psyche itself is self-healing. It will take them, and it will eventually
work out whatever is going on with them, and they’ll typically come out at a higher level
of awareness and consciousness then when they went
into the problem in the first place. There are many people that believe – we’ve interviewed cultural historians,
cultural anthropologists, they believe that our species
right now is in crisis. You look at the environment,
you look at the economic system, you look at what’s happening
with our continual wars, and we’re being asked
to raise our consciousness to a whole different level. I just want to end with this statement
from one of our most famous scientists, and I love this statement,
he says, I’ll just quote: “We human beings
tend to experience ourselves as something separate
from the whole we call the Universe. This is actually an optical delusion
of our consciousness. It’s like a prison for us. Our task is to free ourselves
from this prison by [widening] our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures and the whole of Nature in its beauty. This striving for such an achievement
is a path to our liberation and the only true foundation
of our inner peace and security.” That was Albert Einstein. Thank you very much. (Applause)


  1. 😑😳🤯😱My psychotic episode/spiritual experience, straighten me up! Im a lil off it but made me a better person for sure.. How a firm voice can pop up in one's head! Nd turn the energy thats around, negative. This brought on a few other voices. In/Outside of mind, nd mean. I toke a trip 6states away for an escape. Had a picture taken to show my lil progress, nd a blue entity appeared in it, in front of me! Never had a mental/disorder, wasnt on no drug! Never was that much of a believe till that day. Praises to the un/known forces! Godspeed

  2. I swear my story is a lot like Adams! I’m going thru the end of my being broken open stage and I have mental issues. I see visions that happen. I can also dream someone else’s reality. I feel like I’m on my journey of spiritual awakening.

  3. For those wanting to become more aware and more connected to the universe, do the Vipassana meditation course. It will be the biggest favor you can do to, not only yourself, but to the world <3

  4. There is a reason why some ancient scriptures mention "awake o sleeper". A psychosis is mostly misunderstood in the West. It simply means waking up.
    If you made it this far; I suggest reading Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's "I Am That" (if you can handle it), or, if you only have 5 minutes, to some research why φιλαυτία (Self-Love in Homeric Greek) was changed by someone of the Roman Empire bearing the initials of J.C. to Selfish Love. In addition; look up the meaning of सच्चिदानन्द (no, it has nothing to do with religion so don't let that turn you down please):
    All is Love baby!
    Love, Sweet Love!
    Life is beautiful.
    PS: Did you know De-pression actually means De-pressurizing? Those Romans man… don't get me started…

  5. My psychotic episode was not a spiritual awakening wtf. It's practically offensive to suggest so, I experienced such paralyzing terror at the time.

  6. Wow. This is really sad to read these comments and for this mean to confuse the two. Spiritual Awakening and psychosis are two different things. If you need me to explain how they're different, you have not experienced spiritual Awakening!!!! Wow!!!

  7. God and goddess or rather false god and false goddess consciousness play back and forth to struggle for power and representation of the earth and beyond.

    They only represent themselves. They are parasite beings that require prayer and worship to keep going.

    God is a rotting parasite we can starve of energy by praying and worshipping less

  8. So nobody recognized Koi Fresco (Now calling Himself; Vishudda Das) at 15:25?..
    The guy's youtube videos helped me a great deal during my psychosis!.

  9. This started happening for me a few years ago, thankfully it was gentle and I was old enough to handle it… I also knew they were messages from spirit…I did not and do not yet have a mentor… I got myself in trouble unknowingly channelling dark beings and ended up in hospital for psychiatric evaluation…if only I had a mentor! Well I know I went through it for a reason, an initiation perhaps…this talk has been healing and emotional for me to watch…thank you so much for your important message, what a blessing and a gift this is to me✨💖🙏💖✨

  10. Nothing better than a honest scientist who feels compelled to take this topic on. Probably due to his own spiritual experiences.

  11. Juniper bushes contain DMT I believe the animal blood on the fire doesn't need to happen but maybe it increases the chances of crossing over or something

  12. Control Theory proves prayers are real. The binary choices are a triad of information and all circuits are motivated by God(our Creator) and our own choices based on reception and recognition.

  13. At the core of all religions and spirituality, there is an experience of some being, place, or level of consciousness beyond ordinary human ken. It is often called awakening or enlightenment in the East; and the Kingdom of Heaven, salvation, or redemption in the West. Achieving this state of being is goal of all systems of spirituality and religion. It considered the greatest treasure, the highest purpose of life, and a great achievement..

    It is an awakening from the illusion of only being human to recover your consciousness of Who You Really Are: a spiritual being, part of the One Infinite Being, Source of all that is. Enlightenment is a continual experience of self as an immortal spirit, an individualization of the One Infinite Creator Being from which all that exists comes. It includes recovery of your innate perception of and communication with the One of whom you are always a part. It occurs as part of a much great understanding of ultimate reality:

    The only thing that really exists is a single, infinite, Being of Aware Will, the One Creator of all that is. This BEing has 13 Primordial Characteristics; Oneness, Infinity, Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Love, Truth, Peace, and Joy. She has many human names: Brahma, Tao, Creator, God, Yahweh, Allah, etc. (We call the One a “She” because She is more yin than yang.)

    This Being manifests out of its own energy substance, out of its own Essence, out of Its Love, everything that exists: the Creation, the Cosmos. She is both Creator and the Creation. She is the Essence of all that is. She is your Essence; you are Her. There is only the One.

    The purpose of the Creation is experience, every kind of experience possible. The Creation is Essence expressing, exploring, and experiencing Herself in all Her infinite possibilities of being. The Creation is the playground, the Disneyland, the cosmic movie theater of God. (You are starring in your Human Movie now.) However, the Creation is an illusion (maya); the ultimate and only Truth is Essence.

    Essence individualizes part of Herself into limited beings, spirits, and these incarnate into the Creation to play, adventure, and enjoy. We are each one of those individualizations of Essence, of the One. We are an immortal spirit, a particle of the One Infinite Being, a “chip off the old block”. Our separated individuality is an illusion; we are always the One; there is nothing else we can be. We are all the One pretending to be the Many to have others to play with and against, and above all, others to love (otherwise, we would only know self-love).

    We are currently incarnating in the creation to explore the Human Experience, to play the Human Adventure Game. (The Human Experience is the exploration of all that we are not in Essence; the exploration of negative energy, obstacles, struggle and effort.) To fully live the Human Experience, to immerse ourselves in the role of human being, to take life seriously and dramatically; we must truly experience ourselves as only a human being. We must not-know Who We Really Are (immortal spirits, particles of the One Essence). We must block out the 13 Characteristics. We do this by creating a shell of negative energy around our consciousness that blocks out Essence and generates for us the illusion of a human identity. (We know the exact mechanics of this shell, how it works and how to free yourself of it, explained in the book Essentiality I: A Modern, Scientific, and Fast Path to Enlightenment.) The shell is part of the Creation and therefore an illusion; in Truth, we never cease to be Who We Really Are.

    Every human being can awaken from the illusion of only being a human being when he commits to doing so. We can do this by discreating the shell of energy that limits our consciousness to that of human and generates for us the illusion of the Creation, of being human. Essentiality is a system, a technology for this discreation. This restores our awareness of self as an immortal spirit, and restores our perception and communication with Essence, with the One. When we are permanently awake such that we do not fall back into our human identity illusion, we are “enlightened”. Enlightened, you live life from a higher level of consciousness, power to manifest, love, joy and abundance.

  14. I was going thru what I thought was spiritual awakening at the time and I saw the vary details of how Everything in this universe is connected. I Also saw how labeled crazy people are actually seeing the world in some type of way and could eventually be brought back to seeing it the normal way. Once I was force to see into the so called spiritual world and my mind started thinking that sculptures are demonic and I was imagining satanic images in my head. I’d say the Jesus name and fight them off of my head. And this went on and I started praying and then I started seeing what i thought was a vision from god. I saw fires destroying the satanic images in my head. However, it wasn’t long that I started doubting it is actually spiritual and I went back to being the real world for what it is and there is no chance that god actually exist. I admit you’d actually be happier if you forgave everyone which I did within on going psychosis and I was at absolute peace.

  15. Having a psychotic episode in the western world with no shamanic enotourage is nothing close to this romanticized story of mental illness. I'm a mentally illed individual with some psychic healing skills. Nothing near a connection to the universe. Just heartbreak.

  16. Dr Stan Grof is a pioneer in the exploration and research of spiritual emergency: 'emergency' as in breakdown and emergence. There are many of his books available as well as numerous You Tube videos. His work was a turning point in my life.

  17. I valued hearing your talk. Perhaps you would enjoy reading my book that covers material that you are wonderfully covering: My Magnificent Obsession, A Lifelong Search for the Meaning of the Mystical Call. Thanks for speaking about this. I am now beginning to speak more openly.

  18. I believe that I and many other people I know have used drugs and alcohol in an attempt to snuff our gifts out because they are perceived as illnesses and disorders. That junky that stole your money to buy a chunk was supposed to be a healer.

  19. I had a spiritual awakening right before my 20th birthday and arrested on a 5150 72 hour hold it was terrifying, liberating, and completely expanded my awareness of this realm. Now i make music hoping to heal others and spread my message of raising mental awareness for people who go through this without anybody to speak to about it without feeling insane.

  20. I feel kind of ungrateful. I experienced my spiritual awakening or "shattering" as the young man put it but I was able to self teach and step into my own high priestess healer role and embrace all my spiritual gifts. I had no mentor but the universe showed me all the guides I'd need to learn accept and empower myself. I never would've thought that others would be influenced to force their spiritual components down. I feel sick.

  21. 🙏 grow through it, not suppressing or avoidance but safe spaces to allow the rise in conciousness to happen with compassion, appropriate boundaries, empathy, understanding & guidance.

  22. I am just now coming out of this. I went to the doctor because I thought I was either dying or going crazy. He's exactly right, I've experienced it. Still need to see a therapist, cant seem to figure out the next step.

  23. "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
    by those who could not hear the music." – Friedrich Nietzsche

  24. Alice Bailey, an early 1900's psychic within the theologian society, wrote much on this subject. There is help through what is called initiate books. She wrote of the awakening that will flood the world and all the dysfunction within the psyche will be very present such as autism, and epilepsy . She also guides you on how to see yourself through into a functioning psychic. Thank you for doing this talk it is truly on a rare subject with little research done in the main stream of humanity.

  25. I had infancy trauma, which may be why I see visions of future events as well as even hearing the future and forms of telepathic anomaly. In my twenties I changed one of the events by agreeing with a duel self and shaking hands. When the other me touched, he absorbed into me. Then I dreamt the new path. The most recent huge event was my NDE, where I went from physical to Astral and then ascended ethereal as a STAR. Humans have their spiritual eyes closed and cant farthom seeing beyond or outside their sphere. We keep falling back to the physical while being curled up like a baby in an egg, but they are actual Stars. You are suppose to gaze into it to reconnect. Many may be from our sun, but not all.

  26. I had a similar experience with being misdiagnosed with an illness. I was prescribed several medications that had side effects that were completely debilitating. It took me years to see what the actual issue of my "problem" was.

    Great Video,

    Thanks for sharing.

  27. It would have been a great improvement if the video included a view of the slides that the speaker was trying to show us.

  28. The doctors want you to believe you are sick some are but most are not I was diagnosed having bipolar disorder manic depression I believe that I am finding the true form of happiness and it gets too hard to control.

  29. Ego death. Kundalini. Don’t dabble in this unless you are really ready. This is not something to play with if you are not ready. Can cause you to feel like you are sick. In a sense we are all sick beings, we just aren’t aware of it until we open the spirit. It sucks for awhile, until you are able to become a better being. Takes a change of living, meditation, discipline, and time. Try to be and then you will become.

  30. I keep tv and radios off. I love hearing my vibrations. It’s comforting to me now. I’ve learned to like it. At first I was worried till amazing things started to transpire. I had a spontaneous awakening. Woke me up with a loud popping noise. Flashes of white lights between my eyes and the top of my head.

  31. Psychosis changed my life forever in some good ways and some bad. There’s no going back after you have a psychotic break. I’m on 7 prescriptions and I’m on disability now. It happened when I was 22.

  32. I’m glad to see so many open-minded people in the comments section 🙂 the world doesn’t have enough of that

  33. It would be nice to see his photographs he took instead of the floor. I love this guy… I've heard his talks before. Yeah, I believe our culture is so short sighted at times. It's part if the programming of the matrix. Those in power don't want us to know how powerful we really are… it's too threatening. We've locked away many who have the gift in the name of "mental illness". Thank you for your work. Namaste

  34. Very nice speech and is absolutely needed to be discuss, I didn’t get my spiritual awakening and dark nights of the soul until 32. Literally thought I was crazy and actually was thinking to go to a psychiatrist because I started to see lots of number synchronicities, visions come to me before things happen, lucid dreaming, voice in my head but I’m mostly vision. Started seeing geometric shapes and patterns when I first waken up in the morning. Smelling cigarettes or roses when there’s none around. At one point, there was a night I could not fell asleep at all, twist and turned and I felt attacked is coming, so I went to the kitchen and got a cut her knife and place it on my night stand…(seriously) and it turns out next morning when I got to work, they had a massive laid off on our floor…I was so sure something bad is gonna happen and predicted that months ago with the date. Video taped everything lol because I was doing my tarot video and keep on mentioning Saturn going direct is going to be significant and is September 18th. That was exactly the date my company laid off people globally. In a period of five months, I started to research online and learn a lot about spiritual awakening process and spirituality…over a year now I’ve started to attend workshops and classes for psychic development. Found my soul tribe and started a separate tarot reading channel as well just for spiritual service. Old friends mostly gone, new friends appeared in my life. It is a complete overhaul and rebirth. When I look back, I am just grateful I was actually extremely protected and supported by my spirit guides, my friends, and my mom. They understand me and didn’t question my sanity at all, in fact they are very encouraging and loving. Not everyone is that lucky. It is very important for someone who undergoing spiritual awakening to have that support. My lovely mom was actually a psychic medium (she didn’t want her gift but she is even stronger than me, as far as I can tell) and she was able to listen and be patient with me during the one and half year of tumultuous time. She wasn’t so lucky, she had to kept it secret when she was younger, as no one around her would understand and look at her not crazy. It was funny, once I started awakening, one of my coworker actually started his as well lol so he was compelled to tell me his problem one day, and I was able to point out to him that he wasn’t crazy but it was an awakening. Out of 13 people, he was pulled to tell me that, he wasn’t sure why he did that but glad he did. We are all guided, so go with your intuition. There is always help and always enough.

  35. I get belittled by Co workers no you are doing this wrong but the manager told me to do the mopping the floor and then no do the grocery orders.?

  36. By the grace of God I have in my conscience mind experienced Devine purpose. I have never shared over the web but God is putting it on my heart to inform or give a testimony. My ex on 4-14-14 began acting very very strange lomg story short After hours all night in fact and demanding in Jesus name whats not of God must leave. Much more details life changing. But maybe coincided? No that was my flesh. A year later 3-7-15 my now fiancees oldest son 17 at the time I was used by God to drive out another an unclean spirit. But now with my faith being so much its unexplainable it took a mere 5 minutes maybe and he said woah! Its gone! More details if u have any questions please feel free

  37. He is so right. The western pshyciatry is so immensive naive. Stigma however is part of the marketing. They know it threats symptoms, not the root of the problem. Simply because psychology can't be put into scientific boxes. Time we learn to think outside of the box.

  38. This is freaking me out.
    Things have happened that I had seen in the past and I have not spoken about it.
    I've tried to show other things I have seen to others and they can't see it and told me I was delusional.
    I stopped trying to show these things to others and try to ignore them.
    Am I crazy?

  39. It is crazy when you wake up and have a completely authentic experience with life. It can be scary because NO ONE can relate. You really have to search within yourself and ask questions. For me I used to used the Bible as a reference to certain things, that's how deep some experiences were, that I had to read the Bible and look at explanations to what I was experiencing. There is some shame also because you can go too far and you really don't know if you're sane or not. They say zeal without control is a wild horse or something like that.

  40. Been a seer since I was very young. I learned quickly that most people can't be trusted with my disclosing that. The cool part is that when you are more reserved in your expression, the more people of your kind come along.

  41. I had "suffered" with this trait my whole life. I was put on anti depressents, Xanax, Ambien for social anxiety, agoria, inconsistent eating habits, I was labeled "ill" because of feelings that i was suppressing because society had me thinking I was unuseful. But,I loved humans more than own selves most of the time. At 42, I got off medicine, and learned I was experiencing self actualization with 0 healthy outlets. My path brought me to be a born again Christian, to serve others , I've never felt connected to anything more than that feeling of being neutral, for everything, everyone, everywhere . I hope I am blessed to live out til old age because i have do much to give and share! What an excellent video!

  42. Got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and that night I randomly run in to a topic about shamans view on mental illness.
    I have been experiencing these “coincidences” for months that I believe has led me to the realization that I am going through a spiritual awakening. A revival of my damaged soul as I may help to revive others.

  43. I think this happened to me. I was hospitalized for ten days. They transferred me to a specialized mental facility 170 miles away. No history of mental illness. They said i was in drug induced phycosis. I was terrified. Completely out of my mind. I injured myself quite badly. The fear was that great. But sometimes i feel myself slipping back. Was the things i saw and heard and thought real? Or maybe i really am insane

  44. As a believer in Christ I only entertain the holy spirit of God.
    As a judeo-christian nation it was never common to embrace dark Spirit of divination.
    So they call it mental illness. Majority of us in the know realize this demonic influence. It's very common in other nations. It's actually common in this nation as well but only certain Elites participate channeling for their benefit in the benefit of a dark agenda. Stigmatize the average Joe. Work witchcraft in secret. I understand these are facts but it's also a soft indoctrination to say come play with the spirits it's alright. No thanks bud.

  45. 😱💥💞😵😱💥💞😵😱💥💞😵😱💥💞😵😱💥💞😵😱💥💞😵😱💥💞😵😱💥💞😵💞💞💞

  46. thank you so so SO much mr anthropologist for your contribution to humanity!! american society is a complete mess

  47. While/after going through this, were there any resources that helped you, I don't know of a mentor that can help guide me thru this process…

  48. I had these 'awakening' experiences before. It was like I became one with the universe and I felt elated during the process, then I felt this drunken happiness afterwards. I then realize what I experienced was me meeting my own ego face to face.

    This ego was a byproduct of living in a society with a ton of people being drunk on their own version of a God complex. And this God complex could be the result of parents having unrealistic expectations for their kids to literally be 'Gods among human' with their test scores and college degrees, or it could be religions, or the entertainment industry celebrating fame, greed, and 'justified' human violence, etc. I think the western culture is gonna self-implode with their sense of superiority over the rest of the world as a result.

    I know a first-world guy (through a documentary) who went back to live with his aboriginal family because he was tired of the modern first-world lifestyle. I remember vividly the one criticism he gave about the first-world, 'You know back there it's all play pretend. Over here you could die from the smallest thing.'. I think hes crazy to deny himself of the modern conveniences but nevertheless the man have a point.

    We first-world people need to relearn how to be human again.

  49. I believe those of us who walk the shaman's path in mainstream America have a harder path, as this society does not make room for shamans. Room has to be made.

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