PRP natural tears for Dry Eye: Patient Testimonial

We have here Carolyn. Carolyn just finished her second dose of the PRP or platelet rich plasma tears for herself and Carolyn tell us a little bit about what your experience was. How is it before you started using those drops on your eyes? Well my eyes were very cloudy and I couldn’t read with my glasses without a magnifying glass and I also stopped driving because it was too cloudy. So it was cloudy and were they it feeling irritated? And I had a lot of irritation a lot of irritation and pain in my eyes. By the end of the day especially it was very bad . And then when you start you started using the PRP tears when did things start to change for you once you’ve got tears? I’m say within started about maybe 2 in my second to third week and by the fourth in the car or fifth week I was able to drive and I think I can read with my glasses and I just feel so much so much better. My energy level went up and I don’t I just like feel brighter and happier. Thats’ fabulous when your aged that’s really nice. Because you were saying you thought you had some more energy or wonder if that’s was related. Yes I have lots more energy for some reason. I really like I said I’m 90 and feel like 75. That’s fabulous. Well thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone I appreciate that and I’m glad this has been so helpful b to you. I thank you. You’re very welcome.

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