Prodigy 5 and Eye Health

we’re back again with another Q&A with a amazing dr. Adam Saucedo and dr. Adam my question today is we are hearing really wonderful heartwarming powerful
testimonials about improved eyesight with prodigy 5 you know I got here about
the vitamins and the minerals and antioxidants which I think people are a
little surprised to find out that there’s a formula built into there into
the product that really helps with eyesight so if you tell us a little bit
about that you’re absolutely right Kevin prodigy 5 was very carefully designed in
terms of the micronutrients that were selected to be included we studied the
literature exhaustively we’ve looked at over 50 years of peer-reviewed data in
order to select the appropriate micronutrients that the body that human
body needs in order to have good micronutrient balance right now the
human race is facing an epidemic 5 billion human beings are suffering from
micronutrient malnutrition but as we develop this my co partner my co
developer dr. Ambati who is an eye specialist and an eye surgeon and was
recently recognized as the number one eye surgeon in the world and has many
other accolades to his name and I encourage you to look him up but doctor
and body felt it was critical that we include the micronutrients in this
formulation to address eye health eye health is also a growing epidemic
problem globally and so as we design prodigy 5 we included key micronutrients
that address eye health so that is people use prodigy 5 not only will they
get the benefits which are too long to discuss here of the micronutrients for
general health they’ll also get tremendous benefits in
terms of eyesight health and maintenance of vision as they keep cottagey five on
a regular basis well so people are taking Prodigy five because they want
the energy and they hear about the absorption technology and one of the
side effects for people is the eye health now if I have a challenges I’ll
notice that for somebody who doesn’t have our you know or no perceived price
light challenges is it also prevented it is absolutely in there preventive X and
there are there are other effects as well so based on abundant data that that
was included in the a Reds one and a Reds two studies that were commissioned
by the US Institutes of national health it found that over ten years and across
tens of thousands of patients that these micronutrients if taken on a regular
basis or absolutely preventative excellent I love side-effects like that
when somebody says what’s the side effect of taking us there there’s so
many good ones so thanks and if your associate Oh we’ll see you on the next
question and answer that thank you

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