Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Can They See Eye To Eye?


  1. Hi everyone! We decided to bring back a popular topic to hear other people’s perspective on Pro Life vs Pro Choice. This is definitely a difficult topic since we all have our own opinions and experiences on whether we believe in one side or the other.

    Do you know anyone in your life that has either got an abortion or decided to keep the baby & what has that experience been for them?

  2. the lack of transgender terminology in these conversations always stings at me. the amount of dysphoria a pregnancy can cause alone is really unbearable, and seeing that these conversations only really carry the word woman also adds on to it.. i wish people were more aware that not only women can get pregnant. yet overall, the people in this video were so incredible respectful to each other and the topic, i’m really proud of them to having the ability of being able to share different perspectives.

  3. 11:30 so if a cluster of cells that cant provide or better yet, think for themselves doesn't have the right (or choice) to live…what about people in comas, or people with mental disabilities or some sort of disability that doesnt allow them to function on a regular basis and prohibits them from being able express themselves… Should people in comas get the cord pulled? I wanted this conversation to actually go deep but im very disappointed. It would be great to go Steven Crowder deep. It just seemed like every other debate no ones really really opened up on the deep parts or even thought about them. Anyways, i guess I'm just disappointed on the pro life side and how lightly they touched things.

  4. saying "oh if my brother or i wouldn't be here if my mother aborted me" is not an arguement. Yes pregnancy leads to a human BUT a sperm can lead to a baby. you are not that pregnancy you are your experience of life.

  5. pro choice people are brainwashed.
    I used to not care about this but now because I know the truth I have to identify as Pro Life.

  6. The girl in the green beanie was far too defensive for every single topic. I get this is a passionate topic but respect for the other side is crucial if we want civil conversation, so sticking your nose in the air like “I know I’m right I don’t care what they have to say” is not good at all

  7. If you don’t want a baby or currently not in a position where the baby would suffer…. then don’t even risk having a baby and don’t have sex.

    And another thing is that she said a baby is just a cluster of cells, isn’t every human a cluster of cells?

  8. For a good mother, I can completely see where Timmerie is coming from. I think that's it's important that you build a relationship with your child that is both authoritative and loving/accepting so that when they do get into such a difficult situation, they know that they can come to you. However, not every parent and child has this, so I think that it should just be kept between the medical staff and the patient.

  9. The woman who had an abortiom after a miscarriage- i dont think thats an abortion abortion , since the baby isnt alive anymore 🙁 sad face. Miscarriages are so sad.

  10. 11:15 to 11:35 : That's the whole debate and why it will never have a satisfying conclusion for everybody. It all depends on what you define as a person and if the foetus fits in that category. I'm pro choice, but if I saw fetuses as actual human beings I'd be pro-life.

  11. Dont want kids dont have sex. Rape victims are the only innocent ones bros. If you expect a guy to pay child support when you want a kid and he dont- then he should be able to force you to keep the kid when you dont want to. That doesnt sound right the other way round right? Therefore you better stop making guys who didnt want the kid pay for it.

    Also- if abortion is illegal and you choose to get a shady abortion- unless it was to save your life- you are at fault for what happens to you as a result , like dude . Abortions arent a necessity – no one * except those in life threatening situations * needs an abortion

  12. Hate when ppl say cluster of cells because that’s false and her being a woman should know that and on top of that every body parts is made of cells so wouldn’t that make us a cluster of cells ? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  13. i used to be very pro-life. i believed that abortion was murder and i just wouldn’t think any other way. as i grow up i realised how uneducated i was. i feel super bad now ..

  14. The thing is, having an unwanted baby that makes your life really hard or giving it up for adoption is also quite traumatizing.

  15. This episode made me tear up. Ideally, these are the conversations that should happen. Shut off the media and go approach a person who believes differently from you.

  16. A heartbeat signifies a life…..when there is no heartbeat there is no life…..when you stop the heartbeat inside of you it is murder.

  17. That asian girl is thinking of a utopic society where everyone has consentual sex and a estable home. Privilege is blinding.

  18. If you have a comfortable life like this fundamental woman, it is easy to say abortion is wrong including for raped women.
    But once this woman would be raped by a black man with HIV, she would be abort.
    Same went with mother Teresa. She preached: illness and pain brings us nearer to Jesus who suffered too.
    In her "hospitals" the suffering did at the best get aspirin. 99.99% of all donations – we are talking about 300-700 million $ – went to the Vatican.
    When this criminal Teresa got cancer and pain she flew with a private jet to USA to a private clinic. She did not want to suffer. Shame on this criminal woman.

  19. TombWraith I know you're here. I just wanted to know if you've heard about the "cheerleader high-schooler" that buried her newborn baby in her backyard. She has been on the news lately.
    So sad.

  20. Timmerie seems very kind, but she is totally misguided and her statements are extremely misleading. For example, she talks about Crisis Pregnancy Centers as if they were helpful – they aren’t. They are posing as abortion clinics, trapping women, giving them false information, and completely failing to provide any tangible support for them after they give birth. Likewise, how can you say that putting doctors who perform abortions in jail be beneficial for women? If no one is willing to perform a medically safe abortion, we will go back to the unsafe home abortions (as is already often the case in states like Texas). So the result is the same. Plus, what if someone performs abortion on themselves? Won’t that be classified as murder under such a law? And then, how can a woman who had a miscarriage prove that it wasn’t an abortion? According to doctors, it’s hard to tell – especially when it was induced by a deliberate fall or physical injury… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I really wish there was some side note to clarify this stuff, because I see very positive comments about her, but her statements are actually really problematic.

  21. 'It takes two to tango', in tango there's almost always consent. In becoming pregnant, not always. Also in tango one party doesn't bare the main responsibility of carrying and often looking after that child.

  22. I'm pretty tired of hearing people say "pro choice = pro abortion" because pro choice is ONLY for the choice of what to do with the fetus. Nothing more nothing less. A 16 year old girl who doesn't want to have a baby should make the choice not to just as a 36 year old nun who does want to have a child should make the choice to have it. But both are discriminated for their choices and being pro choice means you believe they should do with whatever they want to their own bodies.

  23. I am pro choice, listen, abortion needs to be open. If a person is too sick, and can't have a baby and will die if she does, if abortion is illegal, she will die, no breast milk and no money for formula, the baby will die, it's better to have 1 thing die, than to let 2 people die, got it. Also, who cares if someone get's an abortion, you aren't their boss, people should be able to make that decision without criticism.

  24. I can somewhat get what pro life is trying to say but I really hope they get it is called pro choice. Not pro abortion. If you do not agree with abortion that is perfectly okay you don’t have to get an abortion but trying to take it away from someone else that’s just not right. Everyone is their own person and you should understand that they should have the choice to decide what they want to do. It should not be up to you on what another woman wants to do with her own body. What are you accomplishing by taking away someone else’s right ??? Like tell me pls explain to me what do u accomplish? Forcing a women to have a baby she doesn’t want? What does that accomplish? Nothing. And I cannot believe that girl compared a FETUS to a LIVE animal?

  25. This is my favorite episode, I loved this and everyone in it however adore the lady with the green top and hat she is so smart and I agree with everything she said and it’s really sad what she’s gone through

  26. This is one of the most respectful “debates” I’ve seen on here. No one shaded each other and I’m surprised. I figured this would be one of the most heated episodes. Interesting…

  27. I'm pro-choice, I always have been. But I gotta say, those pro-life people had me going there for a second in the beginning

  28. sorry but do you expect not to struggle? everyone will struggle through life, mental health, economic, whatever problems whether you’re a poor person with nothing or a rich person with everything. Your decision shouldn’t be whether or not you can afford it, it should be about the love you provide for it and having that baby with you through everything as a light in your day, whether you have nothing or everything.

  29. My mom almost aborted me, and if she can choose again, i hope she choses that option instead of the one i am currently stuck in. Pro choice.

  30. You are in a situation thats muddy and almost impossible to get out of, poverty, drugs, no support, or sexually exploited. The child might just end up homeless, foster cared, abused because the mother is not getting help. They say they have help but the same people hate universal healthcare and welfare programs and even if they are helped, how are they compensated for the other efforts that are put into it.

  31. isnt it easier not to have sex if u’re not ready for a baby, i mean for those who had sex with their partners willingly n not rape or something

  32. Jubilee I found your channel through a short about a wife who was going blind and the man. Who loved her. I enjoy your videos in the pursuit of understanding human thought and our vast views. Your videos definitely help keep my views in check and it opens my mind to views I once strongly disagreed on.

    Thank you!

  33. This is actually the most awesome "argument" or debate I have ever seen with abortion. Usually it becomes really toxic but these people are not like that at all. They actually listen to each other

  34. I understand where the gentleman is coming from when he says he feels like his opinion is second rate when it comes to the decision of keeping the baby, but it sounds it's because he would be afraid of a situation where a woman went behind his back and aborted a baby being made. If this is what any sperm-producing person in a relationship is afraid of, then maybe the relationship itself needs to be reexamined. No one should be concerned that someone will go off and do anything that involved both parties if it's a healthy relationship
    I believe all potential romantic and/or sexual partners should first Talk about what they'd do if a pregnancy happened. That's important in deciding if they want to stay or start that relationship, because a lot of people either Really want kids or really Don't want anything to do with children. Both are valid, and communication is So important.

  35. I am pro-choice and I am a boy. I feel it's important to say that I'm a boy because I'm on the side of the men who are seen as people that don't bother to try to understand how rough it is. It isn't just women who are pregnant, trans men (men), non-binary people get abortions too. But I need everybody to know that being pro-choice is NOT the same as pro-abortion or 'supporting murder'. We can all get along, you can have your opinions, but taking away the choice for someone to get an abortion is just not right. Sometimes they don't have a choice and I'd much rather someone get an abortion than having the child grow up in a messed up situation. You can be pro-life and still be okay with abortion being legal, it shouldn't matter to you if you're not directly affected. If you don't know the person, let it be. It's their choice, it's not yours.

  36. Wow. I was NOT expecting this to be more civil than vegans vs. meat eaters. I have NEVER heard a civil debate about abortion IN MY LIFE.

  37. I am pro-choice BUT I really do believe a baby exists right at contraception so i personally wouldn’t get an abortion. I’m listening to this and I’ve been broke, on food stamps, no family, alone, single, no insurance, and found out i was pregnant and homeless with a 3 month old. I will tell you it IS possible to still have an amazing child, survive, and have a great life so to anyone reading this please do not look at that stuff and think it isn’t possible. I’m not privileged, I’m not special, I wasn’t like “omg i love babies” im dog person trying to decide if i would like this baby as much as i like my dog lol 😂 just being transparent. But I know that I’m not literally PREGNANT WITH A HUMAN for no reason, not a food baby, a whole little baby. There are people who can’t even do what I just did.

    There are poor babies in third world countries living their best lives with their parents. Rich people and middle class shouldn’t be the only people who can have children okay? People have grown up in terrible situations and have grown up to change the world dude. At the end of the day it’s are you willing to fight, and believe. So that’s a choice that you have to make within yourself. It’s no walk in the park at all, but it’s not impossible.

    all in all USE PROTECTION PLEASE, other than rape and cases of the sort this shouldn’t be a thing.

    But at the end of the day every decision you make should be your own. But if i can encourage any person please don’t let “I’m poor and single, and scared” be the reason you don’t have the baby.

    But God loves you either way, even if you don’t keep the baby💗

  38. I am pro choice I feel that if it’s your body and it’s often put on woman to have children and give up their lives to take care of them however its not something I could ever do

  39. I can totally see the point of view from the prochoice sides. Like yes its your body, and it can affect your life. But prolife isnt about making people do anything with their bodies, its to save a life. And i think the most common disagreement people come to in this is that prochoicers say its not a life just so it seems like an ok thing to do. Like im sorry but how can a baby be a life at 9 months but not 2 months. Is the Vagina a magical exit that creates life? Also in this world people dont want to take responsibility for there actions. Like if you dont want to have a baby, dont have sex. Its seriously simple. If you have sex and get pregnant, take responsibility for it. Even if it makes life difficult, people need to take responsibility for things that happen in life.

  40. I am pro choice but I will say this. Besides non consensual sex, if you selfishly want to get off for your pleasure then it's your fault for having a kid if that happens. And every decision has consequences. I feel like people are not taking responsibility for their actions.

  41. I question why the one lady would get pregnant if she was doing drugs and knew financially she couldn’t support a baby🤷‍♂️

  42. You can outlaw abortion AFTER you create artificial wombs that women can deposit their fertilized eggs into. Win, win for everyone right?? If you disagree in any way, i.e. you think that would create a burden on society or is unhealthy for the child, then you should re-examine your pro-life views! Because whatever outcome you fear, that's already what happens when you force women to have children!

  43. A man isn’t bringing a life into the world?? It takes two to tango he had a part bringing that child into the world. Just because he isn’t pushing out the baby doesn’t mean he shouldnt get to decide whether he gets to have his child or not !! It would be his baby too.

  44. At the end of the day, women are going to get abortions somewhere if they really need one. We might as well make sure that it's done by people who actually know what they're doing rather than some crackhead in an alley with a coat hanger.

  45. The interesting that that was never brought up was the fact that having sex is a choice. It’s all well and good to believe in what you believe but if you can’t scream pro choice pro choice if you’re out taking a risk and having sex. Having sex then complaining that you need to have an abortion makes as much sense as a cigarette user yelling and screaming that it’s their right not go get cancer. If you don’t want to risk it, then don’t have sex. I’m all for abortion if it’s rape and the mother says no but it only counts for less than percent and on top of that, what rape is and isn’t clearly need to be defined. It a woman goes to an abortion clinic and her “rape” was that she had sex with a guy then regretted it, that does not count as rape.

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