Pres. Latest Lies About Push To End Healthcare Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions | All In | MSNBC


  1. Pesident Obama with his Obama Care Healthcare plan covered preexisting conditions!
    Just like he covered and got the money to fund and start building the WALL and of course Trump wants you to believe that he did both!
    He's a Liar and his pants will be on fire when the Iranians and PUTIN do this MORON IN!
    He finished!

  2. Fellow Americans this is Oppression at its finest. This is exactly what the Left wants, they want you to be scared and believe "their" lies, that's why they hardly ever have anyone on their segments that disagree with them. They do not like to be proven wrong in front of you. Wake up!

  3. Oh the poor poor LIBERAL ATHEIST DEMONcrats. OBAMA was the one that lied when he named it the AFFORDABLE care act. There was nothing affordable about it and it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL but LIBERALS don't care about crap like that. What Trump is saying is that if his administration gets a chance to do their own healthcare, IT WILL COVER pre-existing conditions. I don't know why that is so hard to understand or why it is a complicated matter for the left to get. Maybe Trump has to start speaking slower and using smaller words. Maybe then you LIBERALS will start to understand somethings. And the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, good gravy they are just so sad these days. Celebrating the life of a dead terrorist just to try to make Trump look bad. I didn't think that the MSM could get any lower but they did. It was disgusting and disrespectful to every soldier who has fought in a war and to any victim of a terrorist attack. YOU ALL DISGUST ME!!!!!

  4. 1:02. Just because Trump is trying to end Obamacare (which includes pre-existing conditions), doesn't mean he's looking to end pre-existing conditions. It means he's looking to end Obamacare, which includes pre-existing conditions. That doesn't mean pre-existing conditions is going away, it means that Obamacare is going away and that some other program needs to make sure that they have pre-existing conditions covered. If they do not have pre-existing conditions covered and Trump ends up being okay with it, then he's a liar (which ain't f'n surprising). Did I miss something(?), am I wrong(?)(.)

    Now Trump helping Puerto Rico (after this recent earthquake) by giving money and not tweeting anything about Puerto Rico is something to watch out about. Especially since people need systems, not just money and systems includes leaders' inputs and Trump is far from a leader. A dam swindler (copying and pasting), if anything.

  5. The point of these MAGA dogs hooting about Trump's👺 "wins"… when in fact, THEY are the losers while they cheer the end of their healthcare in red MAGA hats🤣 It's beyond pathetic…👎 Trump's lies are gospel to his deplorables…😈

  6. Iff you know that trump lies all the time then why is he still in the White House? why would you want a president who is a compulsive pathological liar? It doesn’t make sense

  7. As a Person who has been getting the shaft by the Obama care I am great full for Trump trying to get rid of the Obama care that was costing me $1500 a year for Absolutely no medical care. Yes I have a pre Existing condition, Hart failure. Since Trump has taken office I can now buy my meds and see what doctors I want and it’s not costing nearly as much. Frankly I think that Washington needs to put the hammer down on the pharmaceutical companies and the medical communities. Quit worrying about insurance companies. I think the mark up so medicine and health care has gone unchecked for too long.

  8. Remember the fat cat Republicans and Trump in the rose garden of the White House. Celebrating being one step closer to taking healthcare away from 26 million Americans with pre existing conditions in March of 2017.

  9. All I'm saying is, the more he opens his mouth, the more support the GOP loses. The lose of his supporters may be minuit, but it is still a win for democracy. So trump, if not removed, has zero chance at winning, unless he declares authoritarian rule, in which the people will deal with his removal, by force.

  10. wow, lying trump is sure getting some big gaps in his "backup" audience lately. They used to be crammed in, suited up with trump-gear and closely studied for their level of adoration of president slug (remember "plaid shirt guy" who they booted for his lack of adoration". Perhaps Craig's List is running out of warm bodies to fill in the gaps.

  11. Well, then it stands to reason that the Supreme Court should, at the very least, make a public statement outlining exactly what the Trump Administrations case is. They should NOT be a participant in his LIES by virtue of silence.

  12. under donald trump and the republicans,30,000 people die every year because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles and donald trump and the republicans would like to triple the deaths by getting rid of obamacare and under donald trump and the republicans 500,000 people file bankrupt because they get cancer,this the billionaires support these deaths by giving the republicans and the media donor money to stop medicare for all.the way we can stop them is by electing bernie sanders for president and voting against all those republicans in 2020

  13. #Bernie2020
    Medicare for all Americans
    Medicare for all Americans
    Medicare for all Americans
    Medicare for all Americans

  14. Good job, Chris, but you need to say this LOUDER and more often, or it will just get lost amongst all the other noise. Which is probably what was intended.

  15. Look at all the white people lined up behind Trump.
    If Americans elect a Trump led GOP then they don't really deserve decent healthcare and that's why they don't have it. If the American people elect governments that spend trillions on failed wars, they don't deserve health care.

  16. Only 2 weeks in and we have our first contender for Lie if the Year, 2020 edition. Expect to hear a lot more of this one as the year goes on.

  17. The only 'preexisting condition' Trump cares about is that his supporters remain ignorant to his lies and hypocrisy.

  18. If the courts determine however unlikely that the ACA is unconstitutional, we all know the Republicans don't have a replacement. I wonder how that will go over with his base?

  19. If you guys reelect him, you (Americans) really need to understand that you're all going to look really dumb. In your entirety, not just his supporters. Learn from some of our mistakes. Don't make our silly electoral mistakes.

  20. More of the swamp gets drained of corrupt men everyday because tRump is like a fart flame and they are nothing but teenage moth boys!!!

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