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  1. Peter looks pretty pissed when deborah lower the percentage for the whole company. He's waiting for the right time to get the big bite but deborah ruin it for him lol.

  2. This guy should talk to bike manufacturers, if this is becoming a global wide legislature thing then he has the blueprints for the bike companies to save a lot of money on design and technology.

  3. I feel so sorry for Tej. He said "I'm out'' too soon! It wasn't his fault.

    Touker was seething. He probably brought the best offer. The only question was whether he had the capability to bring the businesses to the next level.

    Inventors have too much confidence in Peter as he always seems to literally ''steal the show''.

  4. Chinese success formula – replicate it with minimal production cost and sell it for peanuts world wide. This is how they infiltrate in joint ventures also.

  5. A brake light is not mandatory for electrical bikes in Holland; only for the ones that have to be registered as a motor vehicle, i.e. the ones that go 45 km/h or faster.

  6. The “dragons” are a little off base with their ‘opinions’ about the affects legislative changes will create for bicycle requirements. For example, what about the ‘old’ bicycles that have not been manufactured with standard indicators/brakes.

  7. Cyclists are used to paying stupid prices for stuff. £100 for a pair of shorts. £50 for a set of lights. £200 for a helmet. The price for this isn't unusual.

  8. Wait they said he shouldn't wait for legislation to push his product but then say legislation in two years will kill. WTF. Products don't last decades anymore.

  9. Touker is like one of those guys that asks a girl out, then when the girl declines him he says "I was just kidding, you're ugly anyway!"

  10. His other business making money they want the one what makjng money RIP OFFFFFF invest in the idea what he bring to the table

  11. Easiest thing to do is to approach the legislature and let them know you have a viable product they can incorporate into their society, and offer the product to the companies that would have to adapt as well, as a small fee or royalty.

  12. Scary to see business people 'driving the legislation' – advocating for laws that ordinary people will need to live under – so as to make them more money ! And so bold faced about it too, basically Deborah is saying 'we will use regulatory capture to make it law that people need to buy/use our product so we can increase our bottom line'.

  13. “Hello dragons”

    Jenny interrupts,

    “I’m out”


    “But I haven’t pitched yet”

    Jenny swallows as she realises her mistake.

    “On that basis I’m in”

  14. My colleagues: invite me for a party
    Me: I will Jenny Campbell you on this one
    Colleagues: (assume I will attend) that's fantastic, see you there
    Me: laughs, and laughs and laughs

  15. wouldn't want Touker if he was so sensitive and not willing to fight for it at all giveing up at the first hurdle

  16. I was 9 years old when i had the same lights on my bicycle. They were with cables, but much more beautiful looking and i remember their price in the store was under 15 pounds. Now i am 22 years old and this guy tells them that no body has done indicating lights for bicycles…

  17. i'm confused: why would you put these lights on the helmet? what if the cyclist turns his head to one side right before breaking or steering and the driver behind can't see the light? surely it would be more efficient under the seat? you could even make bigger lights on a panel placed under the seat.

  18. Jenny may be wealthy, but she's a one-trick-pony, a 'cash point queen' as Evan Davis put it in this episode. She simply cannot take the basic principals of business and apply them to various circumstances. That is what both Deborah and Peter are able to do and have invested in a wide range of businesses and made them successful. Jenny needs to be told, "you're out!"

  19. Honestly, that offer of 10% in his profitable business, along with 40% of his other business that he came into the Den for…. absolutely beyond greedy and insulting. Especially when there were two other Dragons who asked for only 15% of the combined businesses.

  20. This type of system has been around since at least the 1970's. It was wired to the handlebars and led to lights on the back of the bike. It used 2 D sized batteries. It cost $5 ($25 in 2019 money).

    I like the French(?) device they came out with a few years ago. You put it on the back of your bike and it projects your own bike lane. This way oncoming cars can see how much room you'll need.

  21. Well done Steve! Looks like you found your way – Big time! Since you worked with us selling phone systems for Systematic. Keep it up! Mick C.

  22. Jenny: “So what are you predicting you’ll sell then in year one with my investment?”
    Steven: “Is that a trick question?”
    Jenny: “Valid point – I’m out”

  23. Jenny: you’re a good inventor but you haven’t really got an invention that’s going to make us millions and for that reason I’m out

    Guy:I’ve got a million pound invention

    Jenny:I’m out

  24. i notice Jenny still taking note wen shes already declared herself out maybe she want to be in so she get out….Jenout

  25. If he made 400K profit last year with his other business why did he need to borrow 90K from anyone and give away 15% of his entire company for it?

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