Pinguecula: Understanding This Yellowish Eye Growth

Do you have a new, yellow growth on the white
part of your eye that appears to pop out when you look in the mirror? If so, you may have a pinguecula. A pinguecula is a fleshy, yellowish growth
located on the white part of eye. While this growth usually develops on the
side of the eye closer to your nose, I’ve seen many causes where it occurs on both sides. Truth be told, pinguecula are very common,
especially in areas with sunny climates. Like a pterygium, it’s important to note
that this eye condition is associated with increased exposure to sunlight, wind, and
airborne debris. Now, many people don’t even realize that
they have these small, fleshy bumps because they typically don’t cause any symptoms. However, it is possible for a pinguecula to
cause dryness, irritation and redness. Fortunately, to prevent your eyes from developing
a pinguecula, or to keep your pinguecula from popping out further, there are some easy steps
you can take. When outdoors, wear sunglasses that have UVA
and UVB protection. Make sure your sunglasses have good coverage
around the sides. Consider using artificial tears to help keep
your eyes lubricated, as this can reduce irritation. Occasionally, a pinguecula can become large
and inflamed, in which case medications, such as topical steroids, may be required temporarily. Lastly, in very rare cases, surgical removal
is required. If you have a pinguecula, it is a great idea
to have your eyes checked regularly by an eye care professional who can monitor the
condition over time.


  1. I wasn't born with a yellow patch on my eyes but it is not a bump, just flat and yellow. I do rub my eyes a lot, do u think I have that pinguecular?

  2. Can you please tell some home remedies like drinking radish juice or eating milk thistle so that i can get rid of naturally…..

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