Physician Video Profile: Michael Seward, MD (Ophthalmology)

I’m Michael Seward and I work at Great Lakes
Eye Care which is in St. Joe, and my specialty within the group is cornea and external eye
disease and refractive surgery. I went to college at Emory University in Atlanta
and then from there I went to Medical College of Georgia which is our state medical school
there and after that I did an internship, which was general medicine practice, I did
that in Long Island, just outside of New York City at a place called Winthrop-University
Hospital. We all do a lot of cataract surgery, but beyond
that my sort of area of interest is the front part of the eye, the cornea. So I do corneal transplants. Definitely we do pride ourselves on staying
right up to date and in fact actually in many ways we are really leading some of the technology,
especially surrounding cataracts surgery. I love Southwest Michigan, I really love it. I have lived in I guess six or seven states
prior to coming here in 2002, I have just come to love this area. So when I went overseas for seven years I
could have come back anywhere, but it was never even a consideration of going anywhere
else. I sometimes ask myself why I became a doctor,
why I chose medicine, and I think the answer partially may be that my own father had a
disability, a physical disability, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and required
a wheelchair, really since my earliest memories. I think he was in the hospital for six months
initially so I had a lot of experience with doctors. They weren’t able to help him a great deal,
so I think maybe a part of me wanted to fix that somehow. I guess there a lot of things I would like
to be remembered for, and certainly I hope for patients they would remember me as having
helped them. Helped them to see better. But I think maybe beyond that, perhaps the
ultimate compliment to me would just be “he was kind.”

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