Personal Protective Equipment for COVID-19 Care

This video demonstrates the updated recommendations
for PPE donning and doffing when caring for a patient who is suspected or confirmed
COVID-19. Begin by performing hand hygiene using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Completely
cover all surfaces of your hands and rub vigorously until dry. Next, don your isolation
gown. Open the gown fully, put your head through the opening and arms into the sleeves. Place
your thumbs through the thumb holes. Fully extend the back of the gown to cover your
backside and be sure to secure the gown at the waist with the ties Next, don your procedure or surgical mask.
Be sure that the mask fully covers your nose and mouth, that it’s pulled tightly under your
chin and fit the bridge of the nose. Next, don your goggles. Last, don gloves. Make sure that they’re appropriate size. Put them on so that the
wrist extends up over the cuff of the gown. Do a final check to make sure that your
PPE is on, fully secured, and without defects. When doffing PPE, first break the gown tie
at the waist. Grab the gown at the shoulders, and gently pull until it breaks at the back
of the neck. Roll the gown down and away from your body, taking care to not contaminate
your uniform with the outside of the gown. Dispose of the gown and the waste. Perform
hand hygiene. Prior to removing your goggles, don a new
pair of gloves. Remove the goggles and immediately clean and disinfect with a hospital-approved
disinfectant wipe. Be sure to clean all surfaces of the goggles inside and out, ensuring that
they’re wet for the amount of time specified in the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Place the cleaned goggles onto a surface. Remove gloves. and perform hand hygiene. Last, remove your mask. Dispose of it in the waste receptacle, and
perform hand hygiene one more time.

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