People Get Eye Bag Removal Injections

– I’m Justine and today we’re
getting my eye bags fixed. (upbeat music) My eye bag situation is hereditary. No matter what I do, no
matter how much I sleep, how much salt I eat, I
pretty much always have these little bags. – It’s something that
I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been thinking about it
for years, even as a kid. – There are pictures
of me at six years old with little baggies under
my eyes and it wasn’t because I had a late night partying, it’s just apart of my face. – What I do right now to fix it myself is just Bare Minerals. – I have all kinds of things in here. Cold masks, these are supposed
to have collagen in them. Got this one for puffy eyes. Tried using hemorrhoid gel on my eyes. And I am basically seeing the
most tired version of myself every day of my life and I’d love to not see that anymore. – Under eye circles are caused
by a lot of different things. Typically the fat of our eye
gets a little bit more hollow as we mature. Some people just genetically
have under eye circles and these are the people
that are always looking tired even when they’re not tired. So Jason, tell me what
brings you to see me today? – Well I’ve been concerned
about my dark circles or eye circles ever since I can remember. – I can feel like it’s
getting worse and worse and so I just wanna explore any
option to take care of it now. – So what we’re gonna do
today is we’re gonna inject a filler called restylane into
the hollow under the eye bag. This fat that’s coming
through, that’s what actually causing the bag, but under
that fat you have this hollow that we call the tear trough so it’s like a little trough that tears can accumulate. And so when we put filler
into that tear trough, look at how I simulate the bag going away. And we used a special blunt
cannula to do the injection instead of a needle so
what that means is that as I’m injecting, the tip
of the device that I’m using to inject is not sharp. Get our filler ready. (upbeat techno music) – This is not nearly as bad
I thought it was gonna be. – Good.
– Yeah. (upbeat techno music) – Breathe. – Ahh. – Voila. Let’s take a look here. – Wow. – Bring your chin up and
take a look straight ahead. – Awesome.
– Yeah. – Amazing. All the under part that’s
just a natural part of my face that makes me look so tired all the time is just kind of gone. – You’re all good, good job.
– Cool. – Thank you. Absolutely, yeah. – Even when I smile like
I thought everything would look different, but it looks great. – No not at all. – I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think it went great. – Yeah, I’m overall happy with it. I won’t reverse it. I know I won’t reverse it.


  1. Some people here saying that there's no difference, well watch the video again and watch it carefully to see the difference.

  2. This, my friends, is the real eye bag removal. p.s. not part of that doctor's group i just watched it after watching this ridiculous buzzfeed video

  3. Should just embrace our bodies tbh. Who knows how all those injections are going to affect them later on in life.

  4. Dud I'm fricken 12 and I have those. In my opinion, there is no point in getting those injections unless you have big and extremely noticeable bags

  5. Waste of money!!! Instead, donate that cash to a good charity… You would feel better about yourself… that is something people would notice more… IMHO 🤷‍♂️

  6. oh my gosh this girl is speaking my truth. hereditary bags, pictures as a small child with bags — except mine are dark circles (anemia).

  7. Maybe the filler filled their eyes with an illusion of there being a difference lol > i can dream TOO can't i?

  8. I agree, there is not much difference, but I don't think it happens immediately. I think it takes a few days? I hope, cuz I was planning on doing it.

  9. I have bag dark circles its hereditary and I want these so bag but I have to learn to love myself for the way I am. I am a beautiful girl and me fixing one little insecurity that could cost a lot of money (my family doesn't have a lot of money ) I dont think its worth it. My opinion. You all are beautiful for you if you wanna do it you do it:)

  10. Wow what a difference absolutely amazing, now when they graduate high school next year they won't look so old and tired from the rough and hard life they have had growing up in Boca.

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