Over 40 Under Eye Dark Circle Routine | Correct + Conceal for flawless under eyes!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel I wanted to come on here today and share with you how I conceal my dark circles And I thought I would share kind of my updated dark circle routine You can see that is not only dark circles from being able to see the veins because as I’ve gotten older obviously my skin Yuuna see through it more. It’s it’s thinner and Also though I have hyperpigmentation So I have dark circles that are kind of twofold Now my sukiyaki tsukada I use about that much guys So you can see it’s not a ton and I literally Pat it together And I always Out on the corners. I just like to kind of do this. I’m real gentle and then I just push it in and some of that pushing it in kind of is Also helps to serve the purpose of a little bit of limp Massage, you know that kind of thing. This is a super hydrating eye cream with urea So I definitely have to let it soak in for a few minutes. You can use whatever eye cream You want to use I guess the point would be if your eye cream is emollient or you know You have to use something to get a little bit more hydration Let it soak in a little bit I find that really being able to apply the color corrector and the concealer in layers that have set is super important for getting some longevity out of the Concealer next step is going to be the corrector step and the corrector that I’m going to use today advice is by Maybelline this is the master camo and This one is in the color 50 and it is apricot. Now this says it’s for light to medium skin This is the color one thing here is in color correction is to neutralize if you’ve ever seen a picture of a color wheel that what sits right across from blue is orange and Orange is going to take that blue and bring it to the middle. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying To neutralize or cancel out the blue tones from the veins Okay, and then I’m just going to go exactly where I have those dark circles and I’m not going to overdo the corrector Light light hand and you want to get all the way in Everywhere there’s blue and a tip I can also give you is don’t pull it all the way down There’s gonna be enough product to spread around. I just want to thin veil of color correction and also, really really Thin layers is key to the more product that you have on underneath your eye The more likely you are going to get some creasing but you can see how crazy that looks I mean that’s almost like what gave yourself dark circles, but they’re orange. Okay, and then I’m going to gently tap this in Very gently, I’m not gonna I’m trying not to spread it everywhere Okay, now I’m going to let this set for probably about a minute I want it to kind of dry down a little bit okay, so I’ve let it kind of set just a little bit and I am going to go in today with another one of my All-time favorite concealer. This is the Maybelline fit me and I have mine in color ten. I love this concealer So now what you’ll see is I’m taking that corrector and I’m covering it up It gives me more coverage because I have a layer under of the correct also, it doesn’t allow any of the blue to shine through Okay now before I blend this in again I go ahead and I let it dry for probably about thirty seconds It helps with that kind of layering technique so that everything doesn’t just muddle together and just kind of disappear Okay, so I’m going to go in and blend it out You Okay, so I’m gonna go in with my foundation and for today I’m gonna use my luxuries is the skin caviar concealer foundation I Just put this rule and then I bounce it around And I bounce it all the way up to like blend in the concealer But not up to my lashline Okay, I’m gonna go finish my makeup and I’ll be right back If I had to choose top three of all of the correctors, it’s gonna be all drugstore guys It’s gonna be my master camo from Maybelline. It’s gonna be the corrector from NYX and it’s gonna be the cookie beef, right? Those are the three which is pretty cool that they’re all super affordable. I’m going to lead these correctors because I think the corrector might be Even more important than the actual concealer most of us kind of have a go-to concealer that we absolutely love like my Maybelline But again, it is the Maybelline the master camo. This one is the most corrective So if you have super dark circles, then that might be good for you The next most corrective is going to be the pokey be bright and it doesn’t look like it necessarily in the tube But you can see right next door. How corrective those are going to be the two most Corrective correctors that in in this whole corrective game here And then we’re gonna move on into the NYX. That’s this one And now that’s unfair NYX also does mail they make a medium I hope that this was helpful for somebody I am obviously not a makeup artist I am just somebody who has struggled long enough with dark circles that I’ve kind of figured out a way to cover them up so I hope you enjoyed this video and Leave me down below what your favorite corrector is if you use a corrector and also, let me know. What’s your favorite concealer? I’m always on the hunt. I hope you guys have a fantastic day and I will talk to you again very very soon


  1. Another great video and I was so excited to see you using the La Prairie Foundation… which I still have yet to purchase because I want to try Warm Beige and they don't have that color at my Nordy's- LOL! It looks beautiful on you and love this information info on how to battle dark circles!!! xoxo

  2. Great video! Thank you so much! I have really dark circle that can go from blue to purple. I'm just starting the correcting journey. I haven't got it nailed down yet. I will def try the Camo. I have the same concealer.

  3. Good afternoon gorgeous. I appreciate your update on your method of taking care of of your under eyes. Yes gentle tapping is such a good tip. Plus letting soak in 👍🏼. A good layering technique is a much have. Excellent video 🙌🏼

  4. Great video! I do have dark circles and I like the LA Girl orange concealer and UD too. Thank you for another informative video beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovely 😍❤️😍

  5. Yayyyyy!!!! Teach me, my skin guru!!! Ok you know I’m saying that name in my head over and over now sicky…suhada… I love that name! I may need to go more apricot!!!!! I use pink!!🤔 love my nyx!!! Getting it back out!!! Favorites. Age rewind and TF Born this way!❤️❤️❤️love you my gorgeous!!!😘😘😘

  6. I'm going to try this. I've not had luck with correctors I've tried, Benefit, Pixi and another I can't think of. Still in search of a concealer. I've tried too many high and lower end ones to list. Currently I use 2, Milani Retouch + Erase and Tarte Shape Tape on top of just in the dark areas.

  7. I have always had bad dark circles and used Dermacolor. It’s gotten worse and some bruising never went away from a non cosmetic/corrective procedure I had on my forehead due to an injury. I just got the NYX orange color full coverage concealer and layer it underneath. The Maybellne one looks great! Thanks for makng this video!

  8. Thank you for sharing your tips!! It certainly works because I don’t see any dark circles my beautiful girl!!
    Love you!!😘😘😘😘

  9. I have heard Kathy talk about that Kokie as well so I am super intrigued. Love that your recommendations are all drugstore and great demo. ♥ Elle

  10. I love the applicator on the Maybelline! I also like their Instant Age Rewind in neutralizer and Lancôme’s CC Cushion corrector in pinky peach.

  11. Really enjoy your content. Very educational, thank you! Currently my favorite is Hello Fab Bendy Avocado concealer. Perfect for my aging mature skin. Penny have a wonderful week! 🙂

  12. Good Morning Penny, this was an excellent video, I too allow my products to properly penetrate in between layers!! Have a great week my gorgeous friend. Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  13. Okay i tell you this a lot but YOU DO NOT LOOK ANYWHERE NEAR 40
    and you still remind me of Jen Aniston

    what would you recommend for those of us under 40 (i'm pushing 30) but my dark circles are outta control
    and i too have hyper pigmentation


  14. Penny I love this video. My favorite HG corrector is by Cle De Peau and after that I set it with the Cle De Peau loose powder using a powder puff. Then set it again with Laura Mercier compact Candle light powder using a powder puff then a damp beauty blender all around. Current favorite concealer is the new TooFaced concealer and same technique. I purchased the eye cream you’ve shown here. I loved that it’s affordable. Daytime I used the Colorscience Total Eye Cream. Love that one too. I love products that works. I don’t go for influensters as much anymore. Most of them are paid to promote products. I don’t mind paying for products that work.

  15. Hi Penn great video sharing your tips. I also really like the Maybelline Fit Me concealers and I have used the Nyx corrector – it is good too. Have a wonderful week xo

  16. Excellent demo Penn. I haven't used correctors nor concealers for a long time, but may give it a try after watching this. Blessings, and joy..MaryEllen

  17. I wonder what color cancels out brown discoloration under the eyes. I always hear about blue and purple correcting with salmon or pink, but my darkness is brown. No correctors in that color range have made much difference for me.

  18. Hey Penn! Your under eyes have lightened up so much from when I started watching you. Can you recommend any products to lighten them? You look great btww


  19. Hey Penn!! I went and got the apricot color corrector ! Big difference…..huge!!! Another great tip!! Have a great week 💕!!!

  20. I’m going to try your technique of letting each layer dry down a bit before going in with the next one to see if that helps. Thanks for showing this Penn!

  21. This is soooo good! I need your magic over here 🙌🏻. I hv a blue vein under one of my eyes that’s been there since I was in my twenties. I’m going to try your technique. Your skin looks flawless 😍. Thank u girlfriend 💗😘

  22. Great video! I am looking for my favorite concealer. I think urban decay naked it in the tops. The new one by too faced unfortunately creases on me, even though I have seen stellar reviews on it. I just got my eye cream and urea lotion in the mail today! Thank you for suggestions those. I have only used the eye cream this evening, but the hydration that I am experiencing is better than my drunk elephant c tang! It’s amazing! Should I still use my vitamin C serum and B hydra serum when using the urea lotion? Also, do you have a favorite sitting powder? Your base looks awesome.

  23. My problem is finding the right corrector! I use peach Maybe too much bc it changes the look of the color under my eyes when I put on my concealer So irritating to me! Great tips which I will try! Thanks Penn!

  24. what do u recommend for under eye wrinkles and to lift fat pad under eyes for both concealer & under eye skin care cream?

  25. HI ! I just love your channel. This was so helpful to me! You have no idea how dark my circles are and I have soo many concealers and it seems I can never cover them up! Gonna get some of the corrector tonight!! 🙂

  26. You are so lucky that you don’t have creepy skin under your eyes. I do and all concealer looks bad. It looks better if I do not use it and just cover with my foundation.

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